Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead! Biden has won. Thank God! Actually, the American people won. The nation will be saved.

Trump’s defeat reminds me of Trump’s TV show which had several “You’re fireds” in it. Yesterday, Trump got “fired.”

The Munchkins marched last night. Joyfully singing “Ding dong! The witch is dead!…..Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead.”

Margaret Thatcher, though a great Prime Minister, was not well liked by the English people. When she died in 2013, they shouted “The witch is dead!” An intentional use of lines from The Wizard of Oz.

Trump is defeated. With the defeat, the evil he wrought.

Biden’s victory speech last night in Delaware was right on. Clearly set forth what most Americans already knew. He is the man for this particular time in American history. He will save the country as he and Obama did when they were teammates.

The evening was also Biden’s moment of glory. Forty eight years in the making. Forty eight years ago marking the first time he was elected a U.S. Senator.

It was Kamala Harris’ night also. Proud she was. Properly so. The first woman elected Vice-President and the first woman of color to so have been.

Many women of color were in the cheering crowd. The glass ceiling for woman had been broken both as to gender and race.

Some observations.

The Biden crowd was different from those at Trump rallies. Biden’s people were genuinely happy. Not somber faced. Appeared overall younger than the Trump supporters. My sense was that Biden’s people wanted to be there as opposed to many of those at Trump’s rallies.

Last night, Biden’s people wore masks. Very few without. Respect for the system and each other obvious. They did fail however to engage in social distancing. On the other hand, how could they social distance under the circumstance. Even on stage at the end when the Biden and Harris families were all on stage, it was impossible to social distance.

Many had their children with them. Even the smallest ones. Like their parents hoped they would remember the historic moment.

American flags being waved. Not merely held as at Trump events.

It was joyous. The first time Obama’s election was celebratory. No question. Last night was a bit different, however. A bit more enthusiastic.

The evening reminded me of the end of World War II. V-E Day and V-J Day. I was 10 years old. My father took me everywhere with him both days.

I recall people dancing in the streets. As they were last night at the Biden event. Joy evident everywhere. People genuinely happy.

All three similar evenings. With some added touch for the war events. Attributable perhaps because a horrendous shooting war was finally over.

The millennials were out in force. It appears the Democrats have captured their hearts and souls. Hopefully they will remain Democrats. It will require the Party moving forward with new ideas to accommodate changing times.

Many ladies dressed in white. Including Harris. They were making a political statement. The wearing of white was a nod to the suffragette movement.

At the State of the Union address in 2019, many female legislators appeared cloaked in white. They were commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which in 1920 gave women the right to vote.

I had the feeling last night the ladies were also making a show of solidarity…..We’ve arrived!

Eta hurt Cuba big time. On its way to the Florida Keys at the moment. Scheduled to hit Key West around 2 pm.

Water will be the problem. A major surge could occur. Winds only expected to be 45-55 mph with gusts up to 70.

It has rained little this morning. In fact not at all in the past 3 hours. Sky gray. Wind slight. The calm before the storm. I have experienced it several times while living in Key West.

I do not expect Eta to be a big deal. A lot of noise, rain and flooding. No rooftops blowing away, boats thrown up on land, etc., though the flooding damage can be severe if the surge is significant.

Hunger is a growing problem across the U.S. In the Keys, it is especially so as regards school kids. The Monroe County School District announced 1,100 Florida Keys students are going hungry. They are not sure where their evening meals or weekend meals are coming from. On days where there is no school for whatever reason, they also are not fed.

The schools provide breakfast and lunch. Community organizations provide backpacks containing food for weekends.

Syracuse almost won yesterday. Lost by 3 points to Boston College 16-13. Syracuse record thus far this year 1-7.

There is no joy in Mudville!

May Johnson is out dancing at La Brisa most evenings with one or more gents. Recall she has a boy friend she claims to love deeply living and working out of town.

Everest is coming to Key West to visit later in the month. Joy abounds: “Everest sent me word he would probably be home between 20 and 25 of the month. GLORIOUS.”

Enjoy your Sunday!








  1. Well, they were not invited to this celebration, this was spontaneous and organic. That’s why it was so upbeat and safe.

    But they, those on the right will soon be back and they’ll bring the hate with them.

    • That must be it. The right wing troublemakers got lost on the way to the Biden victory celebrations. And all the good guys from Antifa and BLM couldn’t make it either.

      • The facts do seem to speak for themselves, BLM was part of the celebrations and there is no discernible Antifa, beyond the manipulative minds of the right wing press and their blind followers, here in America.

        And yet it was all peaceful, all across the nation, simply because there were no right wing agitators. They didn’t know it was going to happen.

        • Actually the right wing agitators were busy elsewhere, like here in Lansing Michigan, with their guns spewing hate speech and mayhem at the state capitol, upset because Michigan dared to vote Democrat, against their wishes.

  2. AOC and the Washington Post writer who call for a list of Trump supporters so they can be bared for all government jobs. When we get rounded up are we going to be put in one of the contrition camps or one of the cages Obama and his VP
    built. Your hate to the point of not upholding the U.S. constitution. Who is going to guard the 1/2 of us who supported Trump AOC? Not You. I am 79 years old but have not spent a day hiding in my home like Biden and his supporters. But if I die berry me in Pa so I can keep voting
    from the grave again.

    Joe bide in his unity speech last night thank Trump for his peace treaty, not starting any wars, had the best economy,
    rebuilding our services, and helping hand to minorities. When the covert vaccine is filling the injection bottles right now there is not a word of thanks.
    Let us be friends–cheep words from one who was in on the spying of Trump from the start. I am bad, no good, evil, a races, a Nazi, are the terms you have for us. No balls to stand up against enemies, exception send our young folks to war and not let them win. As groups in the street showed last night keep drinking and smoking and you will thik all is fine.

    • Sounds exactly like what Trump said he would do to any state that voted ‘blue.’ Funny how that isn’t a problem yet an inaccurate and misrepresented statement by AOC is something more important to talk about? I think you are just a dishonest troll.

      In fact your entire post is dishonest and factually wrong, like always.

  3. Sandy is a known troublemaker and troll on Lou’s blog. More importantly he is well known for spreading lies and disinformation, He is also no friend of honesty or truth.

    He is mostly interested in starting trouble and arguments by posting disinformation here on Lou;s blog. But the good news is he is almost ALWAYS wrong about everything.

    Many people believe he is a tool of the Russian disinformation hackers and his actions on this blog sure seem to back that up.

    • Yeah right! Without HIM coming up with that idea, it would never have happened.

      Just one more example of how the wacko right, OK, OK, the Republican mind, works!

      Can we EVER be rid of this craziness?

    • VERY few Democrats actually have guns, those that do mostly use them for just hunting or maybe sport. It is the right (that’s Republicans) that use them to intimidate and image enhancement purposes. And then of course for political reasons.

      Nothing quite says “I’m a Republican” like showing your guns. It is even replacing the flag in that regard. +

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