The surge is on. In ascendency. Not yet having reached its high.

The country is in trouble.

Biden is speaking to the issue tonight on national television.

The problem is real. Some medics are unabashedly saying…..Get vaccinated or die! Dramatic, yet will be true for many people.

Data the past few weeks shows red counties are swamped with COVID cases, many in the hospital, and a number dying. Whereas, the blue counties have been experiencing low surges with fewer hospitalizations and significantly fewer dying.

The blue counties success is attributable to Democrats being more prone to get vaccinated. Whereas, the Republican red counties don’t believe in the shots.

My booster shot time was in November. I got it. I am a believer.

My first two shots were Moderna. It was advertised by Moderna that only a half shot of Moderna was required as a booster. Pfizer and other vaccine producers said the whole shot.

Moderna claimed the post injection ill affect would be significantly less or not at all with the half dose. A full Moderna dose was not required.

It was possible to switch to Pfizer for the booster.

I spoke with my doctor and he said not to worry. Ok to go with Moderna’s half dose.

I did.

Now a surge upon us. I am sorry I did not go with the Pfizer booster.

Trump continues his lying ways.

He spoke before a Dallas crowd of his people sunday night. He proudly claimed he had received his booster shot. The crowd booed him. He then went on to tell the crowd that he saved 10 million lives because of the way he had the three major vaccines developed during his administration.

His claim would never survive a fact check.

Governor DeSantis another two face.

He was asked in an interview this weekend if he had received a booster shot. He hemmed and hawed. Asked a second time, he continued to avoid responding.

A clear indication that he had his ass covered with all 3 shots at the same time that he has been down playing the use of vaccines. A whore!

The DOW dropped 433 points yesterday. Economist attribute the drop to what the business world believes will be omicron’s impact on the world’s economy and the shelving of Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

Recall how Trump yelled and screamed about the need for the border wall. Billions were appropriated to build it. Very little was built.

The metal polls sit in neat piles along the border. Unused. Recall also that Trump took some of the wall money and sent it to Afghanistan to help their war effort.

It was announced over the weekend that “Trump’s big border wall” now is a “pile of rusty steel.”

Trump has brought his second suit against New York’s Attorney General to have the civil lawsuit against him thrown out. He tried earlier in the year when the court said he had no grounds and dismissed his case.

Trump has come up with new grounds. I am not sure what.The case has been filed in Federal Court in the Northern Dictrict of New York in Albany. I assume for jurisdictional reasons since the Attorney General’s official office is located in the State Capital in Albany.

If the new case is not thrown out of court for legal reasons, a motion will be made by the Attorney General to move the trial to New York City.

There is a rule in the law referred to as “for the convenience of witnesses.” If a large number of witnesses in a case live many miles from where the case was sued, the court on application made will move the case to a venue where it will be easier for the witnesses to attend.

Tuesday again. Time for my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick moving half hour.

Join me. My Manchin comments alone are worth the time.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Texas is attempting to build the wall since the biden admin won’t. The rusted pile of steel has been asked for by Texas however the biden admin refuses to allow Texas access to it. So, it appears it will continue to rust.

    • Which is, as Lou said “Trump’s big border wall” now is a “pile of rusty steel.” Thanks for repeating Lou’s words for us that didn’t get that on our own!

      Now if “Texas” ever actually get’s around to rebuilding the wall with this “pile of rust” then please get back to us with that information, instead of trying to provide cover to a failed president who didn’t do what he said he was going to do, or the state of Texas, who has only promised to build a wall out of a pile of rust created from parts of a wall Trump did build that fell down and is now a pile of rust.

  2. Seems to me Trump was building the wall and biden put the stop to it. None of the wall fell down. The panels, which were once new, were stock piled as you do when building such things. The stock piles are still sitting waiting to be used. Since the biden admin refuses to allow access to those panels maybe our next President in 2024 will use them for their intended purpose.

    • Trump said he would build a wall, not start a wall, much of the wall that was built. According to the BBC, there was 654 Miles or some sort of barrier. When he left office there was 669 Miles of barrier. Much of what Trump did during his time in office was replacing existing barriers. However no one in their eight mind would suggest this is anywhere near his original promise and no one, except someone like you, who will ignore any kind of reality to cover for Trump, dare try and make this any kind of success.

      No wonder Biden put a stop to it. You go Joe!

      There are all kinds of stories and even YouTube videos about various parts of the wall falling down. Do your homework. Stop twisting any lying about stuff.

      You are defending the “pile of rust” with excuses that are irrelevant and maybe even wrong, in your one man desperate attempt to make this all Bidens fault. NO IT IS NOT.

      Trump said he’d build a glorious wall, he didn’t. Biden put a stop to Trumps project and will in the end probably with more and better border protection (including more wall than Trump built) than anything Trump did – and for far less money.

      But we the readers of Lou’s blog jave to, once again, listen to your lies and distortions and cover stories for what just about every human on earth knows was the worst president America has ever had.

      • Don’t forget “repeal and replace DAY ONE” with something better.
        Trump is truly the consummate snake oil salesman and sales were good.

  3. Joe Biden is a kid sniffing pedo. According to his daughters diary, he often showered WITH her when she was a pre-teen. Creep needs to be jailed and railed.

  4. You don’t have to believe it. Simply refer to the leaked diary entries she made (you can find it online now) It’s the same diary the FBI just raided an journalist organization to retrieve. It’s all legit and it’s all coming out. Joe’s a pedo perv who belongs in the slammer, getting slammed.

  5. Of course this is not true and everybody knows it. This is from what Project Veritas claims is from a stolen diary of his daughter form when she would have been 3 or 4 years old. It stinks, but not from what it is suppose to be about, rather from the jerk who posted it here and the people (Republicans) who will do just about anything to try and smear Biden.

    James O’Keefe is the jerk behind Project Veritas. They’re the same group behind the Hunter Biden stolen laptop nonsense

    This is the crap you get when jerks are allowed to post on Lou’s site.

  6. He then went on to tell the crowd that he saved 10 million lives because of the way he had the three major vaccines developed during his administration

    LOL, Dr. Donald Trump PhD (piled high & deep)

  7. Biden just gave Trump much well deserved credit for the vaccine being available in record time. Recall Biden being vaccinated a month before he took office.

  8. There isn’t much that biden has ever been right about, but, his vax was on TV for the world to see as is his recent praise of Trump.

  9. ….oooops, made a mistake.

    I can’t exactly accuse him about lying all the time and then when it suits me (like praising Trump for something) claim he’s telling the truth. More than likely he was lying about praising trump, in a way to suck up or something.

    Oh hell, I don’t know what I’m talking about, except I know Biden always lies about everything.

    I mean I right, right? even when I’m wrong, right?

    Jesus, I’m Patrick!

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