Yesterday, a very busy one. From 11:30 in the morning till 11:30 last night.

I am a Syracuse fan. Bleed orange. As do my friends Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa. Don and Chris Syracuse residents, visit Key West 4 times a year. Dan and Lisa proprietors of a restaurant in Skaneateles, a smart community near Syracuse. Dan and Lisa visit the month of January each year.

We had a big lunch planned. Jack Flats to watch the Syracuse/Notre Dame game at noon. An ACC game.

Blacked out! Why, I have no idea. We were pissed.

Worked out well, however. We had a long leisurely lunch at Caroline’s on Duval.

My first visit. Here roughly 30 years and never stopped by. Caroline’s is the large open air restaurant across from Hardrock Cafe. Good place to sit and watch the world go by.

Learned later that Syracuse won. Beat Notre Dame 72-62.

I am worried about this year’s team. Played poorly in preseason games.

The evening was full.

Began at the Chart Room. Met old friends, made new friends.

First to come in was the vibrant Stephanie and husband Dan. Plus daughter Lexi and grandfather Richard. They are in town for a couple of weeks. Met Stephanie and Dan for the first time last summer.

Stephanie a go go person. Not a go go dancer. Her energy boundless. A CPA by profession. Daughter Lexi an accountant who works with her mother during the “busy season.”

Talked a bit with Dennis from southern Illinois. Near Missouri. A noticeable southern tang.

Met Frank and Mary. They have visited Key West once a year for 40 years. This year, January in Key West and February in Naples. A month in each place.

Home is Brandford, Connecticut. Near New Haven.

It was pleasant to meet them. Contemporaries age wise. Frank 81. Generally everyone I meet is at least a generation younger than me.

Frank a retired gastrointestinal physician.

Mary still working. In demand. She prepares/makes historic antique costumes for plays, movies and television. In effect, dresses the actors. In demand. The phone keeps ringing. She mentioned that she did the clothing for Paul Newman and his movie Our Time.

They are the proud parents of 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Stay at the Galleon while in Key West.

Joe Thornton stopped by the bar for a moment. Jean was in the Chart Room also at the time. However too many people. I could not pick her out. We are having dinner together Friday at Berlin’s.

As I was leaving, I caught the eye of Stephanie and Paul. We had met last year. They are visiting for a while. I look forward to chatting with them. I was in an hurry and did not have time last night.

Next stop the Blue Macaw. Visited with Joe Phillips a while. His lovely wife Andrea at home.

Then across the street to Donna and Terri’s.

We never got to celebrate Christmas. Terri booked almost every evening. The ladies were kind. They left the Christmas tree up till we could spend an evening together. My gifts sitting under the tree.

Enjoyed a few drinks and great meal. No seven fishes. I did not expect any. Donna is Jewish.

Love my lesbian wives. We have been friends many years.

Drove by David Wolkowsky’s home on Flagler. His estate sale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A line of about 15 outside waiting to get in. Moving very slowly. Actually not moving most of the time. I suspect a limited number were permitted in David’s home at a time.

Understandable. David’s home a collection of valuables. Each worth many dollars. The man accumulated many fine pieces in his 99 years. Too many bodies inside would inevitably mean a body and valuable item coming into contact. The piece broken.

In case you’re interested, David’s Ballast Key home is for sale. The asking price $16 million. His island home into the Gulf 16 miles west of Key West.

Key West history. Cigars a big business at the turn of the century and into the early part of the 20th century. I read a statistic today evidencing just how big. In 1922, 49,396,675 cigars were produced.

A recent UN report I found bothersome. Concerned population. Today 40 percent of all births in the U.S. occur outside marriage. As opposed to 1970 when only 10 percent were.

Another nationalistic right winger has become President of a country. A man more driven to change things than Donald Trump.

Jair Bolsonaro just completed his first week as President of Brazil. His plans receiving immediate attention include slashing taxes on the rich. Something for the poor also. He is lowering the minimum wage.

Other examples of his commitment to the rich include privatization. He intends to privatize everything. Starting with the government run power firm, 12 airports, and 4 seaports.

Why is the world turning to such men to run their governments? They promise much, deliver little. Take care of the rich to the detriment of the poor. Yet, the people buy their bullshit at election time.

Sloan due at noon. Then later I will do Hot Dog Church followed by the Gardens.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. If they “know they can’t get through because we have a great border wall or fence or barrier, they’re not going to come up and you’re not going to have the problem,” Trump said.
    How about instead,”they’re not going to come up because nobody will hire them because that is illegal,” I said.

    • Or maybe they take an airplane to Spokane or Duluth and just stay. Or maybe a fishing boat to South Padre. And yes, a wall won’t help with a tunneler or a balloonist. This wall thing is so stupid, it’s really only about convincing his ignorant base to be afraid.

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