The Key West News (formerly Key West Citizen) should hang its head in shame.

Today is December 7. “A day that will live in infamy.”  On this day in 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

I had to search for mention of the occurrence in today’s newspaper. Should have been something about it on page 1. Nothing. The only mention was found on page 2. One line under Today in Keys History, two under Today in History. A total of 3 lines.

I was offended. I spoke by phone with the newspaper. I was told Pearl Harbor could be found under Today in History. I explained only amounted to 2 lines. I was told the paper had insufficient staff to write a major article re the event.

Disgraceful! Pearl Harbor is still with us 81 years later. Will be with us 181 years from now, as will be 9/11 for example.

December 7 is a page 1 story every year. Or, should be. Today’s page 1 articles included 43 Seeking City Manager Post, a Discussion of State Priorities, North Roosevelt Boulevard, and CFK Recruiting Students will be forgotten in 81 days. Even less.

The newspaper’s sense of values is lacking.

Key West has many veterans and active military residing here. They are obvious whenever an event is held at Bayview Park. Stick out. Proudly wearing their caps. Key West itself continues to honor its war dead with the monuments that stand and new ones that are always being erected.

I remember Pearl Harbor. I was 6 years old at the time. We lived in a 3 story 6 apartment tenement. My parents had a radio. We were the only family with a radio. Our apartment filled up rapidly as the news of the attack spread. Everyone wanted to hear what was happening. Women cried. The men discussed joining up.

With Warnock’s election, the U.S. Senate is set. Time to get down to business. Now and following the first of the year when the new House is sworn in.

House Republicans will disrupt. Their game plan. The Senate and Democrats in general must retaliate forcefully.

Democrats for some reason always play a subdued gentlemanly approach to things. Republicans the contrary. They go for the jugular. So too must the Democrats. Make them bleed! It is the only way Republicans will learn to legislate rather than screw things up.

The Trump Organization was found guilty yesterday in New York Supreme Court by a jury for all kinds of tax fraud schemes. Individual Trump family members not named as defendants in the criminal prosecution. Now is the time however to go after them. Donald and the kids. If you or I stole a loaf of bread, we’d do time in jail. The family steals millions, buy multimillion dollar residences in Florida  and spend no time in jail.

Does not make sense.

Donald does not like the Constitution. A few days later and he is trying to walk back his statement.

He has broken a multitude of laws over the years. Gets away with it!

Time to stop the bullshit! Indict him! He is under so many investigations, it will be impossible for him to avoid conviction for some if not all.

Trump is killing our country. Destroying it a step at a time. He must be stopped. Now! We have already waited too many tomorrows.

The January 6 Committee is going to make referrals to the Department of Justice. I assumed so all along. If they failed to do so, their findings would have the same impact as the Mueller decision.

The Committee should have discovered enough information to name elected officials and some of the nation’s very rich. They are the ones to be named. Don’t bother with the small “wrongdoers.” Those who failed to answer a subpoena.

I am especially interested in who attended the “command center” at the Willard Hotel on January 5.

There are those who want to take down the U.S. government. Far right terrorists. Our government sits on its ass and moves too slowly in seeking them out and prosecuting them.

What happened in Germany early this morning should be a lesson to us.

The German government suspected a coup plot. Thousands of German police carried out a series of raids all over Germany this morning arresting the participants. German police said those apprehended were far right extremists who were planning to overthrow the government and substitute another in its place.

Syracuse won a decisive victory last night. Beat Oakland 95-66.

Oakland a non-entity. Syracuse was expected to destroy the team. However Syracuse has already played 2 similar games this season against unworthy opponents and lost to them.

I was anxious to watch the game. Not because it supposedly was to be an easy Syracuse victory. Nothing is this season. I simply enjoy Syracuse sports.

The game was at 6. Turned it on. Watched the tip off. Immediately fell asleep. At 6 o’clock! I woke for the beginning of the second half. Watched about 2 minutes and fell asleep again. Woke sometime after 11 to learn of the Syracuse victory.

Fell asleep at 1 and woke 5 this morning. All in all, a good night’s sleep.

I need not tell you my sleep pattern is erratic in my old age.

Enjoy your day!


  1. You are right Lou, Democrats do always play a subdued gentlemanly approach to things.

    But I remember when Republican did the same thing, not anymore. They have lost touch and no longer know how or care to actually govern, or do the right thing. All’s they care to do is disrupt and cause chaos.

    Remember when Republicans used to consider themselves the “adults” in the room? That’s just ot true anymore. Now a days they’re the crackpots in the room – and all across the country.

  2. Incoming Congressional Republicans have announced that one of the first thing they plan on doing when they take over on January 1st, is read the U.S. Constitution (well, probably only the parts THEY like) in open session, so that everybody understands what they are “all about.”

    This when their REPUBLICAN leader is calling for the Constitution to be ignored, dismissed, removed, violated.

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds with these fools.

  3. I didn’t renew my Citizen subscription when it came due a few weeks ago, it’s just worth it anymore after all the cuts and changes they have made over the recent years.

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