Joseph “Bum” Farto. The Jimmy Hoffa of Key West.

Farto was the Key West Fire Chief. He was under investigation for selling cocaine out of the fire stations and other matters.

Forty years ago today, Farto left home in his car. He did not get far. Two cars blocked his car in. One in front and one in the rear. Men in suits and ties jumped out, dragged Farto from his car to one of theirs. The two cars drove away.

Farto has neither been seen nor heard from since.

Bum Farto, where are you?

Today another big one for another reason in Key West history. The Beatles were here!

It was September 9, 1956. The Beatles plane was heading to  somewhere in north Florida for a show. Hurricane Dora got in the way. The plane was sidetracked to Key West. The Beatles spent two days at the Key Wester Motel on South Roosevelt Boulevard.

People went crazy! Understandably so.

The Beatles spent time swimming in the motel pool.

There is a story that following their departure, people were showing up at the pool and taking small amounts of the water out in bottles. Beatles holy water.

September 9 a big day in history for another reason. Elvis Presley!

It was 1956. Presley appeared for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember watching his appearance. The whole country was watching to see the new musical dynamo.

We could only see Presley from the waist up. His swaying hips were not permitted to be shown. Considered too erogenous at the time.

It was Harpoon Harry’s for a late breakfast yesterday. The best eggs in Key West!

Then to Publix to shop. Something going on at Publix besides renovations. This is the second visit in a row were there were not enough checkout counters open. Only three yesterday. Which meant waiting in long lines.

I hope Publix is not trying to make an extra buck by having customers wait. Waiting in line to check out was common years ago. Not today.

My blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I hit big on two very current problems. Kim Davis and the European immigration crisis.

Kim Davis on TV yesterday appeared to be a prophet talking to God…..A He is coming look. Kim standing next to Mike Huckabee with her arms extended up reaching to the sky. Her lips moving.

The lady is enjoying her 15 minutes. Huckabee and Cruz, who was in the crowd, are using this woman for their own selfish reasons.


Woe as to what is coming in Europe! Merkel says all European nations must take these hundreds of thousands in. Makes sense. Charity and morality involved.

Few however are considering the impact on their respective countries. How do we feed and clothe them? Schools will be overloaded. Free medical will kick in. Where will they live? Will there be enough jobs?

Eventually the face of each nation will change. The immigrant impact will be dramatic.

I wanted to watch Stephen Colbert last night. Never made it. Eleven thirty too late for me.

Womenfest begins tomorrow. One of the best Key West events. The ladies and their friends elevate fun to another level. Hit the bars in the evening and you will understand.

Enjoy your day!

15 comments on “BUM FARTO…..WHERE ARE YOU?

  1. So, you’re now happy with Merkel ! Apparently allowing immigrants in is fine, but, asking Greece to pay their debt is not.

    Why is there a problem with the European immigrants, not to worry, we have allowed 11 to 12 million into this country and that doesn’t seem to concern some people. What the heck, just let the future generations pay for them as we are doing. The grandkids will be happy to pay for this generations debts.

    • My concern is also how many moles and undercover terrorists ISIS has managed to smuggle into Europe along with the refugees. I would bet hundreds and we will soon see the bloody result in Europe. Now even a European vacation may not be such a safe and smart idea. Soon, there won;t be too much of the world that is really safe to visit.

      • I commented on my blog talk radio show tuesday night that ISIS people had to be among those moving from one country to another. It is consistent with ISIS goal that Islam influence and control be world wide.

        • Totally agree and it is terrifying as the governments appear incapable of dealing with the refugees, let alone the embedded terrorists. We shall be seeing this in the future news for sure and by then the numbers may be staggering within Europe and even the US as this nation is apparently allowing at least 10,000 people in.

  2. The Beatles(without Ringo) did not exist until 1961…..Ringo took Pete Best’s place in 1962. the Beatles did not perform in the USA until 1964. Hurricane Dora made landfall September 10, 1964.

    • To all who wrote re the date of Hurricane Dora and when the Beatles were in Key West, you are correct. I entered the wrong year. The correct year for both was 1964. Thanks for bringing the error to my attention.

  3. Lou, it is blog better than you give details about the suits and 2 cars in Farto matter. Lou, where would you go if you had been Farto?

    • You are correct. Can’t explain why the error. If I recall correctly, 1956 was the year of another event I mentioned in the blog. Thank you for bringing the mistake to my attention.

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