Tons of items requiring comment. Some consequential, some not. All important to me at the moment, however.

Engelbert Humperdinck is 88 years old today. My age. His name alone is worthy of comment.

Engelbert was a great singer beginning in the 1960’s. British origin. Became popular world wide. The song that made him was Release Me. I recall dancing to the tune and many of his other love recordings back then.

His name strange. Not originally is. His for real name was Gerry Dorsey. He adopted the long Engelbert moniker with Release Me. Engelbert Humperdinck was the name of an older German composer.

Engelbert is still working today. He has 17 concerts arranged.

Another famous singer of love songs in the 1960’s and thereafter was Tom  Jones. Fierce competitors. Jones reportedly disliked Engelbert vehemently for some reason.

Both great performers.

I finally went out to dinner last night. My surgery recovery has kept me in.

Dined at A & B Lobster House with my dear Greek friends Theos and Dina Markos. They had arrived for their annual visit yesterday from Greece. They were Greeks bearing gifts. Brought me many.

I still am without teeth. My dinner consisted of Lobster Bisque. As usual, outstanding. No alcohol. My drinking days are over. It was a Diet Pepsi for me.

I watched Theos and Dina enjoy their meals. I complained not.

Great people! We frequently keep in touch during the year. Theos reads the blog every day. 

I have spent much time in Greece. Greek women are special in that they care for their men in strange ways. Most women do. Greek women show it. It impresses me that Dina cuts her food and shares it with Theos. Directly into his mouth and on his plate.

We plan on getting together more during their stay.

There is a line between civil disobedience and lawlessness. Campuses belong to the universities, not the students.

I am bothered that I hear no concern by the protesters for the Jews initially killed, brutally, and those taken hostage on October 7. Palestinians are not the only ones who have been victimized.

The students fail to take into account that Palestinians lets Hamas run Gaza for 20 years.

Let all the facts be discussed. Not selectively as the student protesters have been doing.

In the last 24 hours, police have become significantly involved on the campuses of Columbia, UCLA, Dartmouth, Texas University, Tulane, Fordham and City College of New York.

Properly so.

A new recommended cure for sciatica pain. A banana a day. Sort of like an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

Trump supports Presidential immunity. Covers his ass! On the other hand, he wants to prosecute Biden. Doesn’t make sense. But then not much Trump articulates does make sense.

Trump knocks Biden every opportunity he can. Even where the charges against Biden are false.

Trump forgets what he says today comes back to hit him in the face tomorrow.

Trump has difficulty pronouncing certain words. Like “America,” “Hamas,” and now ‘infrastructure.” He also mixes up Joe Biden with Barack Obama.


The Studios of Key West. A big evening tonight. The Studios’ Opening Thursday of the Month. Three floors of art. Followed by a drink at the rooftop bar to conclude a pleasant evening. Six to eight.

Abortion and limitations thereto resemble a scenario where women’s bodies increasingly belong to the State. Wrong! A no no! Women’s rights re being decimated! Wake up men!  You are contributing to a violent wrong! By permitting such legislation to pass! Time to protect the ladies again!

Key West Hospital updating. The Lower Keys Medical Center has completed renovations to its cardiac catherization lab.

I hope the renovation is well done. I recently had three heart surgeries  at Mount Saini in Miami. Spent five weeks there.

Sunday I had a bad chest pain experience. I am being scheduled for a heart catherization in Key West to see if something is amiss.

Time to call people what they are. Those who claim “voter fraud” are not skeptics. They are “ignorant.”

Trump is beginning it again. Says he will only accept 2024 election results “if everything is honest.”

Republican Senator Vance of Ohio is being considered to be Trump’s running mate. Amazing how a worm turns. Vance said in a TV interview recently that he is “skeptical” Vice Presidnet Pence’s life was endangered.

He wasn’t watching the same TV I was. Perhaps because he was right in the Capitol and heard and saw everything going on first hand. Now he is reflecting the typical political whore and Trump ring kisser by denying Pence was in danger of death.

Enjoy your day!



  1. A significant number of students at Columbia University here in NYC are Jewish, yet zero part of the protest is pro Isreal.

    Today CNN reports that NYPD says roughly half of the protests arrested at these Columbia U are not affiliated with the school or with CCNY either.

    Lou, this is a politically organized effort – when will you, and everybody else acknowledge this?

  2. You say “Trump is beginning it again. Says he will only accept 2024 election results “if everything is honest.”

    But the truth is Trump will ONLY allow himself to determine if everything was honest.

    We know hoe that goes, already!

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