The two semi final football games represented the best college football can provide. Oregon blowing out Florida State 59-20, I could not believe. Alabama losing to Ohio State 42-35 a surprise.

David is a die hard Ohio State fan. I am happy for you David!

Oregon’s tempo impressed me. I had not seen them play before last night. Ohio State I am sure will be practising and be ready for it by game time on the January 12.

I watched the games from the comfort of my home. From 5 till after midnight. I was going to watch at Don’s Place. However the comfort of my bed seemed a better place.

I spent the entire day at home. Treated myself as if it were a holiday. Which it was. Did nothing, except for some additional research on next week’s KONK Life column. It is titled Rank Insubordination. It is about the NYPD and Mayor de Blasio. I will write the column either this afternoon or tomorrow.

How to spell the New York mayor’s name. Several prominent publications spell his name three different ways. de Blasio, Di Blasio, and Diblasio. Pick the one you like the most. I am going with de Blasio for the moment.

I noticed something interesting in the Key West Citizen this morning. Front page, upper right hand corner…..STILL 50 cents. It should be. The paper gets thinner each year.

Mario Cuomo died yesterday at age 82. A former Governor of New York. An impressive man. He had the opportunity to run for President on the Democratic ticket in 1988 and 1992. He opted not to. Why no one is certain to this day. He had a good shot at winning. Not in 1988 when Reagan ran a second time. However in 1992 when Clinton ran for the first time.

I suspect he might not have run because he thought the country was not ready for an Italo-American President. Currents of anti-Italian prejudice still existed.

Cuomo was the son of Italian immigrants. He was proud of his Italian heritage. I met him a couple of times. Initially when he was running for Governor the first time. It was at a small cocktail party. I was fortunate to have had his attention for a few minutes. Most of our conversation centered on growing up Italian. A humorous discussion.

I have been in the last two nights. Perhaps three. I cannot remember. Whatever, I am definitely out tonight. I need to socialize, to be surrounded by people.

Enjoy your day!