A big day today! Saturday of the Labor Day Weekend. America will be partying.

Two major happenings in Key West.

This is the weekend of the Key West Brewfest. Beer galore! Everywhere! People will be consuming.

The Brewfest is well planned. More events than you would have thought. Everything involves beer, of course. There is a beer school, beer breakfasts, beer dinners, beer seminars, beer brunches, a beer football tailgate party, beer parties otherwise, and a beer tasting festival.

Key West is packed this weekend. Some to merely enjoy the island and its waters. Others to enjoy the Brewfest.

Boating will be exceptionally heavy this weekend. I am sitting on my deck composing this blog. Boat after boat has gone by and is going by me. Big and small. People already partying on the boats. They are heading out either to fish or enjoy a day at one of the keys.

Key partying is popular. Most boaters have their special key. It is for them a private gathering place. Friends in other boats will join them. The boats are beached. An all day cookout ensues. The beaches are lovely. The water clear. The booze flows. A good time is had by all.

I will do a bit of the Brewfest today. I will not be boating. No one invited me.

The major event in my day involves Syracuse football. It begins! Syracuse is playing Penn State at 3:30. The game is being televised on ABC and ESPN2. Penn State is an 8.5 point favorite.

All I can say is…..Go ‘Cuse! We love you!

As reported yesterday, due to technical difficulties my tv/internet show was not broadcast. However, I did do a recording which at some point this week will appear on You Tube.

I now have my own You Tube account. It is under Lou’s Legal Hour. Three weeks of shows are already posted. Take a look. Again, Lou’s Legal Hour.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and into the early evening writing next week’s KONK Life column. A New Way To Wage War. Cyber war is not the wave of the future. It is already here. Computer hacking will be as volatile and painful as bombs and missiles.

This past week’s hacking of the New York Times website by the Syrian Electronic Army turned me onto the topic.

I was tired when I finished writing the article. It was not within me to take a shower and get dressed to go into town. Instead, I cooked a light meal and went to bed early.

I will make up for last night’s absence today.

Enjoy your day!