Key West is a tiny island. A speck in a large body of water. Probably why those who live in the ocean are important to us. Our neighbors.

Turtles are loved! There is the Turtle Hospital in the mid keys. Staffed by a large professional staff.

The staff significantly successful.

Bubbles is a sub-adult loggerhead turtle.  She was found floating and unable to dive on March 15. Bubbles was brought to the Turtle Hospital. Her intestines impacted.

Bubbles has recovered. Time for her release from the hospital. Tomorrow she will be returned to her ocean home. She will be released on Sombrero Beach at 10 in the morning. Roughly 100 persons will be there to cheer Bubbles off.

Key West definitely into Pride Week. The town crowded last night. Traffic on the verge of being horrendous. Too many people on bicycles and mopeds. Accidents waiting to happen.

One of the aces of the Korean War was Capt. Manuel “Pete” Hernandez. 14.5 kills in 9 months. Hernandez was born in Key West April 19, 1925.

My KONK Life column this week appears in KONK E-Blast this morning. Corn Flakes…..Cure Masturbation. I kid you not. Corn flakes when first invented were to serve as an anti-masturbatory breakfast.

The column finishes on page 2 of E-Blast. A large picture of me tops it. The picture was taken five years ago in Greece. On the island of Amorgos. How relaxed I appear. I was!

I had a haircut appointment yesterday at noon with Lori. Forgot. Doing it a lot lately. I am rescheduled for later today.

Saw one of my doctors at 1.

Napped most of the afternoon.

The Chart Room first last night.  John bartending. The new guy. A good personality. He will do well.

Then dinner at Hot Tin Roof. The charming Patty Flower took care of me.

The Democrats had a big day yesterday. Elizabeth Warren continues to impress me. She can take on Trump toe to toe.

I watched the new TV show The Girlfriend Experience sunday night. About a high end prostitute. Not sure if I like it. Moves too slow.

The show brought to mind how things have  changed over the years. 50-70 years ago, the story line would not fly. The use of a swear word was enough to block release of a movie or keep a TV show off the air.

Television advertising the same way. Sanitary  napkins and condoms advertised today. I remember condoms. It was 1949. I was 14 years old. Working at all kinds of jobs in a drug store. Sometimes, I worked behind the cigarette/cigar counter. That is where the condoms were sold. From under the counter, of course. Sanitary napkins were behind the women’s counter. Could be seen. Had to be requested, however.

A report from the Institute for Economics and Peace has just come out. Claims only 10 nations not at war at the present time. I question the number.

The study also listed the most peaceful nations in the world. Iceland was #1. The united states, 103. Sounds correct. Nothing to be proud of.

Religion has killed many innocents. The Salem witch hunt, for example. On this day in 1692, the first “witch” was hung. After a trial, of course. Her name Bridget Bishop. Her real crime was her morality. She was of dubious moral character. Slept around, had three husbands.

Salem an example of a society gone crazy.

Enjoy your day!

8 comments on “BUBBLES

    • The interesting thing about the Donald is that his website is pretty light on material other than brief video bits of the Donald saying things like I will make the military so big nobody will mess with us or my tax plan will make everyone rich or solve immigration by building a great China wall, etc. All sound bits a reality TV start would do. No facts, no ideas, just great expositions.

      Hillary has a specifically detailed website with pages of plans and information. Professor Warren is a well-respected academician, Senator and author. Either could be a real US President and possibly do something positive for America if only not obstructed at every turn by the vestiges of a dying culture based upon exclusivity, privilege and the scare tactics of religions.

      Basically, the people who want a lightweight who will act belligerent, say outrageous and idiotic things and promote himself, then Trump is the man and God help us. The TV show Vice recently ran an expose on his labor practices overseas. Enlightening indeed.

      The schism in followers is truly the frightening aspect here and America remains great now but Trump’s promise to make it over again not very promising indeed.

  1. Peoples opinions never cease to surprise me.
    All it takes is a little effort to look into peoples achievements and the people that these people surround themselves with in order to accomplish what they have.
    If people wish this country to continue with its past 7 year back slide then a hillary/elizabeth ticket is the answer.

  2. ‘Society gone crazy’. It happens. I think we’re about there now, again.

    Time [and writers] has confused the truth. It happens. There has been a discrepancy between Sara and Bridget Bishop. 2 ladies from nearby towns. I’ve never found any evidence of Bridget being immoral. She was a land and tavern owner which made her a target for an easy land grab due to the times. She married a third time due to her previous husbands deaths, life span then wasn’t what it is today.

  3. Turtle intestine impactions are a problem. Many of these impactions are man caused. Cigarette butts which are not filtered out in the storm sewer system look like shrimp to the turtle. Plastic bags and fishing line look like jellyfish to them. The turtles should really be released as close to the capture site as possible.

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