Joe Manchin’s appearance on FOX yesterday clearly identified who he is: Judas. His FOX appearance solidified the type of person he is.

Judas was not the only thought that came to mind. It was Manchin’s Gethsemane. The poor man suffered so much as he explained his position.

Manchin’s “suffering” should not have been for himself. Rather the American people who he denied of a political package that would have made American lives dramatically better.

The time has come for a change in the COMMENTS portion of this blog. It has been coming for quite a while.

Effective immediately all Comments will require the name and e-mail address of the sender. Anonymous does not work anymore. Too many off handed, disgusting, personal attacks. Not on me so much. But on each other. Not by all Commenters, but the few toilet tongued.

The COVID shots turned out to be not as effective as we thought. The vaccines not yet a cure all. However, better than nothing. Note that the present surge has more people remaining at home to recover and its impact significantly less than before the vaccines.

Christmas will not be as thought. The omicron surge has people running to be tested. Properly so. Many planned large family get togethers. Many will be cancelled because of the new COVID fear.

Caution is the rule for the Christmas holiday.

The fight to survive continues. New York and Massachusetts are two states where the virus has or is on the verge of becoming overwhelming.

New York’s Mayor De Blasio is still Mayor. His term does not end till December 31. Blasio announced yesterday that “New York needs help now.”

Massachusetts is in the midst of the surge. Massachusetts epidemiologists are concerned with the timing of Biden’s address to the nation tuesday concerning the surge. A group announced yesterday that “Tuesday is too late.”

It’s that bad!

My stay at home joy yesterday was the final round of the PNC Championship.

My primary interest were Tiger and his 12 year old son Charlie. The father an established star. His son giving every evidence of being his Dad some day. In many respects, already. The kid can hit, putt and has a good iron game. On occasion, he saved a bad shot by his father.

Tiger is on his way back. Will he totally make it? Don’t know. He was very good. He and Charlie came in second, 2 strokes behind John Daly and his son. However, he rode rather than walk. His right leg difficulty was obvious on occasion. Recall 10 months ago, doctors were considering an amputation.

New York Times sports writer Kurt Streeter described Charlie in his column published last night. Charlie is “Tiger’s mini-me.”

John Daly can still hit the ball. He and his son John won the tournament.

Daly calls his son Little John.

Little John is 18 and a freshman at Arizona University.

He played like a pro. Did it all, including dropping some very long putts.

He wants to be a pro golfer. Finishing college first. A smart kid.

My hand is still killing me. Even sleep difficult. I hope the pill works. Today is only the third day I will have taken it.

Enjoy your day!

29 comments on “JUDAS ON FOX

  1. Folks just need to pay attention. The vaccine was never going to be able to eliminate this virus. Now there are finally some starting to realize that.

    Manchin is doing what his state wants and is doing the right thing. Read the bill, its just plain crazy.

  2. The “vaccine” was never going to work with people who will not take it and the virus will not be eliminated in any society until enough people are uneffected by it, meaning those inoculated or those that die from it and can no longer pazz it on.

    Stop with the Joe Manchin is doing what his state wants, that’s not actually true, and grapple with the FACT that 100% or all Republicans are voting against the Build Back Better bill, including those who are representing states that like and support that bill?

    • Andy, as always, you’re wrong. Manchin has a 61% approval rating in WV amongst registered voters.. his voters, his constituency. He was elected by the voters of WV to carry out their will. Not yours.
      He’ll likely be the next democrat presidential nominee. I advise you to stop bashing him now, because you’ll be singing his praises in 2024. You don’t want to be a hypocrite now, do you?

      • Please keep up the nonsense about Manchin becoming the 2024 Democrat presidential candidate, It makes you look like the idiot of the year.

      • So Manchin is now saying openly, that the reason he would vote against the BBB bill, is NOT because the people in his home state don’t want it, but rather because of “inexcusable” treatment by the White House staff.

        Poor guy got HIS feelings hurt, screw is constituents – that’s the real story.

        So much for your stupid argument Will, apparently you just make this stuff up and then insist you are right with no fact or understanding what is really going on whatsoever.

    • I’ll bet Lou is really happy he let you persuade him to change his policy and require everyone now use their real name and email address.

      I am sure he feels you know what you are talking about, even more now!

      Always the brown nose, eh?

      err… how stupid you look, yet again!

  3. We need an ID to legally drive, purchase alcohol or tobacco and now a vax card to fly, enter certain buildings etc, yet, nothing is supposed to be required to vote. Makes perfect sense to me.

    • What do you mean, nothing required to vote? Why are you twisting things.

      Voter registration is requires and it sure seems to work just fine, there is very little proven voter fraud despite political nonsense from Republicans.

      You seem to be trying out the entiref right wing Republican laundry list of issues lately, why don’t you get you own blog in stead of hijacking Lou’s blog for your own nerrosis.

      I doubt many people reading this blog even bother to read your dribble.

        • 100% of all states, in all counties and all districts require voters to be registered to vote. Only those registered to vote are allow to actually vote.

          Using the current system there is nearly 0 (Zero) verifiable voting fraud regardless of any faux Republican hysteria on the subject

          • The voter ID thing is another GOP type distraction. It is sad they find it necessary to perpetuate the “stolen or fraudulent election” nonsense. You are correct, voter registration is required.

  4. Well, nothing has changed. The contents/responses of this blog are the same.
    I don’t know how Lou can put up with this nonsense.
    Patrick above is not Patrick. It doesn’t take much to figure that out though.

  5. Patrick has no clothes.

    His “psuedo” friends, Will, Don, Fred, Sandy, Ferdinand, Steve and the others are all the same. Their obsession with spending any time here on Lou’s blog says it all.and proves, with out any doubt, how absolutely desperate and pathetic these losers really are.

    Get a life azz-holes,

  6. Effective immediately all Comments will require the name and e-mail address of the sender.

    Lou, I called for that years ago. Bravo.

  7. How come “Will (laugh)” always attacks the poster when he gets caught with wrong facts or information, instead of answering or apologizing for his bullsh*t? It’s a cheap tactic for those who are primarily dishonest and deceitful.

    • You claimed in sever different posts, here on Lou’s blog, that Joe Manchin scuttled the BBB bill because he was only doing what the people of West Virginia wanted, yet several places, including Reuters is reporting that the coal miners’ union in WV has strongly urged him to support that legislation. That seems to me to be the people (at least in part) of Virginia wanting the bill pazzed. As a Coal Mine owner, Manchin appears to have voted is OWN interests instead.

      You claimed in sever different posts, that Joe Manchin scuttled the BBB bill because he was only doing what the people of West Virginia wanted, yet he (Joe Manchin) himself said on “Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval,” a West Virginia radio show, that he himself (Joe Manchin) broke off negotiations and announced he wouldn’t support the Build Back Better Act because the White House disrespected him.

      These are just two instances where you got it wrong, either because you don’t know what you are talking about, didn’t do your home work, or outright lied just to make a political point.

      I believe you owe Lou and his readers an apology for “being wrong” here.

      • Over 60% of WV voters are against BBB. Anyone with any sense would be. A representative should vote as his/her voters wish. That is how the system should work.

        • I would agree with you about how our politicians should vote for what his/her voters wish. But then why are you also NOT talking about 100% of all Republicans NOT voting for this, regardless of what their voters want and only talking about Joe Manchin’s vote?

          And by the way, can you please tell us where you get your data about WV voters NOT wanting the BBB bill pazzed? I can’t seem to find any legitimate reporting on that.

  8. Now several polls show that 70-75% of WV is against BBB. Good.

    We weren’t talking about 100% of republicans, we were talking about WV and Joe Manchin.

    The system is supposed to work in a certain way, however, it doesn’t. Thats another discussion.

  9. Will, I know who we are talking about, but I can NOT substantiate what your are saying, not just the 70-75 % figure, but the 65% figure you previously quoted.

    I have asked that you please tell us all where you are getting your data?

    BTW – YOU may have only been talking about Joe Manchin, I was asking why you were NOT talking about any Republicans, of which many were not voting for what their constituents wanted. I think that was clear, why are you avoiding my question.

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