Electric automobiles are still in their youthful stage. Sometime in the future to replace fossil fueled cars.

Another mode of electrically powered transportation had its beginnings in the 1880’s and continued to be utilized into the 1950’s. Electric cars, also known as cable cars, streetcars, and trolley cars. The specific name depending from whence the source of the electricity was obtained (underground / overhead wires).

Such electric cars were a big deal. A popular means of transportation. It was that or the horse and buggy.

The use of electric cars spiraled upward as the U.S. economy skyrocketed. The roaring twenties began in 1919 and continued for the next 10 years.

Electric cars were popular in Key West in the 1920’s. No traffic congestion back then. The Key West Electric Company operated what were referred to as streetcars. A big year for the Company was 1922 when its streetcars carried 1,708,615 passengers. A record.

Henry Ford disrupted things for streetcars, etc. By 1923, there were 10,000 Ford distributorships in the United States.

Gasoline driven vehicles were on the march. Buses began replacing streetcars. Buses cheaper to operate and could hold more passengers.

The electric streetcar came and went. The gasoline driven autos of today will suffer the same fate in due course. Ironically to be replaced by electrically powered vehicles.

It’s how the world turns.

Chart Room first last night. John bartending.

Good group. Fine time. Don and Chris, Steve and Cindy, Jean and Joe, and another John.

Then to Blue Macaw. chatted a while with Andrea and Joe. Had not seen them since New Year’s eve. Mary came in. First time I have seen her since before New Year’s eve.

Then to Publix. Cupboard bare again. Spent over a $100. I was down to nothing.

Looking forward to noon today. Syracuse/Notre Dame. Opening of the ACC season.

The game a toss up.

Watching it will be exciting. At Jack Flats with Don and Chris, Dan and Lisa. Dan and Lisa fanatical Syracuse fans also. Own a restaurant in Skaneateles, a few miles outside Syracuse.

Dan and Lisa spend 1-2 months each year at this time in Key West. Today the first time this year we have joined together.

The Bible tells us, history tells us, we reap as we sow.

An international group of ecologists and economists recently predict an Apocalypse of sorts is on the way. The prediction: By 2048, many species of fish will have disappeared. The result of over fishing, pollution, habitat loss, and climate change.

Their report advised that already 29 percent of edible fish and seafood species have declined by 90 percent.

The ocean’s fish are not forever. Something I assume few have thought about. I never did.

Such would/will be a disaster for the Keys. Where fishing for food and sport is everything!

Amazing. Two significant things to think about. Climate change supposedly will cause ocean waters to rise. Key West could be totally or partially submerged. Ocean front homes gone.

Now, the fish. The food supply in danger.

It’s a new world! Women are taking over. About time. Men have done a good job of screwing it up.

The CEO’s of 4 of the 5 largest defense contractors are women. Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and the defense branch of Boeing.

The walls of male dominated bastions are falling. Machismo dying. Merit winning out.

Another of Shakespeare’s lines true even in this day: ” A fool thinks himself to be wise…..”

Donald Trump.

Self thought wise man Donald Trump did it again yesterday. He either outright lied or mistakenly spoke. He claimed past Presidents supported the wall. Clinton, Bush, and Obama responded…..No way! Never said it!

Federal employees not all die hard gung ho Americans willing to suffer a bit for country and President. TSA agents are calling in sick in large numbers. Airport security problems not yet acute. Lines taking a bit longer, however.

Officials report the call ins a “mini-impact” so far.

When the furloughed and working but not being paid start getting dunned big time by their creditors, the wall will become meaningless for many. Food on the table, mortgage payments, tuition payments, etc. more important that a fool’s wall.

Enjoy your day!

18 comments on “1920’s ELECTRIC CARS

  1. Lies like that, mostly without public outcry from his supporters while they wring their hands over football players kneeling in peaceful protest for racial injustice and police brutality?

  2. 72 to 62. Syracuse over ND. In Boston with daughter. This is a big ND City. Will be in KW on Friday for a week. I will send an email…..

  3. Secure fence act of 2006

    Senators Clinton and Obama (and Schumer) all voted in favor of this act which authorized about 700 miles of border fence to create a barrier and prevent the free flow of illegal aliens from entering the US.

    Was it a “wall”? Maybe yes, maybe no, but that’s splitting hairs. Effectively it was to serve the same purpose.

    If you build a straw house (“fence”) and it isn’t effective enough, you make improvements and then build a brick house (“wall”).

    • But what if it WAS in fact “effective” and building a “brick” wall wouldn’t be any more effective? After all, we can’t seem to find enough “illegals” to export as we did in the past. What if the “wall” solution is the wrong way to go about it? What if the problem itself isn’t really a problem? What if the “Wall” is nothing more than this president’s false cry of “WMDs” as was Bush’s cry about Iraq?

  4. According to the GAO The fence built from the 2006 act is routinely breached by having been cut open or has had tunnels built under it almost 10,000 times. Most of it was not built as originally specified. If the fence works, fine. If the fence doesn’t work, build something better.

    The point is whether Clinton and Obama (yes I capitalized their names out of respect for their positions), voted for a “wall”. A barrier to prevent illegal crossings.

    • No, the point is not to build a stupid wall. Border security is one thing, a 2100 mile wall is unwise, unnecessary and wrong. Trumps version is stupid and WAY to costly.

  5. Lou, what is your opinion of the “yes” vote from Clinton and Obama on the Secure fence act of 2006 to build about 700 miles of fence along the southern border.

    • Did invading Iraq stop Saddam Hussein from using his Nukes? No, that was done with more intelligent and far less costly methods.

    • Yes, Clinton and Obama, along with MOST other Democrats of that time and place, voted for illegal immigrant restrictions, which included fencing, because it was doable, reasonable and the right thing to do. It was NOT a political stunt. Theirs was good governance and demonstrates even now how things SHOULD be done. Not some petulant child president throwing a hissy fit until he gets his way. Trump’s wall is nothing but an expensive folly and won’t work any better that what we have now. Smarter border security is what we should do and almost all reasonable experts agree that would be a far better choice. Trump refuses to budge. Who then is the real obstructionist?

      • I was only discussing the fact of whether they supported the 2006 act.
        The rest of what you mentioned is just your opinion (and name calling). Yes you are certainly entitled to your opinion but that was not at all my point.

        • Your point was not the full story, just two cherry picked isolated facts, to fit a version of a story you wish to make, not the truth of what really happened. A typical dishonest (Fox News) approach.

  6. Trump and his base would love to gut the Government. They regard government workers as a bunch of overpaid do-nothing leeches.

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