Mitt Romney announced yesterday he will not be a candidate for reelection next year. A loss to the Senate and American people. An honest statesman not soon to be replaced.

I always admired the man. Never voted for him, however. We are philosophically too far apart. He first attracted my attention when he saved the 2002 Winter Olympics from disaster. An impossible task accomplished.

Romney has been Governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Senator representing Utah and failed Republican Presidential candidate against then incumbent Obama.

Romney is the one Republican candidate who speaks freely of his opposition to Trump. The only Republican Senator who voted to impeach Trump in his first impeachment trial. He also voted to impeach Trump in his second impeachment trial.

Although opposed to Trump, Romney has disappointed me in recent years by his failure to openly take stands in the Senate clearly opposed to his fellow Republicans who were pushing a pro-Trump agenda. He has been continuously short of a “Profile in Courage.”

It is not the Senate that will miss him. It is the American people. Although he came up short in many instances in my opinion, he still was the Senate’s most independent voice. A voice heard in opposition to the diehards. His problem, he did not speak out enough.

Romney is 76. His voice will still be heard. Hopefully more often.

Dinner last night at Brady’s Irish Pub. Fish and chips. Two Beefeaters. Baklava for desert. An Irish meal! Ho ho!

Carola bartending. An exceptional person. Brady’s is like most Key West bars.. Does not have Beefeaters. The reason simple. Their liquor distributor does not carry it. Carola went out and bought a bottle of Beefeaters…..For me! Could I ask for more? Could I ask for a better bartender?

Ric said hello as I came in. I have known Ric for more than 20 years. Irish. We were members of the Sons of Italy together. He also was “my” Santa Claus.

He was Robert and Ally’s Santa Claus for years. Did Santa well. Ric looks likes Santa. Pudgy. A white beard all year long.

Ric still plays the role. Last night when I walked into Brady’s, he started telling me all about all the things “Santa” was doing to get ready for Christmas. While stone sober!

Ric is a spectacular cook. Last night he brought with him to Brady’s baklava. I love baklava! A hangover from my Greece visiting days. A rich pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. Sweet definitely! Rich sweet!

Carola gave me a piece. Gave me a second to take home. It sits in the refrigerator. Desert at lunchtime.

I complimented Ric on the baklava. He learned how to make it when he lived in Corfu.

The Keys worry about COVID. In the 1860’s and 1890’s, it was yellow fever. It’s always something!

Sylvester Stallone wanted a new dog. His wife wouldn’t let him get a new dog. He bought a new dog. His wife filed for divorce.

Stallone had a large tattoo portrait of his wife on his right shoulder. He covered it with a tattoo of his new dog. Before and after photos appeared with the article.

The Social Security COLA prediction has risen based on inflation predictions. From 3.0 to 3.2 percent.

Today the day. Actually at midnight. The United Auto Workers may be on strike against 3 auto companies: Stellantis, Ford and General Motors. Let’s hope not.

The Unions want, among other things, a 40 percent increase. The automakers have offered 20 percent. Plus, the workers want a 32 hour work week.

The Ryder Cup Marco Simone course 10 miles outside Rome is hilly. Zach Johnson views it as challenging. Together with anticipated heat, it will tire players out.

Play begins in two weeks.

Enjoy your day!




McCarthy’s Biden “Impeachment Inquiry.” What a joke. Actually, a shame. He does not have the votes to call for one. He is permitting a handful of MAGA’s to call the shots. He placed himself in this position when in desperation to get the Speaker’s job, he agreed one vote could call for a House vote to remove him.

McCarthy looks bad. So does Putin. For another reason, of course. He put his head in the noose when he decided to invade Ukraine. Now he sits with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “begging” for arms he sorely needs to continue his battle in Ukraine.

Libya another nation taking a horrible climate beating. Thousands dead and missing following catastrophic floods from Storm Daniel. The scene of the disaster has been described as “epic,” unlike anything Libya has experienced in modern history.

Convicted two time murderer Danelo Cavalcante has successfully avoided apprehension for almost 2 weeks. He is making Pennsylvania police authorities look incompetent.

Cavalcante is confined to a heavily wooded 3-5 mile area. He is one man eluding 400-500 police officers. In due course, he is going to achieve “Rambo” status. The public will begin admiring his ability to avoid capture.

I was getting ready to publish this blog when it came over TV news that Cavalcante has been captured. No further news was available. Congratulations to police authorities for finally capturing him. Residents for several counties surrounding the wooded area have been living in fear while Cavalcante was free and on the run. He has been free since August 30 when he escaped.

This past monday was 9/11. A dark day in New York City. Weather wise and recollection wise. Came monday evening, a double rainbow formed between One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building.

Incredible. Provided light on a dark day.

A message from Above?

Jimmy Buffett’s last album completed before his death will be released in November. It will contain 3 new songs: Bubble Up, My Gummie Just Kicked In, and Like My Dog.

Fourteen songs total. The album is titled Equal Strain On All Parts. Sure to be a big seller!

I am not a fan of Florida’s Republican Senator Rick Scott. 

He is opposed to shutting down the government: “We should never shut the government.” He finally expressed an opinion I can agree with.

I finally got to visit Donna in the hospital yesterday. She has been hospitalized since August 26.

I wore a mask for fear of bringing a germ to my friend. The mask proved to be a double edged sword. Donna still has pneumonia and constantly coughing. She is still suffering from the surgery. Pain a constant. She described it as a 7 out of 10. She received a shot of morphine while I was there. She started drifting off to sleep so I left. Later in the day, she was being discharged to a rehab facility somewhere between Homestead and Miami. Her transfer by ambulance.

I have known Donna for years. A tough lady. She’ll make it. I hope sooner than later.

Terri called me later in the day. Said she was doing ok. Still tough for her also. I admire her perseverance. She is singing two nights a week.

Enjoy your day!




Would you vote for this woman to represent you?

Susanna Gibson is the Democratic candidate for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Apparently she and her husband posted a photo of themselves having sex on a pornographic web site and asked viewers to pay them money for carrying out specific sex acts.

Her opposition leaked the porn video.

Gibson claims such was a violation of law and her privacy. She claims the video exposure constitutes “the worst of gutter politics.”

She is continuing her candidacy. Claims she will not be intimidated nor silenced.

A prude I am not. The porn video and offer to sell requested sex acts however is a step too far. Feels uncomfortable. I would not want her representing me if I lived in her Virginia district.

Syracuse/Purdue saturday. Syracuse a 2.5 point favorite. Syracuse’s first real test in the new season. I hope Syracuse wins and wins by more than 2.5 points.

Morocco death total now exceeds 2,800. Injuries 2,500.

Morocco refuses help from any nation except four which Morocco describes as “friendly countries” and only to the extent of search and rescue teams: Britain, Qatar, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The U.S., France, Germany, and Italy have offered help. So has the United Nations. So far such help has not been accepted.

Morocco is in deep trouble. Desperate. No time to go it alone. People have no place to sleep. Water and food scarce. Is the Moroccan government crazy? A helping hand should never be refused under the circumstances. The people’s suffering justifies nothing less than accepting all the help Morocco can get.

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted for the third time this year. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is located in a national park on Hawaii’s big island.

Hawaii is undergoing too much tragedy this year.

Sugar Ray Robinson was considered the best pound for pound fighter in boxing in 1951. On October 12, 1951, he won back the middleweight title from Britain’s Randy Turpin. The bout took place in New York City’s Polo Grounds before 61,370 fans.

Trump filed motion papers yesterday in the 2020 election subversion case to disqualify U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Two grounds alleged. A statement she made while sentencing two January 6 defendants and previous comments made in other cases purportedly “suggesting President Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned.” Trump claims her statements “taint proceedings” intimating she cannot give Trump a fair trial.

Trump deserves a fair trial. There is no question he will get one. I am sick and tired of Trump’s abuse of the court system. He is making a mockery out of it. He makes too many motions in cases he is involved in. He is slowly but surely destroying confidence in the judicial system. I have written before and do so now. This “game” of his has to stop.

New York City advised in recent days the 100,000 plus immigrants foisted on it could destroy the City. School children are an example. Not enough room for regular students and the sudden migrant surge. Twenty one thousand New York City children were turned away at their schools: “No more room.” Immigrant children had taken the seats previously allocated for the 21,000.

I would support the renaming of the Key West airport to the Key West Jimmy Buffett International Airport. Any language acceptable that clearly indicates it is named after Jimmy Buffett.

Busy afternoon ahead. Hospital visit with Donna, a manicure and then The Grand for Happy Hour.

Enjoy your day!


9/11/2001 feels like yesterday. Not 22 years ago.

Time does fly. Especially as one gets older. As I have. Each year moves faster, is shorter. December 31 comes more swiftly following January 1.

I do recall 9/11. The disaster of it all! The shock! Some persons deigned to attack the World Trade Center. Killing some 3,000 people in the process. How dare they!

I recall also what I was doing when I learned of the event. Sitting in my office in Utica in a meeting with John and Lori and our bankers. We used to meet once a year to recap the year’s events, what we were doing, what new legal fields we were engaging in, etc. 

The year was the best the firm ever experienced. Everything had and was coming up roses. Quality clients, excellent cash flow.

The telephone rang. Turn on your TV. I did. The disaster was revealed.

The “quality” year ended. The legal work kept coming in. Payment for services rendered died. Our practice primarily represented national corporate clients. The fear of God was in them. They stopped paying their bills. The legal ones for sure. Uncertainty made them do so. However, they still expected their work to be done. Don’t worry was the message. We’ll start paying our bills soon.

The balance of the year was a disaster. We were busy as hell. No money coming in however for services rendered. Savings and bank loans kept us afloat. Things began turning around after the first of the year. The old payments did not come in a deluge. However, they did begin coming in. At the same time, current billings were being met. It took us a good 8-9 months to get caught up financially.

Such was life.

The G20 Summit in New Delhi. Seemed like a gang up on the U.S. re Ukraine. The meeting turned into a success party for India’s Prime Minister Modi. A powerful man in an emerging more powerful India.

G20’s position re the Ukraine was less strong than in its previous meeting and not reflective of the feelings of most of its attendees. They were pro-Ukraine, but at the same time recognized a need to be supportive of a position Modi required politically. So they gave Modi “his day.” Russa was not “named” as a culprit.

Even Biden and France’s Macron went along with the ploy.

Simply stated, the problem at the G20 Summit was Modi’s need to be a Donald Trump in power. The powerful head of his political party. Modi had effectively replaced even his political party as Trump had the Republican Party.

The G20 meeting was an event “staged” to portray Modi as a “man of power.” Even New Delhi was controlled to portray a false image. G20 delegates were not permitted to freely move about. The poor were “purged” from the city. The slums screened off. Roads barricaded and traffic shut down. The City “quiet as death.” A kumbaya atmosphere created. All is well the false feeling presented.

The Republican House will use “Modi’s success” in their attempts to cut U.S. funding for Ukraine when that vote comes up in the next few weeks. House Republicans will portray the meeting as a “disaster” for Biden, the nations no longer solidly behind him and the Ukraine.

As to Vietnam, Biden is to be credited for his efforts to build an Asian group to stand strong against China. Similar to NATO in Europe and its established strength against possible Russian aggression.

Novak Djokovic won the U.S. Open yesterday in 3 sets. His 24th Grand Slam victory.

An interesting Citizens’ Voice comment. Right on: “New York City imposed strict short-term rental laws on its Airbnb/VRBO thereby saving its local housing market. Key West can do the same. Too bad, hosts. Writing is on the wall.”

Key West’s problem is whether our local Commissioners have the courage to do the same thing. It take’s political courage. The type of courage that will bring the wrath of God down on them by the vested Airbnb people. Even though it is the right thing to do. Our community has a severe affordable housing problem that has to be resolved.

A Republican has finally strongly stepped forward to condemn Senator Tommy Tuberville. He is House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas). On CNN’s State of the Union sunday, he said: Tommy Tuberville is “paralyzing the Department of Defense.”

Nothing to be proud of. Florida is ranked #3 nationally for children living in poverty. Close to one million. The county with the most is Miami-Dade with 95,520 children ages 0-17. The number represents 18.1 percent of its children.

Number 1? The State with the “biggest mouth.” Texas.

Enjoy your day!



Sad Key West news. The Restaurant Store and Cole’s Peace Bakery on Eaton Street are closing after a long run. The Restaurant Store opened in 1989. Cole’s Peace Bakery next door was purchased by the Restaurant Store owners in 2003.

“Mainstays” come and go. Economics the destructive factor when the end comes. The two establishments were an integral part of Key West for many years. Sorry to see them go.

Sonny McCoy was Key West Mayor in 1978. On this day, he water skied from Key West to Havana. Took him 6 hours 10 minutes to cover the 110 miles.

Syracuse walloped Western Michigan 48-7 yesterday.

The game looked like a Syracuse disaster in the making in the early minutes of the game. Western Michigan scored a touchdown on the second play of the game. Turned out to be just a burp. That was all the glory Western Michigan was to receive. 

Syracuse’s first real test of the season comes next week when the team plays Purdue.

Morocco hurt bad! More than 2,000 deaths recorded so far. The earthquake the largest to strike Morocco in decades. Help desperately needed.

Hurricane Lee not expected to make landfall anywhere on eastern U.S. shores. However, Lee will batter U.S. beaches along the way with waves up to 10 feet and severe rip tides. The waves reportedly will cause flash flooding and structural damage.

Never left the house again yesterday. Continued feeling down and out. Hopefully will get out today. I’m late at visiting Donna in the hospital..

Rory McIlroy is striking the ball impressively in the Irish Open. He’s averaging 325 yards plus drives. A WOW! Going into the final round today, he is only one stroke out of first place.

A joy to watch him play!

Highly respected retired conservative Federal Judge Michael Luttig says Trump “corroded and corrupted American democracy.” Added, Trump “catastrophic for America and for American democracy.”

Coco Gauff is the new U.S. tennis star. She won the U.S. Open yesterday. Nineteen years old. A glorious future ahead.

She makes us proud!

Senator Tommy Tuberville is being destructive to our military. Makes him look like he’s on the side of the Russians. Can’t help but wonder.

I find it difficult to believe his efforts are sincere. He is nothing but a smug self seeking 15 second notoriety seeker . Unfortunately, his 15 seconds has turned into months.

It is time for him to realize government is not a college football game.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Donna is on the mend. Slowly, but surely.

Terri texted me last night. Good news! Donna is out of ICU. Not certain when she will be discharged from the hospital. Will not return home immediately. First to rehab for two weeks.

Lynda Frechette telephoned. She and Bob still at their hideaway somewhere up north. We had an interesting conversation about Jimmy Buffett. She and Bob still can’t get over his death. I agreed it was difficult. I am having my problems with it and I did not know him personally. The whole country appears to be in a similar condition. The man had an impact on everyone!

Keys coral was aided by Hurricane Idalia by lowering the water temperature at a crucial time. The assistance temporary, but helpful.

Although Hurricane Lee is a Category 5, it is not expected to reach landfall. Spaghetti stripes show Lee making a hard right north while still way out in the Atlantic.

Lee will still affect waters off the U.S. east coast beginning sunday with dangerous surf and rip currents.

A Patrick Foley of Islamorada wrote a Letter to the Editor which appeared in this morning’s Keys Citizen. Re the new Monroe County budget. Read Foley’s letter! Says it like it is!

Some interesting comments in the letter follow.

“Commissioners increased spending by an astounding 44% in the last two years…..In 2022, spent $465 million, in 2025, $519 million. And starting this October, they will spend $667 million.”

“Commissioners will increase the Tourist Development Council’s budget this year by $50 million (totally $125 million). No one reasonably thinks the Keys or U.S. 1 needs more tourists.”

“Tell Commissioners to roll back the budget to $500 million annually. If they cannot run a tiny county, with just 82,000 residents, on a half-billion dollars a year, they’re not up to the job.”

Another must read. A Letter to the Editor by former Key West Police Chief Donnie Lee that a proposed new Deputy Police Chief position at a starting salary of $130,000 is not needed.

On this day in 1956, Elvis Presley appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” for the first time. Sixty million viewers tuned in. It was 82.6 percent of the TV viewers at the time and was the most watched TV broadcast of the 1950’s.

I was a senior in college. Watched the show. Presley sang Don’t Be Cruel, Ready Teddy, Hard Dog, and Love Me Tender.

The place Turin, Italy. The time saturday August 26. Involved 36 year old banker Mattia Aguzzi and a little girl.

Aguzzi was walking to a bakery with his girl friend. Saw a little girl 5 stories up an apartment building hanging by her fingers to a ledge. Yelled at her to stay back, saw her fall, instantly ran forward to catch her, and did. He said he closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

It was! He caught her. Both fell to the ground. Both sustained some minor injuries. Both fine now.

God was with them both!

You can’t keep “really good people” out of the crazy mix at school board meetings.

At a Virginia public school board meeting last month, a woman addressed the board during the public comment portion of the meeting. Told the board she would use her time to “pray for Suffolk Public schools with all of you.”

The board chair said, “Excuse me, we can’t do that.” A short dialogue ensued. She insisted. The woman walked away after asking those in attendance to join with her outside after the meeting in prayer. A number of people in attendance stood and began the Lord’s Prayer. A spontaneous occurrence. Not planned by any persons.

The chair banged a recess and told the police officers to clear the room, followed by anther board member asking officers to remove those who were praying.

Can’t stop good people from doing the right thing. Like asking for the Almighty’s guidance. We need it at these school board meetings!

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco. Devastating. Eight hundred plus killed. It was the most severe hurricane to occur in Morocco in 120 years.

Don’t tell me there is no global warming/climate change. All these crazy once in a lifetime things happening around the globe!

Syracuse/Western Michigan 3:30 this afternoon. Syracuse a heavy favorite.

There was no blog yesterday. My apologies. I was under the weather.

Enjoy your day!


Hitler began his air blitz of London this day in 1940. His intent was to bomb the Brits into submission. It didn’t work. The blitz lasted 8 months. Hitler finally gave up when he began losing more planes than the British. He redirected his air power to the Russian front where he sorely needed help.

Jimmy Buffett still on my mind. We are poorer for his loss.

Lee. Expected to become a hurricane today. Became a Category 1 yesterday. Expected to become stronger friday. Maybe a Category 5. Even before it makes landfall anywhere.

I watched the TV hearing in Atlanta before Judge Scott McAfee to determine if the Cheseboro and Powell cases should be tried together. The two had asked for “speedy trials.”

I was unimpressed with Judge McAfee during the some 3 hours of attorney arguments. The Judge asked a ton of “what if” questions that were all over the place. I thought what a disaster this Judge is going to be.

His decision changed my mind. Instead of reserving and issuing a written decision down the road, he decided immediately from the Bench. Try the cases together. Everything else he raised during the 3 hours, extraneous bullshit.

I was impressed. No wasting of time decision making. Decide and move on. The way the matter should be handled.

Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld abortion rights nationwide. Mexican judges apparently more prone to the will of the people. Doubt any are taking free plane and yacht trips and vacationing on someone else’s tab. I would be surprised if any free loaders are on the Mexican Court.

Another DeSantis “winning move.” He ordered flags flown at half mast two years ago when  Rush Limbaugh died. He did not do so this past weekend when Jimmy Buffett died.

Limbaugh was divisive and a hate monger. Buffet a warm happy guy who spread good feelings.

Moms for Liberty a sick group. The organization’s name misleading. DeSantis sick. Both bad for Florida and U.S. citizens.

DeSantis recently appointed Tina Descovich, Moms for Liberty co-founder, to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Moms for Liberty is an American conservative group that advocates against school curricula that mention LGBTQ rights, race and ethnicity, critical race theory, and discrimination. Multiple chapters have also campaigned to ban books that address gender and sexuality from school libraries. The group are extremists.

Never left the house yesterday. Hit with a bout of tiredness. Hopefully today will be better. Morning better so far.

Enjoy your day!


Famous saying…..You do the crime, you do the time.

Another way of saying, people suffer the consequences of their own acts. Break the rules, punishment follows.

Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced yesterday to 22 years for the January 6 Capitol riots. The longest sentence to anyone yet.

Next, the political leaders. Trump and his group. They deserve that which ultimately will be their fate. Especially those who planned the day before on January 5 in a room at the Willard Hotel. It’s their time!

Tropical Storm Lee. Expected to be a hurricane thursday. A bigger one friday.

Lee is approaching the southeast U.S. Curving north. At the moment, looks like it will avoid Key West and the Keys. Cannot be certain, however. Hurricanes are fickle. You never know when their path will change. We’ll know by the weekend.

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is entitled to a new trial if the accusations of jury tampering by a court clerk are correct. Details of the purported tampering are all over the media. I’m not going into them here. However if true, he is definitely entitled to a new trial. You will recall he was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Section Three of the 14th Amendment continues to be in the news. Former federal Judge Michael Luttig commented on Section Three again on a sunday talk show. He said the Supreme Court is likely soon to determine whether Trump is eligible to run for President in 2024, even before primaries are held. Cases are in the works all over the country to challenge Trump’s eligibility based on his insurrectional activities leading up to January 6 and thereafter.

I was the first to comment on Section Three following The Hill and law review articles. I even suggested Judge Luttig’s opinion should be sought. Now everyone is commenting.

Netanyahu has unquestionably gone totalitarian. Authoritarian at every level. He has transformed the Israeli government. The U.S. will look like the Israel of today if Trump is reelected.

Far right Jewish supremacists have taken over in Israel. Such is why there have been previously unheard of street demonstrations in the thousands by Israeli citizens protesting Netanyahu’s changing the way the Israeli court system works and other matters. The far right Jewish supremacists want to control everything, with no concern for the people.

Netanyahu is trying to sell a bill of goods to Biden and Saudi Arabia. His aim is to make both “his useful idiots.”

Beware, Biden! Beware, Saudi Arabia! Netanyahu has gone totally power crazy. He is not normal, nor is the government he leads.

Bess Levin continues to call them as she sees ’em. Her recent Vanity Fair article of 9/5  makes a point: Donald Trump’s Coconspirators Have Started Throwing Him Under The Bus.

She writes: “The thought of prison time is apparently testing the ex-President’s demands for total loyalty.”

Trump is not worth going to jail for.

It was happy hour at The Grand last night. A lively crowd. A good time.

The Grand’s local special of half price for everything during August was apparently successful. It has been extended for September.

Matt bartending. A good guy. I joined Steve, Cindy and Christine. Ate little. Enjoyed mussels in a red slightly spicey sauce. Dunkin’ good. Soft bread came with it.

A fellow stopped by and asked if I was Key West Lou. He introduced himself. Brett Garland from Arkansas. Nice guy. He wanted to thank me for the blog. He has been reading it for years. I find these moments embarrassing. Do however enjoy receiving the compliment. We chatted briefly. Hope I run into him again while he is here.

He was with his brother Blake who he introduced me to.

Sitting to my right at the bar was a couple. Did not know them. We began chatting. Locals. They have lived in Key West 7 years. Originally from Buffalo. I mentioned Utica and that got the conversation going. They are Kevin and Tammy. Very pleasant people.

We chatted quite a while. So much so that when I turned around to say something to Steve, he and Cindy were getting ready to leave.

Kevin asked if we could have dinner together sometime. I look forward to hearing from them. 

My plan is to visit Donna at the hospital today. I hope she is well enough to receive visitors.

Enjoy your day!


Jimmy Buffett…..Random thoughts and observations.

The whole nation is “celebrating” his passing. Not for a day. It is ongoing.

“Wasting away again in Margaritaville” is a lifestyle. Such is why persons such as myself opted to live here.

A piece of information from this morning’s Keys Citizen: The Margaritaville cafe on the Las Vegas strip is the top grossing restaurant in the Nation.

Key West not the only locale reacting to Buffett’s death. Nationwide. Cities like New Orleans parading and singing. Ninety thousand at the Alabama/Middle Tennessee State football game singing Margaritaville. Chicago Cubs special 7th inning stretch tribute. Paul McCartney singing. Kenny Chesney coming to Key West to sing his good byes. Everyone happy! Paying credit to a man who made them happy.

I still feel sad. An occasional tear appearing.

Everything amazing!

On this day in 1698, Russia’s Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards. It was part of the Tsar’s effort to bring Russian society in line with European models. To enforce the ban, he empowered police to forcibly and publicly shave those who refused to pay the tax.

Would DeSantis try such a thing to increase tax revenues?

Mother Theresa died this day in 1997 in Calcutta, India, at the age of 97. Took her a long time to meet God face to face. He probably permitted her to remain alive on Earth to continue doing her unique good…..God’s will, God’s way.

The Grand for Happy Hour today. I have not been out since friday.

Enjoy your day!



A parade was scheduled for 5 pm last night on Duval Street for Jimmy Buffett. Described as a “tribute,” not a mourning. Turned out to be a CELEBRATION! Thousands marching, walking, standing, singing! 

The parade itself was headed by Howard Livingston and a band. Followed by 2,500 marching along singing Buffett tunes. They began at Front Street, ended the parade at Truman Avenue. The curbsides along the way crowded with even more people. The procession stopped in front of the restaurant and bar of Margaritaville in the 500 block of Duval. Buffett’s first restaurant in Key West, his first anywhere.

I was not present. Never left home. I knew Duval would be crowded. I can’t handle walking more than a block. The mass of people would have crushed me. Knew it would be too much for me. What I am relating is from information Steve Thompson provided in a phone call after everything had concluded.

Steve and Cindy were here in the early 1970’s when Buffett arrived. 

Margaritaville is special for Cindy. She worked there for Buffett in the bar’s early days. Thereafter she moved to his offices on the second floor of the Kress Building above Fast Buck Freddie’s for a few decades working as part of Buffett’s office operations as he built his dynasty.

Steve started the evening at the Chart Room at 5 when it opened. He said by 5:10, the place was packed like sardines. People singing and toasting Buffett.

Steve said he knew no one in the Chart Room. No locals. All tourists.

It was the same along Duval to Margaritaville. A few locals at Margaritaville. Very few. 

Following Duval, he and Cindy moved onto the outside back bar at Louie’s Backyard. Locals galore! Many familiar faces.

Steve reports the evening was truly celebratory. A special time to honor a man who honored everyone in the way he remembered them in his songs.

If there is another place, I can envision Buffett playing and singing for everyone as soon as he arrived. Thousands upon thousands listening and cheering him. The good Lord looking over at him, smiling, and saying…..That’s my boy!

Social Security’s annual cost of living adjustment should be announced any day. It is expected to be 3 percent.

A Judge struck down Florida’s Congressional Map on saturday. He ruled it violated the Florida Constitution by diminishing the influence of Black voters. In my words, cheated Blacks. He ordered the Florida Legislature “to enact a new map which complies with the Florida Constitution.”

The first test of Section Three of the 14th Amendment questioning whether Trump was barred from running for public office again because of insurrectionist activities failed. Judge Robin Rosenberg ruled that Florida tax attorney Lawrence Caplan had no “standing” to challenge another individual’s qualifications to hold public office. He lacked “standing.”

Interestingly, I raised the “standing” issue last week in a blog. I believe a Section Three challenge requires a public officer to make it. I was correct.

The decision does not mean the 14th Amendment does not apply. It merely advises the wrong person tried to enforce it. There are other lawsuits pending which will test the issue.

Note the speed with which this case was decided. One week! The way all Trump cases should be decided instead of taking forever.

Note further the Judge involved was not a Trump appointee. He was appointed by Obama.

Diana Nyad’s story has been made into a film: Nyad. The story of the 64 year old woman who swam from Havana to Key West. Stars Annette Bening. The movie will hit select theaters October 20.

Nyad has become a Key West icon and friend since her successful crossing. A plaque honors the event on Smathers Beach where she landed.

Today is Labor Day. It has a particular consequence for the Keys: Death and destruction. The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

A Category 5. The biggest to hit the Keys up to that time. Struck between Long Key and lower Matecumbe Key. Today, mile markers 73-90 on U.S. 1. Wind 200 mph. Tide 20 feet above normal. Four hundred eighty five killed. Most workers on the Overland Highway living in tents.

Survivors remain who are now in their 90’s. One described how the winds ripped the skin off peoples’ ears and clothes off their bodies. Survivors were without clothes for days.

Enjoy the holiday!