Coal in Key West. Amazing!

Not mined. Shipped in here. Way back when.

It was 1856. The U.S. Navy decided it needed a coal storage facility in Key West. Construction was completed in 1861.

The name of the building the U.S. Navy Coal Depot & Storehouse. Located at the northwest corner of Front and Whitehead Streets.

The Custom House was constructed years later. Next door to the Navy Coal Depot.

The Coal Depot building was 1 1/2 stories high. Long. Brick constructed. Some believe it is the oldest brick building in Key West. It is certain it was the first permanent Navy building to be constructed on Key West.

Coal was delivered to Key West to be stored in the building. Other materials also. As Navy ships needed coal, they put into Key West.

The building still stands. Today it is known as Clinton Square Market. A bi-level shopping mall. A money making gold mine. Constantly full of tourists and locals.

The building was added to the U.S. Navy Registry of Historical Places in 1973.

On this day in 1829, the island of Key West was owned by 4 persons. John Simonton, Pardon Greene, John Whitehead, and John Fleming. They wanted to cut the island up so each would own his own one quarter share. They signed an agreement so dividing the land of the island.

Note that 4 of the most prominent Key West streets today are named after the 4 men.

It was January 11, 1974. ABC Records finished shooting a film special at the Pier House: Introducing Jimmy Buffett.

Shrimping was a big business at one time in  Key West. In 1952, 250 shrimp trawlers were operating out of Key West. The average catch 2,500 pounds per trip.

Those were the days.

I live and learn. Hurricane assistance when mandatory evacuation has been ordered. Key West city buses. The system works well and efficiently. Probably why the assistance is not well known.

I consider Sean Hannity a pompous ass. A know it all. One who misrepresents or twists the facts to accommodate his far right thinking.

He and Trump are good friends. Actually, exceptional friends. News reports indicate the 2 speak daily on the telephone.

Of course Hannity is concerned about the Trump impeachment Senate trial.

He has threatened to give out the phone numbers of Republican Senators if they allow impeachment witnesses.

Sort of tells you where government is at these days. A TV pundit believing he has the “power” to threaten U.S. Senators. Unfortunately, he does with many.

It is an all out war. The Republicans will do anything to keep the truth buried in order to keep Trump in power. It makes me wonder if any have the courage to do the right thing at any time. It is always keep my job as opposed to upholding the Constitution.

Ergo, Hannity wants to unleash angry Trump supporters on specific GOP lawmakers.

This scenario is the result of Republican Senator Sue Collins saying friday she is working with “a fairly small group” of Republican Senators to make sure witnesses are called in the upcoming impeachment trial.

Reminds me of when I was 14 years old. My buddies and I were smoking behind a garage. One of the mothers caught us. “I am going to tell your fathers!”

Hannity’s behavior is the same.

A side note. My Dad punished me by having me smoke a cigar. He sat and watched me the whole time. He thought I was going to get sick. I did not. In the words of Bill Clinton, “I did not inhale.”

A father of one of my smoking friends was a step ahead of my father. He had his son smoke a cigar in a closet. He got sick.

Iraq in effect has told the U.S. to get its troops out of Iraq. Iraq’s right. The U.S. is merely “guests” in their country. The U.S. says no.

Pompeo says, “America is a force for good in the Middle East.” So what? Iraq is not our country under any set of considerations.

Pompeo also claims, “Any future negotiations would be dedicated to discussing how to best recommend to our strategic partnership – not to discuss troop withdrawal.”

Pompeo wants war with Iran. Has wanted such war for years. He was the moving force in Trump deciding to assassinate Soleimani. Bucking the Iraqis presents a step to his goal of war with Iran.

Pompeo reminds me of Herman Goering in mental capacity and physical size.

Insanity prevails! The U.S. kills an Iranian general. Iran retaliates with a bullshit missile bombing of 2 U.S. bases. No U.S. person killed. Minimal property damage.

To me the limited response by Iran was an indication they wanted to talk. Sort of an olive branch being extended.

Trump’s response was to impose further and harsher incantations on Iran. The sanctions were laid out in a press conference yesterday by Pompeo and Mnuncin.

Pure insanity!

The situation obviously not yet resolved. War seems to be on the horizon. The blood of any Americans killed will be on Trump’s hands.

A government report came out yesterday spelling out where the jobs are. Retail Trade and Leisure & Hospitality topped the list. Good to know. Not the best paying jobs, however.

Third was Education and Health Services. Most health care jobs pay well. Education a mix between good and bad.

Today was supposed to be Hippies and Key West again. Decided to let it ride till tomorrow. A bit long and would have made today’s blog cumbersome.

Enjoy your day!


4 comments on “COAL IN KEY WEST

  1. WRT Trump and Han — nut — ty

    Excuse me but “twists the facts” can be applied to HRC and her legion of flacks in the media, Congress, and “useful idiots”.

    Sorry, but if I — and I held a BIG clearance in the 70’s — had done a tiny fraction of what she did, I’d probably just be getting out of Leavenworth.

    I’ve discussed this with three of my peers at the time and we all agree that we’d have been old a gray by getting free.

    Don’t get me wrong they ALL suck!

    BUT, I think they all should be sent home.

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