California contains one of the most beautiful ocean fronts in the world. A portion of Highway 1. Known world wide as Big Sur.

Magnificent is the only way to describe Big Sur. I was so taken by it the first time I drove over it years ago. I was alone. Unfortunate to drive Big Sur alone, I thought. The drive should be made with someone you love. Such was the atmosphere and flavor of the drive.

The highway hugs the side of cliffs running along the Pacific Ocean.

This past week a portion of Highway 1, near Big Sur, fell into the ocean. People living in the area have been warned to evacuate. Portions of the highway have already been shut down.

A horror in the making. Comparable to the destruction wrought in the Florida Keys when a Category 3-5 hurricane strikes.

No Labels, no Presidential candidate.

No Labels is an American political organization. Founded in 2010, its purpose to support criticism and bipartisanship through what it calls the “common sense majority.”

This year, No Labels has been anti-Biden and anti-Trump.

No Labels announced it will not put forth a Third Party Presidential Ticket. Reason: They could not find a candidate to place on a unity ticket for the 2024 Presidential election.

I have respected Frank Bruni’s writings for years. Rarely disagreeing with his positions.

His article yesterday re Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was right on. Correct in every respect. Its title: “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Inflated Sense of His Own Fitness To Lead Isn’t Just Delusional. It’s Dangerous.”

Bruni claims Kennedy’s primary fault is he believes he knows everything. Omnipotent when it comes to smartness. Another “strength” Kennedy asserts is he has been around government and studying government his whole life. Never involved in government itself, however. His statement in this regard alone is non-qualifying. His experience level is zip when it comes to government involvement.

The man is a non-entity. Even certain of his siblings and other close relatives say he is not qualified to be President.

Trump was a non-qualified disaster. Let’s not have another one.

Trump has added a new game in his pursuit of the White House. His God-like image. Christ reincarnated.

His rallies are now ending in a churchlike fashion. A 15 minute scenario where Trump casts his prosecutions as persecutions. His rally closings are being described as “evangelical altar calls.” Many in his audiences are raising their palms to the air and murmur as if in prayer.

God he is not, nor ever will be. The attempt sick!

The joining of two nations occurred in 1614 via a marriage. The nations an Indian tribe in Virginia and England.

Pocahontas, daughter of the Virginia colony’s Chief of the Powhatan Confederacy, married England’s John Rolfe. He brought her to England where she turned out to be a major success with the English gentry.

Today’s Key West weather a dramatic change from yesterday’s. Today, and through the weekend, will be sunny and pleasant. High 70’s.

Want an elephant? Botswana has 130,000. Too many says Botswana’s President Masisi. He has suggested sending 20,000 to Germany.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “BIG SUR IN DANGER

  1. Lou – I disagree with you about Robert Kennedy Jr. I believe he would make a far better President, than Donald Trump and that Republicans should indeed vote for HIM instead of for Trump. Although like you, I don’t think he’s qualified or would be any kind of good president, certainly not as good as Joe Biden.

  2. Just read some of your posts for the first time and enjoy your writing style. I’m 72 have been fortunate to travel to many parts of the globe. Worked in industry most of my career am the 3rd consecutive generation in my family to work 35 or more years for one company.

    I’ll not debate whether Trump was a good President. Like most, he did good and bad things.

    I do have a problem with some of the statements I have read about President Biden. His administration is responsible for the worst Foreign Policy of my lifetime. China, Iran and Russia have all become more aggressive because of our ineptness in both Political and Military affairs.

    Where are the real leaders that we need?

    • Hi Roery – as I read your post I remind myself that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Mine (MY opinion), is that you are either very poorly informed, reading the wrong things from the wrong troughs, or some sort of political operative trying to push an agenda on Lou’s blog, that makes no sense, based on actual facts, or honest evaluation. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

    • Let me get this straight Roery, You arbitrarely refuse to debate or include Trump and ignore even Bush/Cheney in your asessments about “worst President regarding foreign Policy in YOUR LIFETIME, yet want us to believe you about Biden being the worst? I don’t think so poser!

  3. Don’t pay that idiot Libertarian troll Roery, who most recently posted something similar under the name “Sam.” He truly thinks he’s smarter than everybody else and loves to start fights, just for fun.

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