Ho Ho, Yogi Bear! Syracuse continues its undefeated run! Six and O!

Defeated North Carolina State yesterday 24-9. A tough game. A tough opponent.

Next week Clemson. Even tougher. Presently 7-0.

Yesterday’s game played at Syracuse. Sold out! Fifty thousand!

My good friends Tom and Fran Dixson missed the game. Vacationing in Siberia. Return Thursday.

Many of this year’s candidates are sickos.

Mike Itkis is a “liberal independent” candidate opposing Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler in New York’s 12th Congressional District.

Itkis supports liberal positions such as abortion rights, gun control, and equal economic opportunity for all. He is also “pro-sex” in every regard.

To evidence he is a hardened supporter of sex positivity, Itkis released a 13 minute video on the adult video website Pornhub. Itkis – a registered Democrat – starred in the movie with porn star Nicole Sage.

He commented: “One of the most meaningful experiences of my life.”

Sounds like it would be.

Itkis claims he is an “introvert.” He just came out of the “introvert closet.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote in an article yesterday: “The 2022 midterms are the most important of my lifetime.”

For all of us!

Bess Levin did it again. Labeled Trump’s reaction to this week’s January 6 Committee hearing: “Trump reacts to the January 6 Committee subpoena like a guy who knows the walls are closing in…..It’s not a great day to be Donald Trump and even he seems to know it.”

Suppose stone crabs or spiny lobsters disappeared from Keys waters this season. None to fish. None to capture. None to sell.

Alaska is experiencing a somewhat similar situation this season. Except it is for real and not supposedly.

Alaska cancelled its snow crab season for the first time this year. Officials are perplexed. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game cancelled the entire 2022-2023 season. One billion stone crabs disappeared.

Next year a question mark.

Presently, thousands of fishermen and others involved directly and indirectly with the Alaskan snow crabs are out of work.

No one knows why the snow crabs have disappeared. A major investigation is underway.

I will be out and about tonight. A great evening planned. Meeting Jean Thornton at the Chart Room at 6. A drink or two. Then stone crabs somewhere.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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