Bicycle riding a problem in Key West. A problem for bike riders, cars and pedestrians. Anyone who says it is not does not, does not know what he/she is talking about.

Note the State of Florida gives Key West a ranking as the top Florida city for fatal crashes involving bikes. ‘Nuff said.

Key West has hired a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. His name Chris Hamilton. He comes to us from Virginia where he was involved with transportation issues. Says he has been visiting Key West for 20 years. He is now living on Stock Island and rides his bike to work at Habana Plaza on Flagler every day. No problems.

Hamilton claims it is a joy to bike ride in Key West. He always feel safe.

Respectfully, Hamilton does not know what he is talking about.

The bike problem is not on Stock Island or Flagler. It is primarily in Old Town and on Northern Boulevard. I suggest he ride his bike on Simonton from Caroline to Front late afternoons between 5 and 6. Duval in the afternoon. The length of Caroline, also.

It is an obstacle course. for vehicle drivers trying to avoid hitting tourists bike riding. Includes families with young kids and seniors who have not been on a bike in 50 years.

The problem is not with local bike riders. It is with the tourists. Don’t tell me there are not enough tourist bike riders to be a problem. Check the number of bicycles rented daily in Old Town.

I have a cold. I have not had one in years. A head cold. My fault. This has been a cold and wet week. I am on the anti-gravity treadmill five days a week. Raise a big sweat.

I immediately leave the building when I am done. Sweating away and no jacket. The car a 100 feet away. Normally, no problem. In this week’s cold, a big problem.

I deserve the sneezing and stuffed head I am undergoing this morning.

No treadmill for me today.

Immediately following the treadmill, I was at Lori’s getting a haircut. Still sweating.

Last night, a new experience. An English speaking opera at The Studios of Key West. A Thousand Splendid Suns. The lives of females in a Muslim country. Very subservient. Forcibly so.

The opera a work in progress. We only saw the first act. There is more to come at some time.

I went to learn about female life in an Arab nation. I learned nothing new. The ill treatment of women shown was what is already known by most. It was hard for me to follow the forceful singing. The sheer volume deafened the sound.

I am being critical, I guess. The story took too long to tell. I actually dropped off in sleep two times.

I compliment the Studios for offering this performance. Key West is bare of opera activity. I also compliment the performers. In spite of my negative comments.

Dinner followed at Hot Tin Roof.

Kissing is the title of this week’s KONK Life column. A history of kissing. The article was linked to my Key West Lou website this morning. It is also carried in today’s E-Blast.

I will not be doing my usual friday noon 15 minute radio interview with Don Riggs today.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “BIKE RIDING IN KEY WEST

  1. Bicyclists are a problem in Key West. We watched a girl bike thru a stop sign and get killed by a motorist about 10 years ago. I’m surprised that doesn’t happen more often.

  2. Bicyclists are a pain indeed. They ride the wrong way on southard and fleming and routinely run stop signs. They run into parked cars and do serious damage to the vehicles. Of course they never stop to tell you they messed up your car. I actually had a woman riding a bike on the sidewalk tell me to get out of her way,as it had been years since she had been on a bicycle. The new bike guy is crazy. It is not safe to ride bikes around key west.

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