This is the day! After 412 days, my self-quarantine ends!

I have received both shots and waited 2 weeks before going out.

I am excited.

I’m even going to shave. My last shave was a few weeks ago.

My intent is to start out with a visit to an art gallery I’ve never been to before. Then find an open air bar to have a drink. I have no idea what will follow.

My father’s birthday was yesterday. Born in 1914, he would have been 107 years old.

He did not quite make it. Passed on 9 years ago at 98. Not bad!

He was in relatively good shape till the end.

Longevity seems to run in my Dad’s family. Hopefully, it is a part of me. My grandfather made it to 94. My father’s sister my Aunt Mary to 102.

Later years are interesting. I find I am my father. I am were he was at 85. Not just physically and mentally. Disposition wise also.

Happy birthday, Dad!

In addition to being a unique story, what follows is also a happy one. It involves superfetation. Never heard the word till I read the story.

Superfetation is where a woman gets pregnant while already pregnant. The mother here ended up having “twins.”

Superfetation is not common. The last study done was in 2008. Up to that time there had been less than 10 such births ever.

Jenna Romaine wrote the article. It was published in Changing America 4/9/21. I highly recommend you go to it for no other reason that to view a photo the very young twins today. A touching sight.

Basically, the story involves a U.K. woman. Thirty nine yeas old. Never pregnant before. She and her husband had been trying. She was undergoing fertility treatments at the time she became pregnant. Her doctor and others in the medical profession have said the fertility treatments had nothing to do with the double pregnancy.

The woman conceived a second baby 3 weeks after conceiving the first. Her obstetrician Dr. David Weller said, “It just doesn’t happen.” He has been delivering babies for 25 years and never came across a similar story.

The first sonogram showed a single fetus. The second was done 12 weeks later. Twins! Medical staff and parents surprised!

Technically, the babies are not twins. Merely described that way. They are separate pregnancies where a woman already pregnant conceives a second time.

When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes hormonal changes that impede her conceiving a second time.

Obviously not the case here. Instead of ovulation stopping, the mother released another egg 3-4 weeks later, which miraculously fertilized and implanted in her uterus.

The exact cause of such an occurrence not known.

The second baby is actually 3 weeks younger than the first.

The doctors were concerned the second baby would not survive. The 3 week difference affects rate of development.

A typical delivery time is 40 weeks.

The umbilical cord of the fetus of the second baby was not functioning correctly. A Caesarian had to be performed.

All’s well that ends well. Noah is the older. He spent 3 weeks in neonatal intensive care. His sister Rosalie, the second. She spent 95 days.

Both are home now and thriving.

Again, the picture accompanying the article must be seen. So beautiful! So Moving!

No age is attached to the photo. I would suggest the babies are 4-5 months at best. Noah is one third larger than his sister.

The photo shows them laying next to each other. They are holding hands. The mother said they do it automatically when laid down next to each other.

I have twin grandsons. Now in their early thirties. When young, they did strange things that only could be attributed to their having been close together for nine months.

Trump invited a group of big dollar donors to Mar-a-Lago last night. In his 50 minute speech, he was Trump 100 percent.

He called McConnell a “dumb son of a bitch.” He was “disappointed” in Mike Pence. He called last year’s Presidential election a “fraud.” He mocked Tony Fauci.

One thing you can say for Trump, he’s consistent.

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope I do mine!

9 comments on “FREE!!!

  1. Congratulations on your success with self-quarantine, Louis, and a well deserved freedom from it! Enjoy and savor your first day out and about. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures on the street. Don’t forget your mask and to socially distance as much as possible. First stop Lisa’s? Gotta hug the kids and grandkids first!

  2. Dear Lou,

    I’ve been dreamin’-n-schemin’ on this for months. I too am fully vaccinated against the dreaded Cootie Bugs (Maderna vaccine) so… when the Chart Room is open again, I’ll meet you there for a drink. I’m buying. I’ll buy the hot dogs and popcorn too… such a deal.

    Kokomo Man

    • Careful Lou, “Kokomoman” is that guy who insisted (on YOUR blog) that he alone got to choose if he needed to wear a mask and that he could go wherever he wanted and whenever he wanted. That it was his choice and his choice alone and whoever didn’t like it (including apparently anyone he met), could be damned.

      With that attitude, I wouldn’t trust him anywhere then or now.

      I would say too, beware of those bearing gifts. You can afford your own drinks (and hot dogs and popcorn too), but you can’t afford to be around careless and arrogant people, even now, this pandemic thing, isn’t over.

      • You are way off. It is clear you don’t understand sarcasm, and it went over your head. I will only reply by saying…

        Lou, when we have that drink in the Chart Room, we will have a roaring laugh about this.

        Kokomo Man

  3. Republicans insist they are the party of patriots, yet Trump had the POW flag remove from the White House. Biden has now had that flag returned.

    Just one more reason NOT to support a Fascist regime in the White House, ever again!

    • Trump didn’t hide his disdain for John McCain and said he liked war hero’s that aren’t captured. Perhaps it is more than that and the flag reminded him of the service and sacrifice he never had the character and courage to achieve.

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