My plan last night was to attend the Custom House sponsored lecture on the Flagler Railroad. I knew it would be a popular event. The Custom House knew too. They moved the lecture to Margaritaville.

I arrived 1/2 hour prior to the lecture. Could not get in. No room at the inn. All sold out.

My fault.A lesson learned. One that should have been learned long ago. If I think an event could be a sell out, buy a ticket in advance.

My loss last night.

Barbara Grob is a Key West icon. She has been in Key West as long as I have. A more charming woman does not exist. A hard worker.

I write about Barb today because this week’s Florida Weekly published a lengthy article concerning her. All laudatory. The article titled “Barb Grob brings luxe to Key West.”

Barb owns and operates a jewelry store on Flagler just off Duval. Key West Local Luxe. She makes the jewelry herself. Has been doing so for many months.

The article opts that she and her jewelry are “bold, brilliant and fabulous.”

I agree. Stop into her store and meet her. Even if you do not buy. Meeting her is special.

Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams retired to Islamorada. An avid fisherman.

On this day in 1958, he filed his Declaration of Domicile with the County Clerk identifying Islamorada as his place of residence. Some 20 years later, he sold his Islamorada home. He said he did so when he began having to wait to cross U.S. 1

Tennessee Williams became a Roman Catholic this day in 1969. He was baptized at St. Mary Star of the Sea Church.

Coyotes in Chicago?

Yes! Would you believe!

This past week 2 persons were attacked by coyotes. First human attacks in years.

One a 5 year old boy. His juries not yet reported. The other, a 32 year old man. Bit in the buttocks.

There is a history involved.

Coyotes in Chicago not as much of a concern as one would think. They have lived among Chicago residents for years.

The last recorded attack was 30 years ago. For the entire State.

The 2 recent attacks were 2.6 miles apart.

Surprising that coyotes still roam Chicago. More surprising is they are a protected species. Cannot be killed, even by authorities. Instead the coyotes are tranquilized following which they are released in an outside area.

A bit of Trump.

A Pew survey was released wednesday. It was done last spring and summer. The Soleimani killing would not have imacted it.

The survey covered 32 nations.

The issue was whether Trump was loathed as much as Obama was loved. Twenty nine percent expressed confidence in Trump. Sixty four percent said they did not.

Regarding the loathing question, the contras dramatic. Sixty four percent loved Obama. Thirty six percent “loath” Trump.

At a recent Trump rally, the President took credit for the drop in cancer deaths. The study was a 26 year one concluding at the end of 2017. The last year’s drop the largest. Not by much, however.

The American Cancer Society immediately issued a denial of Trump’s position. He had nothing to do with the drop in cancer deaths. In fact, he even cut out of one of his budgets significant dollars for cancer studies.

The man takes credit for everything “good” that happens. I am waiting for him to take credit for the creation of Heaven and Earth in 5 days. One day less than it took God to do it.

The results of a study conducted following Soleimani’s death indicates U.S. citizens feel less safe by a margin of more than 6-1.

Some other numbers in the study. Sixty nine percent believe Iran will attack the U.S. Sixty three percent believe there will be a terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland. Sixty two percent believe the U.S. and Iran will go to war.

Pompeo is a fink first class. It is being revealed that he convinced Trump to kill Soleimani. In itself shows the influence he has in the White House. He was the driving force. He said, “We took a bad guy off the battlefield.”

He also is reported to have been saying, “I will not retire from public service till Soleimani is off the battlefield.”

Pompeo has become the leading voice in the cabinet. Many view him as sharing the combined power of the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Director of the CIA.

Pompeo has to go. Just as the President does. The better if both do so.

I intended to write about hippies and Mallory Square in the 1970’s. While further researching, I discovered additional interesting facts. Puts off that part of the blog till tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “BUY A TICKET IN ADVANCE

  1. I take all polls with a grain of salt, I haven’t felt safe since 911. I also think more than half the world detests the US and Americans.
    There has been much talk lately in several forums and such that I am part of and it is staggering how much hatred is out there. The talk of colonialism and racism, many young indigenous people living in the US would like nothing better than for many of us with European ancestry to die. Some BIPOC blame white privileged people for everything. It is like the Catholic belief in original sin. You are guilty as if you chose your birth circumstances.
    I agree there are many micro aggressions that unless you have been made aware are easy to overlook but at some point we just need to meet where we are and go from here. I can not and will not feel guilt for what was done before I was born, what I am willing to do is make sure it doesn’t continue or happen again.
    Ouch, just fell off my soapbox

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