I could not gain entry into my WordPress server yesterday. Ergo, no blog. Sorry. An irritation I have no control over.

Trump can ride the Soleimani killing for a while. The day will come when Iran will exact proportional revenge.

The good Book says revenge is the Lord’s. Not in this case. Revenge will be Iran’s.

The U.S. kills one of Iran’s top generals. Iran reciprocates by bombing 2 U.S. air bases. Not one American killed. Minimal property damage.

Iranians are not a stupid people. They may not have the war might of the U.S. However, what they do have is modern and up  to date. Shortly, they will be a nuclear nation.

They knew where their missiles would land. They knew few if any Americans would be killed. I believe the result of the Iranian retaliation an intentional one. They were giving Trump his victory. They live to fight another day. A time of their choosing in a place of their choosing.

Trump has repeatedly said, “We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world.”

So did Rome.

Ethnic/religious groups seem to live by different standards. Different levels of right and wrong.

I do not trust Iran. It is innate in the nature of Middle East persons to put one arm around you and the other in your back pocket.

Why are Trump and his followers referring to Soleimani’s end as a “killing.” The media likewise. It was an “assassination” pure and simple. Trump was out to get Soleimani and did.

Trump spoke to the nation and world yesterday for the first time following the assassination. Lindsey Graham says Trump’s speech better than Reagan’s Berlin Wall: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear this wall down.”

I believe Graham is losing it. Must be John McCain kept him reined  in. Without McCain, Graham has come under Trump’s influence.

Syracuse played  Virginia Tech tuesday night. Syracuse lost 67-63. Blew a 9 point lead in the middle of the second half when Virginia Tech went on a 20-4 run.

Syracuse hurting. Louis hurting. Mighty Casey weeping.

An interesting fact. Way back on January 8, 1828, the Territorial Commission passed an act incorporating the City of Key West.

Today, Alice Turner’s 1970’s Key West.

Alice Turner was an American writer of juvenile historical fiction. She is best remembered for The Little Maid’s Historical Series. Twenty four books. The first and most recalled A Little Maid of Province Town.

Turner discovered Key West in the late 1970’s. Friends like Lillian Hellman and Diane Keaton followed her to Key West.

In a 1978 New York Magazine, Turner observed that “Key West is our winter Hamptons.”

Why the Key West attraction? Turner said the food was good, there was not much to do but eat, drink and talk. The beaches were not noteworthy, the aquarium “pathetic,” the turtle kraals “depressing.”

She loved the Monster’s night life. A place where she could observe or participate in “effete decadence.”

The Pier House was up and running. Turner viewed it as a “chic place to stay.” Some of her friends did not stay at the Pier House however. They had come to Key West on their private yachts. Their homes away from home.

An island is an island. Turner however perceived it as a “permanent floating salon for decorators and the literate.”

Anyone recall hippies? Tomorrow hippies and Mallory Square.

Two days ago, I wrote re the Pier House closings.

There are more retail closings.

Macy’s announced yesterday it is closing more than 2 dozen stores. A Macy spokesman described the Macy closings and those of other stores as a “retail apocalypse.”

Sears is in trouble. Everyone knows it. Sears has had mass closings the past 2 years. I am surprised Sears’ Key West store survived.

The word on the street is that  Sears’ problems are reaching an overbearing point. Sears may be next.

The U.S. debt is $22 trillion and growing. There was a time the U.S. had no debt. Not one penny. The only time.

Andrew Jackson was tight fisted when it came to money. In his earlier days, he experienced some financial difficulties from which he learned.

Jackson’s goal when he became President was to reduce the national debt. He did so. Brought it down to zero for the first and only time.

The new government owed a lot of money. The Revolution was not cheap. Government under the Continental Congress and Articles of Confederation also not cheap. The national debt on January 1, 1791, was $75,463,476.52. Hard to believe.

Tonight, a Custom House lecture on the Flagler Railroad. I plan on attending. A history buff am I.

My doctors were continually suggesting I use a cane. To prevent my frequent falls. I fought it. I viewed it as a concession to old age. I am 84. The cane bothered me.

I used the cane around the house. Very infrequently outdoors. This past week, I began having balance problems again. I decided the cane better than a fractured hip.

What an experience!

People treat me differently. Doors are held open for me. When I am crossing a street, cars actually stop and wave me on with a smile. A fellow as old as me was on a bicycle yesterday. He was going to run the light. Saw me and stopped. With a smile said, “We have to take care of each other.

The cane is turning out to be as much a blessing and convenience as my handicap card for the car. I fought using one till 2 years ago. Terrific! Almost always a convenient parking spot. Close to wherever I am going.

The blessings of old age!

Enjoy your day!




  1. Your experience with the cane put a smile on my face. It proves there are still lots of good people in the world. Indeed… “We have to take care of each other.” Not only the not so young folks*, but humnans too.

    * Notice I did not use the “O–” word”

    Kokomo Man

  2. Glad you are finally coming around with the cane.

    As Cindy always says when I park in the best parking spot, “you’re welcome”.

  3. The plan which shot down and not by the US had 63 Canadians on board. This one way other countries are avoiding US sanctions on Iran. US had warned hours be for that it was a no fly zone as the US knew the mussels were coming. But whet a non us air line did not head the warning Money over Lives. Sorry the Canadian’s did not lessen to the US warning.
    But then again a lot of Cds. go to Cuba and not the USA to vacation–Cheaper.
    Road with a friend two weeks ago. He has a handy cap plate,
    disabled vet. He parks any were and get 10 days at any airport free.
    Next I go to the Dr. I will pull a Harvey Weinstein and have my wife role me in a wheel chair! Then I can park all over KW.

  4. I knew a guy who put a cast on his leg, rented a wheel chair, and got sent to the head of every line at the Worlds Fair. Bragged about it, too.

  5. Trump is the great divider. His latest Klanpaign Rally has the him spewing more disrespect for our Republic and the proxies we elect to carry our voice and will. Trump’s reason for not informing the Congress of his attack on Iran?– he can’t trust our elected officials to put the nation interest ahead of politics. Again, Trump projects on others of what he himself is guilty.

  6. Key West Sears is running lean and mean right now, trying to reduce costs and stay open. It is using a bare bones staff and a vastly reduced inventory. I hope they make it.

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