Batman has kept pace with me age wise. He will be 80 years old March 30th. He was born/first publication March 30, 1939.

I suspect he will say “Holy Milestones” as he celebrates his birthday on the 30th.

Batman is proof good guys survive. You don’t read anywhere that the Joker is celebrating a birthday.

Batman is recognized as one of the world’s greatest super heroes. Up there with Superman and Wonder Woman.

He is also known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight. He fought crime in Gotham City.

Batman had a today car in the 1940’s. His Batmobile was sleek and could do everything.

I am not ashamed to admit I read his comic books in the 1940’s. We all read comic books. Followed our heroes. We were hooked on them as today’s kids are hooked on their cell phones.

Happy birthday, Batman! Hope you make it to a 100. Probably will as you are still being published and going strong.

America loves you. Evidenced by your many readers and movies made revealing your exploits. It is impressive that your character has starred in several major films. Each time played by a leading actor.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Fun time! Love doing the show!

Chatted about the Mueller and Barr reports, an old description of the Chart Room, and the Parkland shooting perpetrator who appears to have attained Charles Manson status while in jail.

In 2013, Diana Nyad walked out of the Atlantic onto Smathers Beach. She had completed her swim from Havana to Key West.

Diana was already known world wide. The Havana-Key West swim added to her notoriety.

Diana and Key West bonded. She has been a frequent visitor. Key  West honored her by placing a plaque where she stepped onto Smathers Beach.

Diana will be in Key West again next wednesday, April 3rd. She is giving a talk at 7 at The Studios of Key West. Title of her lecture The Courage to Fail. An evening of story telling.

Tickets $60, $44, and $35.

Big air show saturday and sunday at the Naval Air Station at Boca Chica. The Blue Angels and the Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron appearing.

Show time 9-4 each day.

Very heavy traffic anticipated. Be ready for it. Dress lightly. Wear sun glasses.

Harry Truman did it again! Completed another 3 week working vacation at The Little White House in Key West. On this day in 1952, Truman returned to Washington.

Truman as much a part of Key West as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. He loved Key West. Key West does not forget. Key West loves his memory in return.

A few recent Trump comments.

Trump’s greatest victory as President was the Mueller report which found him free of collusion/conspiracy with Russia.

Instead of enjoying the rarity of something favorable to him, he went on a tirade yesterday while at the Senate luncheon.

He went after Puerto Rico. The most powerful man in the world stomping on a small island inhabited by his fellow Americans. He renewed his argument that Puerto Rico was not devastated by Maria as has been reported and that $91 billion had already been spent in Puerto Rico.

Not a penny more!

As usual, Trump did not know what he was talking about. The figure much less than $91 billion, though I am not sure exactly how much at the moment.

Where he got the $91 billion figure from, no one knows.

He further exhibited his love for the people of Puerto Rico when earlier this year he asked the U.S. Army Corps Engineers to look into diverting $13.9 billion from monies already approved for Puerto Rico to help with Maria damage. Trump wants to use the $13.9 billion for the wall.

Trump is back into Obamacare. Wants it totally  eliminated. Expects to accomplish the result by a case already pending in the federal courts.

He is out of step with the American people. The 2018 election was about health care. The Republicans will go nowhere with it even if Obamacare were thrown out. There are 20 million new insureds out there who will be sure to vote in 2020 for Trump’s opponent.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a brilliant guy. He knows the rules of procedure for the Senate. It is his body.

Nancy Pelosi is similarly astute on the House side.

McConnell showed his genius manipulative spirit yesterday.

He brought the Green New Deal resolution to a vote in the Senate. It was unanimously defeated by all Republicans voting against it. The Democrats abstained from the vote, except for a couple who merely voted Present.

Why McConnell was a genius yesterday. The vote was a procedural one. Not substantive in any fashion. By proceeding with a procedural vote first, McConnell under Senate rules eliminated any debate, hearings, or public testimony about the resolution or its merits in the future.

A screw job! Perfectly proper, however.

Barbara left yesterday. The house is quiet. Not that she made a lot of noise. When you live alone, the presence itself of another person is noisy.

Some errands to run this afternoon. Then the Chart Room. Have not been there for several nights. Missed it.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. No need to delete the post, just change the date to 1960, at that time, that term was considered correct.

    Or, change the date to the future, and type in the term that will be correct then.

    Being correct will keep changing over time, don’t worry. Just try to guess the right date.
    What won’t change is the victim status, and how some people have to change and protect and support the defenseless ones in society.

  2. Don’t be too sure about who is going to vote against Trump. His followers will cut off their own nose to spite their face.

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