Three Washington observations.

The first involves Merrick Garland’s appointment of a special counsel to pursue Trump matters involving Mar-a-Lago documents and January 6. Absolutely unnecessary!

Respectfully, Garland should get off his ass and complete the Trump investigations. There has been more than sufficient time to decide whether to indict. As far as I am concerned, Garland is avoiding his responsibility.

The Attorney General staff is sufficiently large for all Trump matters to have been completely investigated by this time.

I saw something like this coming when Garland was appointed. I said then in a lengthy blog and have mentioned several times since that a judge does not make a good prosecutor. Especially a judge of 20 years.

My opinion at the time and to this day is judges are too intent on minute detail to perform the prosecutorial function. They are concerned with crossing every t and dotting every i. No criminal case is perfect. As no defense is. There are problems with every portion. A prosecutor assembles the facts and law available and makes a decision as to whether go ahead. He has a case or doesn’t.

Garland is incapable of so doing. His mind is judicially trained. Rigidly so.

Not knocking the man. Merely saying what is.

A special counsel is only going to contribute to more delay. Provide Trump with new reasons to run to court. Trump is going to teflon himself out of an indictment.

The new House leadership a disgrace. Un-American. Instead of legislating matters of value to the American people, their obvious intent is to investigate/impeach Democratic leaders. Appeal only to MAGA supporters.

I believe their conduct will make their majority control short lived. The clear message from the American people in the mid-terms was stop screwing around, we want things done that will help us. There are more such thinking Republicans than MAGAs. The end result will be the Democrats regaining control of the House in 2024.

Finally and on a positive note, America lauds Nancy Pelosi. As she moves into the sunset, she leaves behind a Speaker record never to be paralleled. She was that good.

The only persons disparaging her are the MAGA Republicans. They know not better. Probably each is quietly aware they are inadequate in comparison.

I agree it is time for new blood on the Democratic side. Fresh new ideas. America will benefit.

The Republicans should try it. They have many young people in their ranks. The problem is they are as a whole generally whacked out. They drink Trump’s special brand of Kool Aid and dance to his tune.

Enjoy your day!




A weather man I am not. Yet I know what happens in upstate New York and Key West based on years of experience. Experience acquired by living in each area for decades.

Key West weather today 72-78. The 72 at the moment is cold. Cold for Key Westers who are accustomed to mid 80’s. Fortunately, snow will not fall. Has snow ever fallen in Key West?

Buffalo, on the other hand, is in for what has already been predicted to be an “historic storm.” Four to five feet of snow. Temperature 27-35 degrees.

Four to five feet a crippling storm. Does not necessarily mean a suffering one for most.

I spent 60 plus years residing in Utica. On the same line as Buffalo. Less than 200 miles separating the two communities. Yearly “major” snow storms generally 1-2 feet. Occasionally, the mother of all storms. Three feet plus. A few really big ones over the years. Could have been 5 feet or better.

I never minded the big storms. Meant everything closed down. Roads impassable. No one could get to work. No one could get anywhere. Everyone home confined. It was a time when families got to know each other again over a three day period. I loved it! Especially when the kids were small.

I had several law offices. One located in Buffalo. A big storm hit. My staff “lived” in the offices for 3 days. Slept on desks and the floor. Somehow were able to get food from here and there.

One concluding observation. When it is “very” cold in Buffalo and upstate New York, it is cold in Key West. Look at Key West’s temperature for today and compare it to Buffalo’s.

Being Catholic has/had its disadvantages.

There was once a time when it was a sin to eat meat on friday. I started doing Confession around 6 years of age. Many a saturday this little boy stood in line waiting to go to confession. Sweating, nervous. I had sinned. Ate meat on friday. Probably a bologna sandwich.

On this day in 1966 U.S. Catholic bishops did away with the rule meat could not be eaten on fridays, except during Lent. When they did, I was in my early 30’s so it made no difference. I did not eat meat on fridays. Probably because I would be embarrassed to confess that as an adult I had committed such a stupid minor sin.

Felt sorry for Lori yesterday. As she was cutting my hair, I asked how her leg was. Lori is a runner. Five to seven miles a day. She had complained to me two weeks earlier her leg was bothering her.

Turns out she has a torn meniscus. No running for six months. Tear small so no surgery. I feel sorry for Lori. I have known her for a quarter century. She has always been a runner.

On the way to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch, I ran into Aaron Wechter. I have not seen Aaron in quite a while. My first real male friend when I arrived in Key West years ago. It was good to run into him. I enjoyed our chat.

Aaron is a very busy man. An extremely busy Notary Public. He marries people. The biggest and best “marrying man” in Key West.

Big day tomorrow at Hogfish! Bobby and Michelle Mongelli are celebrating the 20th anniversary of opening what has become one of the most famous eateries in the Keys. Hogfish.

Festivities begin “around 4 o’clock.”

Syracuse plays football against Wake Forest tomorrow at 8 pm. Syracuse 6-4, Wake Forest 6-4. Syracuse has lost its last 4 games, Wake Forest its last 3.

I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen.

A lot of crazy people in this world. You don’t need me to tell you.

On this day in 1978, the Jonestown deaths occurred. Nine hundred eighteen cult murders and suicides. All promoted by cult leader Jimmy Jones.

Jones had formed a haven for his followers in Jonestown, Guyana.

The cult members are said to have “drunk the Kool-Aid.” All but 2 died from cyanide poisoning which was either drunk or injected. Some are reported to have consumed the cyanide against their will.

Enjoy your day! Eat bologna, don’t drink Jonestown Kool-Aid!



Larceny pays. Crime pays. Evident in the criminal tax trial in Manhattan yesterday against the Trump organization. Note Donald Trump not specifically named as a defendant in the case.

Allen Weisselburg has been the organization’s long time CFO. His CEO Trump. Weisselburg was arrested for accepting “benefits” as part of his income. Benefits that were never recorded as salary. No taxes paid by the payor or payee. He has pled guilty and agreed to testify against the Trump organization. His first trial appearance in the case was yesterday.

His testimony electrifying.

Two items especially so.

First, he testified to receiving $1.76 million in untaxed off the books “perks.”

Second, he testified that his salary was $640,000 a year, plus a $500,000 bonus. The strange part of his testimony was that he has continued to receive the six figure salary since pleading guilty. He hopes he will receive this year’s $500,000 bonus in January.

A strange deal. On the other hand, nothing appears strange where Trump is concerned.

Canada’s Trudeau and China’s Xi Jinping had “words” publicly at the G20 conference yesterday. The exchange took place following a private meeting between the two. Following which Trudeau made full disclosure to the press of what they had discussed.

Xi Jinping said their conversation was a private one covered by conditions requiring the same. Trudeau disagreed.

The two shook hands afterwards. Apparently a misunderstanding and Trudeau did not intentionally violate what has been described as “conditions.”

Harry Truman left his mark on Key West. Forever remembered. His memory cherished.

It was on this day in 1946 that Truman arrived in Key West for the first time. He vacationed for a week at The Little White House.

Truman loved Key West. He made 10 more trips. His total Key West vacation days 175.

The weather report this morning indicates a cold front arriving friday morning. Temperature will be in the mid to low 50s.

Fortunately, the cold wave will hit mainland Florida. The Keys will be affected, but slightly. Key West temperatures have recently been in the mid 80s. When the cold spell hits, the temperature will drop into the low 70s.

Note 74 and lower is cold for Key West residents. Just the way it is. Tourists will not feel it, however.

Busy day ahead. Haircut with Lori. Manicure with Tammy. Lunch at Harpoon Harry’s in between.

Enjoy your day!



It was instantaneous. The second I heard missiles had landed in Poland, my mind screamed WAR.

Poland all over. It was German troops, tanks and planes that ignited World War II. NATO stood on the ready today in the event Russia went beyond Ukraine. Should it occur, Poland was where the experts thought it would happen.

Cool heads prevailed. Investigation now suggests the cause was  wayward Ukrainian defense missiles and not Russian missiles.

It could have been otherwise. I hope it never will.

Trump announced his candidacy for President again. Reminds me of Harold Stassen. I am old enough to recall Harold Stassen.

Stassen was a young successful Republican politician. In his early years recognized as Presidential timber. Kept running however even beyond his Presidential timber years. He ran 9 times between 1944 and 1992. Never received the Republication nomination. Came close in his early runs, however.

Stassen was a successful gubernatorial candidate. Four times Governor of Minnesota and two times Governor of Pennsylvania.

This is only Trump’s third try. Hope springs eternal, however. Especially with a pompous dreamer. All he has to do is live long enough.

His speech was unimpressive. I watched most of it on CNN. FOX carried parts also. The other networks refused to cover the event.

Two significant observations.

He was consistent in lying. Never a speech without. Numerous wildly incorrect statements. Fact Checks killing him this morning.

His appearance caused me concern. I may not agree with him. Does not mean I want to see him drop dead.

He looked tired. Extremely so. Huge difference from last week prior to election day when he was full of pep and energy convinced of success. Not a wonder. Even Trump got the message. The Republican Party took the worse mid term beating ever. Within hours/days, Republican supporters were abandoning him. Even daughter Ivanka who said she would not be getting politically involved this time.

How much can one human take? Investigations, lawsuits, political failures, etc. Trump has to be beat up physically and mentally. He looked like a candidate for a stroke or heart attack last night.

The only other major die hard remaining is Arizona’s Kari Lake. Will she go quietly into the night or stand and fight?

Artemis I finally made it up, up and away! At 1:47 this morning on its fourth try. The trip to take it around the moon and back.

Lord, why in my old age must I be made to suffer the pain of Syracuse defeats? At least let them win the games the team should.

Basketball season is here. Early games against easy opponents. Last night, Colgate. Colgate won 80-68. Last year, the same. Colgate defeated Syracuse 100-85.

You forget Lord that prior to last year, the last time Colgate beat Syracuse was 1902. What happened? Why have you abandoned Syracuse? A Christian school. Methodist. That should not make any difference however.

Enjoy your day!


Walmart has announced an uncommon act of generosity. Shocking in its broadness. So much so that Walmart can be considered a Thanksgiving Santa Claus.

Walmart is offering this year’s Thanksgiving meal at last year’s prices. Astonishing! Especially when taking into account that turkeys alone are costing twice what they did last year.

Walmart’s announcement: “We’re removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional  Thanksgiving items. We made significant investments on top of our everyday low prices so customers can get a traditional Thanksgiving meal at last year’s price at Walmart.”

The offer extends through Christmas ending on December 26.

An abortion. A Key West abortion. A Key West dog abortion.

It was 1993. Two main characters: Rocky a 7 pound Chihuahua and Camella an 80 pound Rottweiler.

Rocky found love on a neighbor’s deck. His love attention Camella. Camella was in heat. Rocky impregnated her.

Camella had been left on her owner’s deck. Her owner Kevin Foley. He had left her alone while he went inside to get her something to eat. That is when Rocky and Camella became involved.

Camella got pregnant.

Foley was upset. He had planned on breeding Camella “to an acceptable male so that a litter might be sold.” He sued Rocky’s owner Dayami Diaz for $2,567.50.

Foley had left Camella tied on the deck. Rocky intruded. There was no evidence Camella tried to avoid Rocky’s charms.

The facts showed an animal control officer was passing by. He stopped to observe. Little Rocky engaging sexually with the big Camella grabbed his attention.

Foley took photos while the animal control officer tried to separate the dogs with a hose.

One month later it was discovered Camella was pregnant.

The world would never know what the pups would look like. Foley had Camella aborted. The term back then for a dog abortion a hysterectomy. A litter of 10 pups were terminated via the abortion.

The hysterectomy left Camella sterile. Diaz defended Rocky by casting aspersions on Camella’s character. Other visiting male dogs.

Camella apparently had a thing for smaller dogs. One was an inadequate Shih Tzu with an injured hip. Nevertheless, the judge was convinced Rocky was the culprit and awarded Foley $2,567.50.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman Avenue was so named this date in 1948: To honor a visit to Key West by President Truman.

The roadway was previously named Division Street. Better named as Truman. Has remained so all these years and will remain so for all the years to come. Key West will never forget Harry Truman.

Significant day today. The Earth’s population reaches 8 billion persons. The number based on UN projections.

The 8 million represents the largest number ever.

No boredom tonight. Syracuse/Colgate basketball at 7 and Trump’s announcement at 9.

Enjoy your day!


“Call me Ishmael.” Opening line to Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. One of the most famous opening lines in literary history.

Melville published Moby-Dick this day in 1851. A failure. Turned few on. Melville died in 1891. Moby-Dick still an economic flop.

It took to the 1920’s for Moby-Dick to become a literary success. It was “discovered.” Actually, Herman Melville the author was discovered. At the same time in the 1920’s, his first novel Billy Budd became a popular best seller.

I envy Steve Thompson that he came to Key West in the 1970’s and became a part of the island. At the same time that he discovered Key West, he likewise discovered the Chart Room. A winning combination!

Steve became friends with Phil Tenney.

Phil was a Chart Room regular in the ’70s. One of the nicest people I met in the Keys. He shared his 19 foot Mako with all of us and showed me how cool catching lobsters was.

His dad was a diplomat overseas for a while. His mom drove a Porsche and I sure liked her style. They talked about living overseas and strange places. All the ancient cities and mysterious faces.

Phil had a woodshop on Caroline Street. The door was always open and it was really neat. He had all the best stuff from band saws to jointers.

His index finger was shaped like a spiral pointer. He said he looked up when a car honked his horn. He was on the drill press and he saw the bandages torn. He had a wire in his finger from a previous repair. He said it reminds him to pay attention when working there.

Phil now owns probably the best restaurant in the Keys. Everyone knows it by its first name, Louie’s. Louie’s Backyard.

Phil and his wife Pat bought Louie’s in 1983. Today, Phil and his son Jed run the place.

I experienced a bit of a calamity a few days ago.

I live on the golf course. Two blocks in from the 18th fairway. There is a whole block of houses across the street from me that are directly on the golf course. All homes are 2 stories.

In the five years I have rented here, my home has been hit by errant golf balls 5-6 times a week. A loud noise. Never any damage. Till last week.

My bedroom on the second floor. A golf ball hit and broke a bedroom window. Glass all over the floor, a dresser, TV set and my bed sheets.

Called the realtor who manages the property. He said your house too far in to be hit by golf balls. Just what I needed. Bullshit! Anyhow, the manager is now trying to determine who is responsible for replacing the window. The homeowners association or my landlord.

Yesterday, a carpenter showed up. To fix the window? No. To cover the entire window with a piece of plywood. The board was drilled into the house.

Nothing is simple in Key West. Probably take months to resolve the issue.

I got my cleaning lady Sylvia and her husband Jose over to clean up the mess, change the sheets, etc.

Harpoon Harry’s own a boat that was in the Powerboat Races. Big stuff! Boats expensive to purchase. Expensive also to maintain and operate. Not kid stuff.

The Harpoon Harry boat won the friday races. A big deal! Congratulations in order.

Donald Trump has advised he will be announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President in 2024 tomorrow. Woe is we!

He can’t win. He’s lucky he won the first time.

If he loses a primary, he will run independently to be a spoiler. If he wins a primary, I cannot believe the people will elect him again. The odds actually are he will lose a primary and run independently.

Even a good and talented person like Theodore Roosevelt could not win as an independent.

What Trump will succeed in doing is helping to elect the Democratic candidate.

Enjoy your day!


There was a time when an education represented in most instances the ticket to economic success. Unfortunately, no longer the case. Not as much a certainty.

It was for me. It was for Steve Thompson.

Steve knows and openly admits it.

When I got out of the Air Force, I enrolled in Seattle Community College in accounting.

There was a taco stand in Seattle called the Outrageous Taco Co. It was a small storefront in the University District. They expanded all over the city in the next two years. I went there dozens of times and studied the whole operation.

A large corn tortilla on a flat grill with all the fixings and sour cream on top. You could watch the whole process right in front of you.

Not only did I think it was the best thing I ever ate, I thought I could run that operation myself. That’s how clueless I was. A couple of years of Accounting in Junior College and way too much confidence.

My twin brother invited me to Fort Lauderdale and that was all it took.

My girl friend and I hitchhiked to Florida. That was 1971 and the last time in my life I ever hitchhiked anywhere.

My folks suggested I go to work for a restaurant before investing in one. That turned into the best advice of my life. I went to work for Taco Viva in Fort Lauderdale for $1.62 an hour. Not only was that job extremely physical and mental, I realized immediately I knew nothing about the restaurant business. 

After six months of hard labor and sleeping on my brother’s couch, I went to work for the first disco on Fort Lauderdale Beach. It was called the Village Zoo. It was a whole new world for me. Bell bottom pants and celebrities. I served Alice Cooper, Della Reese, Joe Namath, Jerry Lee Lewis, and met dozens of really neat people.

I kept hearing about Key West and how laid back it was. After a year at the Zoo, I had enough saved up to open my own taco stand. Or, so I thought.

A couple of trips to Key West and I found a location on the 200 block of Duval. 

My good friend Dave Moran who I met in Lauderdale came down to help me. I had no idea he was a master carpenter and I owe everything to him.

A lot of help from friends like Dave and a lot of luck and I got open in March 1974.

After years of planning to get open, I could not accept that from now on life was just one taco after another. That was the day I realized I had to keep opening stores or I’m going to go nuts.

And finally, all those accounting classes started paying off. The second store was in Gainesville across from the University, 500 miles away. The third was in Cocoa Beach, 350 miles north. The next three were in Key West: 501 Duval, Sloppy Joe’s, and Key Plaza Shopping Center. The last two were Satellite Beach and Merritt Island next to Cocoa Beach.

In 1981, I married Cindy the love of my life. We immediately had two lovely daughters and I realized right then and there, this is the only really important thing I will do in my life. 

One at a time, the stores disappeared as the rent went through the roof. Cocoa Beach was the last to close in 1996.

The Gainesville store is still operating under the name Burrito Brothers. It’s across from the University of Florida football stadium, The Swamp.

One thing I realized after 50 years in business, the fun is in creating, not maintaining. 

The Democrats have sealed control of the Senate with the win in Nevada. The win small, less that 1/2 point. Whatever, a win is a win.

The Democrats now 50 seats. Republicans, 49. The Georgia run off next month. Regardless of who wins, the Democrats will retain control because of the Vice-President’s vote.

Despondency is upon me. Syracuse lost again last night. Blown away by Florida State 38-3.

After winning the first 6 games, Syracuse has lost the last 4. The second half of the season has been a slow death.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Somewhere in the last 24 hours, I read or saw on TV an item suggesting Trump was a dead rat on the floor no one wanted to touch. Strong analogy. I agree, however. Republicans are walking around Trump instead of removing him from Party influence.

Trump is dead politically. He cannot accept it. His party knows it even if he won’t admit it. Republicans simply do not know how to get rid of him.

Again like a dead rat on the floor, everyone sees it. No one wants to touch it. Some major Republican honchos better assume the responsibility. Otherwise Republicans will fare even more poorly in 2024.

Words by H.L. Mencken: “Love is like war: Easy to begin but very hard to stop.”

Kathleen Martinez is an archeologist affiliated with the University of San Domingo. A criminal attorney turned archeologist.

She has been searching the past 15 years for Cleopatra’s burial place. She believes she may be close.

Martinez recently discovered an underground tunnel at Taposiris Magna, a temple dedicated to Osiris, the God of Death. The tunnel is 6.5 feet tall, 4,300 feet long, and 43 feet underground. The tunnel is located in Egypt, west of Alexandria.

Not only does Martinez believe Cleopatra lies nearby, she also is convinced she will find Cleopatra buried along side Mark Anthony.

Her search continues.

There are parasites among us. Always have been. Modern day parasites are motivated by money and position. Biden was in Egypt yesterday at a major UN environmental conference.  Anti fossil fuel people from all over the world were present. The meeting a big deal in efforts to clean up the atmosphere.

A Republican Congressional delegation was also present. They represented the benefits of fossil fuels and spoke in support of their continued use. The thrust of their words were it was wrong to demonize fossil fuels.

Joe Manchin types. Personal gain more important that the health of the world.

Syracuse/Florida State tonight at 8. Will be televised on the ACC Network.

Enjoy your day!


Veterans Day! Remember and honor all who fought to preserve our Nation.

I have found Key West recognizes our men and women very well. Better than celebrations I experienced in other cities.

Key West will begin at 11 this morning at the Veterans Memorial Garden in Bayview Park. I have attended several times. Most veterans will be wearing their caps. Some in uniform. The best is the look on their faces. Never fails. Pride!

The Parade at 4. Begins at Duval and Virginia Streets. Always well attended. The Parade itself exciting.

Today had its beginnings with the signing of the Armistice ending World War I. It was on a friday on the 11th day of the 11 month in the year 1918 at 11 am. The signing of the Armistice at that time not only officially ended World War I, it was also to signify the ending of the “war to end all wars.” Unfortunately, it was wrong in believing all wars were ended. No more wars to be. Man has proven he is a warmonger at heart. There is always a group or nation so inclined. Which means unfortunately wars will be with us for all time.

On November 10, 1954, the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial depicting the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima in 1945 was dedicated in Arlington, Virginia. The Memorial is immediately next to the Arlington National Cemetery.

I visited Washington, D.C. many times over the years before retiring. Always on business. Never saw anything.

In retirement I have been fortunate to visit 3 times as a citizen tourist. I recommend it to everyone. Don’t wait. Go soon. If you can, visit with children or grandchildren. Everything is exciting. Most free. The kids make it extra special. They get to view things they are studying.

Donald Trump in the news big time! He is held responsible by most for the Republican loss.

Trump is not taking it well.

Bess Levin wrote a piece on 11/9 titled: Trump Is Blaming Everyone But Himself For The Midterms. And, Yes, That Includes Melania.

Levin reported one of Trump’s advisers said, “Trump is livid” and “screaming at everyone.”

Levin wrote Trump “fucking” hates DeSantis.

Levin wrote another article the next day on 11/10 titled: Rubert Murdoch Knees Trump In The Balls While He’s Doubled Over Coughing Up Blood.

The message emanating from Murdoch’s media empire clear: Pack up your bags bitch. You’re done.

Levin describes how Trump is to be regarded: “As a has been loser who, at this point, couldn’t win an election for deputy director of the Mar-a-Lago Park and Recreation Department.

The New York Post depicted Trump as the anthropomorphic egg Humpty Dumpty, naturally headlined “Trumpty Dumpty” and “Toxic Trump.”

How I see Trump at the moment: An emperor without clothes.

He does not know it.

Trump’s loss in the midterms is consistent. He has lost at every turn since his stunning 2016 win. The question to be answered: Can he bounce back?

He will try. He will fail. Too many Republicans have seen the light as Republican losses in the midterms indicate. Trump will not be able to bounce back.

One of the most unforgettable questions in history “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

It was asked on November 10, 1871. Scottish journalist Henry Stanley found missionary David Livingstone. He had been unheard from for years. The world wanted to know if he was alive, where he was, what he had been doing, etc. Stanley found him near Lake Tanganyika in central Africa.

One of Key West’s most popular and best restaurants is Bagatelle. Located at 1150 Duval Street. Once a 2 story house on Fleming Street next door to the Library. It was moved to its Duval location 11/10/1974.

The 41st Annual Race World Off Shore Key West Off Shore World Championship runs through sunday. Wednesday’s races were canceled for fear of possible rough waters caused by Hurricane Nicole.

The races are powerful and dangerous. Extremely dangerous. Referred to as the “ultimate test of skill for racers.”

Syracuse/Florida State tomorrow. Both teams 6-3.

Syracuse’s final home game. Syracuse a 7 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!


Great day for America yesterday. The good guys won, the bad guy lost.

Women first and foremost! Winners all! The pollsters would have had us believe the ladies forgot how upset they were with Roe being reversed. No way! Women never forget. They were the leading factor in the Democratic victory, the Republican loss.

America won! Another way of saying Democracy won. Republicans thought Democracy was an empty issue. Tried to bury it with inflation and crime. Valid issues. However of lesser importance when basic American values were being trampled upon.

Then there was Trump himself. Viewed himself as the winner leading up to yesterday. He never sees what is. Yes, he won in 20216. He has however been a loser in every type political competition since. Many times a year, including yesterday.

Trump always the winner. In the event he failed, not his fault. In an interview yesterday during the day before any returns were in, Trump referring to “his candidates,” said, “Well, I think if they win, I should get all the credit.” He followed it up with, “If they lose, I should not be blamed at all.”

Yesterday marks the beginning of the end of the political Trump and MAGA. The American people went back to their roots and began the rejection process.

Some observations.

Who controls what. It appears the Democrats will not control the House. They will be in the minority anywhere from 1-5 votes. Manageable. Will still handicap Republican activity. There will be impeachments, etc. Not enough to hurt. The Democrats must win the Senate. Close. Will be several days before we know who has won. A Supreme Court seat might come up. One reason alone for there to be Democratic control of the Senate.

Biden must be complimented. He lost the first Presidential mid term by the narrowest margin in 40 years, assuming the House goes Republican. By a handful of votes. Not the 20 to 60 the nation is accustomed to.

I have one fear. Trump’s candidates, those that love and admire him so much, who lost, will not go quietly into the night. Some will erroneously contest the election results. Ballot fraud again. A sinking ship issue. However they will be happy to go down with their Captain at the helm.

Enjoy your day!