White House motivated assistance with the coronavirus crisis is self-serving. Trump’s image seems to be the major concern. Not the health of the American people. Health of the people second in line.

The most recent example supporting the premise is the U. S. Surgeon General’s concern about face masks. Yesterday, he stated Americans should stop buying face masks. He fears the supply will run out.

If such occurs, there will not be sufficient masks available for the medical professionals. They who are at the highest risk for disease transmission.

Something strange here. What about me and you? If the medical people need to be protected, we do also. How dare any one in government suggest we go without!

The government has come up with numbers. I do not trust any figures set forth by the Trump administration. Let me share them, however. Trump’s people claim 300 million N95 masks are needed, only 30 million are in stock.

A simple solution. The factories and manufacturing facilities are in place to put out N95’s. Put them to work overtime! Add additional workers! Add shifts!

We are confronted by a national emergency. Use manufacturing facilities already in place to grind out what ever is necessary to fight the virus.

What it boils down to is what is important. The answer life. Ours as well as the medical people.

Finally to the point. No one yet has told us the importance of the masks. It seems they are need to protect the wearer. Not so. They protect others. We sneeze, cough, etc. The wearing of the masks is to prevent someone coming down with or already having the virus from passing it on.

A different set of facts. Again, not one shared wit the public yet.

The disease slowly but surely is moving into and across America. Where will we be in 2 weeks to a month?

An Illinois resident tested positive for the virus yesterday. The person earlier afflicted in Washington died.

The economy will be involved further. Not just the stock market. The hospitals themselves. Another issue not discussed.

Many who will become sick are uninsured. The hospitals will still care for them. Bernie Sander’s Medicare for all will grow in popularity.

Anthony Yainz is a respected Key Wester. He had an interesting comment on Facebook yesterday. Something to the effect that the real danger is moronavirus in the White House.

A big day for the Cow Key Channel Bridge yesterday. A special Cow Key Bridge run. Zero K. The bridge a mere 300 feet long.

This month the bridge will undergo renovation. Expected to take 1.5 years. Good luck! Nothing the State does construction wise is concluded on time.

Yesterday’s run was titled Udder Run in honor/view of the anticipated repairs.

Note the bridge is the ONLY way in and out of Key West for vehicle traffic. The present 4 lanes will be no more than 3 during the renovation.

Hundreds came to enjoy the occasion. All dressed in comic fashion. Many with their dogs also so attired.

Health wise, the run very safe. No participant even raised a sweat.

Some Tennessee Williams.

Williams spent a significant portion of his life living in Key West. In 1949, he purchased a home on Duncan Street. Still stands today.

Duncan at the time was the end of Key West. The home was on the edge of a large salt pond. One of the reasons Williams bought the home was that he enjoyed swimming everyday and the opportunity to walk out his front door to swim appealed to him.

The house also gave him a quiet place to write.

Williams said, he bought the house “at the edge of the end of the world.” Again, there was no other place between him and the water.

Lisa today lives in a home on Duncan a block down from the Williams home. The government began filling in “across the street” from the Williams home in 1953. I don’t know how long it took. At some point in time, homes started being erected. One would be Lisa’s.

In fact, the filling in extended to the Atlantic. Today the distance between the Williams home and the ocean is several blocks.

Syracuse played North Carolina late yesterday afternoon. Syracuse lost 92-79. Not the best of years for Syracuse.

The game was the last one that will be played in the “old” Carrier Dome. It is to undergo major renovations, including a new roof. Next season’s basketball will be played in the “new” Dome.

Under the circumstances, it was a big afternoon at the Dome.

John Wallace is a yesteryear Syracuse star. His #44 jersey was retired at halftime.

Celebrities attended the game. The Patriots’ Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, also. They sat together in front row seats.

Also Syracuse stars from another era. David Bing and Larry Moten.

I watched the game at Shana Key. Enjoyed dinner at the bar afterwards.

I can remember when the Dome opened. It was September 20, 1980. A football game. The first of the season. I don’t recall the opponent.

The Carrier Dome was a big deal. Especially for a fan as fanatic as I was. The Dome had private boxes. Sixteen movie type seats. A bar and refrigerator. A significant standing area behind the seats.

Alcohol and food during the games. Extra of course. Syracuse had a catering service.

They rented, not sold. A ten year term for $50,000. How could I pass it up!

With the box also went 12 seats on the floor for basketball. My 12 in the first row immediately behind the Syracuse bench. Sixteen seats for football. Fifty yard line, 15th row.

The floor seats required payment in addition.

I did it all. Entertained everyone for 10 years.

I would be remiss if I did not share my first game experience.

Carrier manufactures air conditioning. Its primary plant in Syracuse. Carrier made a big donation and the Dome was named after the company.

The Dome however was not air conditioned. It had an air filtration system that was supposed to do the job. It failed on opening day. It was like 80 degrees outside and 120 inside.

Those watching from a box dressed. Proprietor and guests alike. Me in a sport jacket, shirt, tie, slacks.

Sweat!!! I was sitting on one of the steps inside the box, jacket off, tie undone, a couple of shirt buttons open thinking…..$50,000 for this!

The box was a wise investment. Besides an excellent write off, it was a family affair. My grandchildren grew up crawling on the box floor and basketball floor. They made friends. Most of my grandkids and their friends ended up going to Syracuse. Syracuse became a family thing for all of us.

I am glad Biden won and won big in South Carolina. Hope he does well Super Tuesday. The country wants moderation. Sanders not the person.

The pundits tell us Sanders will do the best Super Tuesday. He has already spent $15.5 million in those states whereas Biden only $600,000. The bucks have not been coming in to Biden.

Tino was an extra in a World War II movie. Took place in occupied France. Tino’s face in the pic is probably why he gets so many extra parts.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Let’s hope the Coronavirus doesn’t showup here in the Keys. I’m not sure the infrastructure down here, especially north of the Cow Channel bridge can it, unless it can be treated with beer.

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