The United states is a developing nation when it comes to getting away with murder. First, it was the police. Now, ordinary citizens.

Kyle Rittenhouse the most recent “citizen.” He was acquitted in the murder of two and injuring of another.

Rittenhouse a 17 year old at the time of the shootings. He knew there were going to be demonstrations in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Left his home in Illinois to attend.

He took with him his AR-15 rifle.

He said he was going to help. Some might believe he was going to kill. Otherwise, why the AR-15?

Killed two. Injured one. The jury acquitted him of all charges.

I did not see enough of the trial to comment as to whether it was a correct verdict. However, I can comment on the not guilty’s effect.

The effect is chilling.

The young killer is a “new” American hero. Hero to insurgents and the radical right.

Insurgency is growing at a rapid pace in the U.S. Examples include the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Klu Klux Klan, adherents to the QAnon conspiracy theory, militia men,white supremacists and die hard Trump supporters.

Rittenhouse a political hero. He is scheduled to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show monday night. Carlson accepts Rittenhouse’s claim that he went to Kenosha to “maintain order when no one else would.”

Ann Coulter another on the right. She wants “Rittenhouse for President.”

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene support him. Gaetz believes Rittenhouse should become a Congressional intern and he is going to help him get such a position.

Rittenhouse’s acquittal emboldens all dissidents. They now feel they can get away with anything, including murder.

To counter the Rittenhouse effect and other insurgent/dissident activity, certain changes are required.

First, cases must move faster. Resolution cannot take 1-2 years. My reference is not to the Rittenhouse matter. Rather to January 6. Arrests must be swifter. We are already 10 months post January 6.

Court procedures are antiquated. They must be adjusted so that these type cases move with all dispatch.

Sentencing must be severe. The hardest permissible.

One item has not reared its ugly head. Yet!

Everyone is receiving death threat letters. Death to you and your family. Generally sent to government officials.

A thought in the back of my mind. Did any of the jurors, or all, receive such letters if they did not vote to acquit? An interesting question. Time will tell.

The Rittenhouse result once again is persons can murder and get away with it. His acquittal I fear has created a new group who believe that they are now as 007. They have a license to kill!

Enjoy your day!


  1. -and I suppose Antifa and Black Lives Matter are on you Christmas Card list because they are such adherents to peace and good will to all mankind

  2. The self defense outcome was correct if you reviewed the facts. The three felons came after Rittenhouse. One a pedophile, one a wife beater, and the last a burglar.

  3. You are a worthless and disgusting piece of trash. You are exactly the kind of pond life that gives lawyers a bad name.

    It wasn’t murder. He was proven innocent. Do you remember your Bar Oath?

    Again – you are trash. Please die soon.

  4. When I was in Nam, we used to hate when a new group of drafted kids came in. These “babies” were always unpredictable and scared to death of their own shadows. The slightest thing would set the off and they would start shooting at anything, sometime one of us would end up taking their round. In some cases we were more afraid of them than any enemy fire. I don;t know how many Americans died from this, but it did happen and many did.

    Sure this kid Rittenhouse probably did feel threatened, but that doesen’t mean he actually was.

  5. Hey Lou, I’m pretty sure you saw plenty of the coverage of the trial. MSNBC covered it day and nite and had him proven guilty from day one. Joy Reid was so well thought out as she analyzed the case. Yes, you can question Kyle being there and yes you can question him needing a legal firearm, but he does have a right to self defense. Oh wait, that’s right, like the prosecutor Kraus implied, Kyle maybe should have just taken a beating instead of firing on these fine peaceful protesters. It would have been like a fun little pillow fight. Especially when Grosskruetz pointed a handgun directly at Kyle at point blank range.

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