Biden was outstanding last night in his State of the Union Address. His performance proves once again he was and is the right person for President at this time. COVID and the Ukraine war adversely affected the U.S. and the world. Inflation one of the biggest, if not the biggest, negative.

The American people have to straighten out. Open their eyes and recognize what has happened. A significant number fail to see and understand what has occurred.

COVID and the Ukraine war, COVID especially, changed things. It is a different world today. We must accept and adapt.

I watch the American public being interviewed on TV. Young and old sing the same tune. They’re not happy with Biden. Biden for all his successes has an overall disapproval rating of 52 percent. His Democratic Party disapproval 64 percent. These people buy the MAGA lies. Criticize Biden incorrectly for failing to cross the line and try to be partisan. They insist they do not “feel” the successes of which he speaks, etc. Claim all they hear are numbers.

The problem is them, not Biden. They sound like they want everything for nothing. Babies needing to be spoon fed.

The Biden dissidents must grow up! We live in a new world. Biden saved our asses.

I ask a Reagan question in a bit of an inverted fashion: Are we better off under Biden than we would be under Trump?

The answer speaks for itself. No competition.

Deaths continue to mount in Turkey and Syria. The number of dead 11,000 plus and rising.


Jimmy Buffett showed his true colors when he opted to do a show for locals saturday and monday nights at the Key West Theater. The expensive Amphitheater shows are thursday and saturday.

Syracuse plays Florida State tonight at 7 at Florida State. Syracuse 14-10, Florida State 8-16. Syracuse a mere 2.5 point favorite. Understandable the way Syracuse has been playing.

I will miss most of the game. I am having dinner with some guys at 6 at La Te Da, several of whom are Syracuse grads. If Syracuse were having a great season, we would have been at Jack Flats watching the game. What a difference a season makes!

Enjoy your day!



  1. I have to agree with you Lou about President Joe Biden and his State of the Union speech, last night. This guy might not be the most exciting President, we’ve ever had, but he sure is doing a good job at it. And beyond what he’s accomplished so far, he has brought back some respect and stability to the office, to our country and to politics itself.

    What is with Republicans today? They can’t claim to be the “adults” in the room any more, can they! Talk about fringe with no ideas and no interest in governing.

    • Ahhhhhhhh, of course it is, both literally and figuratively. Isn’t that the point of Lou’s blog anyhow?

      Why would you even ask that?

  2. The polls were wrong during the 2022 midterm elections, almost always showing the Republicans ahead in any race.

    This was undoubtedly because there is an entire Republican industry out there focused on “stuffing” any and every poll out there to hopefully public opinion and elections. This is, no doubt why Biden is shown as far less popular than he really is.

    Republicans can’t win honestly and have developed all kinds of way to cheat.

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