Luminaries visit Key West often. From all walks of life.

Brandi Love is visiting. A rest and relaxation trip. At the Pier House.

Brandi is an American pornographic actress. A star. Nominated 12 times for significant awards. Won 3. In 2013, for Best Cougar/MILF Performer. Two times in 2018. For MILF Performer of the Year and Best Actress.

Brandi’s real name is Tracey Lynn Livermore. Age 45. Looks 25. Resides with her husband and daughter in Raleigh, North Carolina.

There was a buzz on the streets yesterday re her visit. The buzz continued into the Chart Room where I heard it again.

Yesterday spent writing and laying around. Left the house around 4. First a meeting with a realtor. Then to the Chart Room.

Tammy bartending. The lady a charmer. A great bartender. The customers love her.

A whole family came in. Senior mother, 2 daughters and one son in law. The mother and I chatted.

She is presently living on Ramrod Key. First came to the Keys in the 1970’s. Her husband was with the Navy. Later, they started coming with regularity. They owned, then sold, and were renting.

Her husband died recently from cancer. He had a difficult time.

She returned with her children this week to straighten things out. As she told me, she was never alone before. She indicated she was on a learning curve.

I was sad for her. Joyful however that the kids were looking after her.

Some people were talking about Brandi Love. Two gentlemen at the end of the bar. Apparently they had seen her at the pool.

We also conversed about Captain Tony’s and Irma. One of them mentioned that following Irma, some parts of Captain Tony’s were blown into the street.

The walls and ceilings of Captain Tony’s were filled with dollar bills. Some were blown out onto the street. No one knew what happened to them thereafter.

I am not sure if that dollar bill story is accurate. I wrote this morning to Captain Tony’s daughter Toni to see if she knew anything about it.

I told the story of Manuel Cabeza a few days ago. The World War I veteran who was murdered by the Klu Klux Klan. The Klan was unhappy Cabeza was living with a mulatto woman. They beat him. Then tied and dragged him from the rear bumper of a car. Finally hung him from a tree on Flagler. Shot him full of bullets as his body hung from the tree.

Wow, you may say. This happened in Key West?


Cabeza was killed Christmas eve 1921. Key West was a Klan stronghold in those days. The heads of the police, sheriff and fire departments were members. Key West’s representative to the State Legislature a member, also. In addition to which he was the Grand Dragon of the Florida Klan. He ran the Klan out of his home on Eaton Street.

Florida Keys Community College conducts a VIP series. On wednesday April 3 at 7 pm, a a group will speak re the Klan and Key West. The presentation will be led by award winning author and historian Arlo Haskell.

I have heard Haskell speak. He is interesting.

This afternoon, Laurie and Louis. I join my good friend Laurie Thibaud on her talk show Party Time. From 4-5:30. Station 105.7 FM, WGAY FM.

A good time!

When will Trump learn? When will his staff learn?

Betsy De Vos is Education Secretary. She was testifying before a Congressional Committee yesterday. The subject the Education Department’s proposed budget.

The federal government helps the Special Olympics. The Olympics for those with afflictions that deny them enjoying life as others do. The Olympics provides the opportunity.

The budget listed $17.6 million for the Special Olympics. De Vos had removed the entire amount from the budget.

Hard to understand.

In Washington, dollars in the millions are a drop in the bucket. You have to get into the high billions before any one becomes concerned.

The same budget has Trump seeking a few billion for his unneeded wall. He is also moving money from other accounts to help pay for the wall.

Keep in mind also, the huge Trump tax cut given to the rich last year. Generally described as $1 trillion.

And Trump and company want to take a mere $17.6 million from those who really need what it can do for them.

De Vos’ background will help you understand the people Trump has in place helping him. In this case, a most heartless person.

Betsy is married to Richard De Vos, former CEO of Amway. He presently is one of the owners of the Orlando Magic professional basketball team. Betsy’s brother is Erick Prince, the founder of Blackwater. He has made millions with Blackwater successor companies that provide contract soldiers, border guard assistance, housing for the children taken from parents at the border. He may also own some privatized jails. If he does not, he has been trying to get into that field also.

The De Vos family is estimated to be worth $5.3 billion. The 88th richest family in America. They are part of the 1 percent who have all the money.

Ten yachts are owned by the family. Spread all over the world. One a 163 foot yacht that is moored on Lake Erie.

Betsy De Vos who has much obviously has little care for those who have significantly less than her. Actually, nothing.

A form of Medieval martial law has been imposed in Rockland County, New York. The measles epidemic has hit the County hard. One hundred fifty three confirmed measle cases.

The County Legislature has declared a 30 day State of Emergency. Any unvaccinated person under 18 is prohibited from being in any public place.

Things are that bad.

The swamp has gotten larger and deeper since Trump went to Washington. The swamp he was going to clean up.

The major contributing problem is Trump appoints persons lacking in character and morality.

He recently nominated Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve Board. Apparently Moore was either not vetted or improperly vetted. He owes the IRS $75,000 for the tax year 2014.

Failure to pay taxes brings to mind Michael Avenatti. The Los Angeles Times and HIVE recently reported Avenatti has not paid taxes since 2009, that he owes taxes of $570,000 for 2009 and $282,000 for 2010. In addition, he has not filed a tax return since 2010.

Finally, a Powerball winner! Not me. Not you, unless you are the person in Wisconsin who had the correct numbers. The total amount $768 million.

I rarely play. Blew $20 on lottery tickets yesterday. Worth it. My mind kept repeating…..Just maybe!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Somebody said that in any population 10% will be merciful no matter what, 10% will be cruel no matter what, and the 80% that are left can go either way.

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