The itch has begun. To leave/escape my home. Now that I have my first shot, I know the end of quarantine is near.

This morning Willie Nelson has been running through my head. Probably his most famous it: On The Road Again.

The first two lines fit my mental state perfectly: On the road again / I just can’t wait to get on the road again.

Three to four weeks from now.

COVID-19. Problems continue in Miami-Dade County.  Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami has expanded vaccine eligibility to those “at risk”  16 and up. No note from a doctor will be required to state the “at risk” condition. The note was causing too much confusion. Ergo, eliminated.

Chaos continues in Miami. Jackson Memorial Hospital an example again. Too many people showing up for shots. They are “eligible residents.” However being turned away because insufficient vaccine shots are available.

The problem for Miami ineligibles is that they are not  as the rich who live on Ocean Reef. Political contributions talk with the DeSantis administration.

The vaccine shot problem continues throughout Florida. The right hand does not appear to know what the left is doing.

I had to wait 2 months. Signed up twice at 2 different places. Still took an eternity to be called. I qualified with the first batch of eligibles at 85.

I received my first shot 2/27. My second is scheduled for 3/27. I waited roughly 2 months for the first shot on 2/27.

A process involved finally caught up with me today. I received a telephone call. From a pleasant lady who was calling on behalf of the State to schedule my first appointment.

Computers make information and data easy to keep up with. Obviously Florida is doing things half assed backwards and the process is not working effectively.

We are taught from day 1 in school that Columbus discovered America. The year also, 1492. Both facts never forgotten.

We learned a few years later in school that America is named after Amerigo Vespucci. Though I have wondered occasionally why not Christopher Columbus since he was the first to discover the New World.

The matter arises this day because it was on this day in 1512 Vespucci died. A bit of research was in order.

No question, it is from Vespucci’s first name Amerigo that America is derived.

There is also no question Columbus discovered the New World before Vespucci.

Vespucci made several trips to the New World. The first questionable and always referred to as “alleged.” That trip was 1497-1498. His further voyages 1499-1500, 1501-1502 and 1503-1504.

On his next to last trip in 1501, Vespucci landed in Brazil. He realized that Brazil and all the other New World lands he had visited were not islands. They were continents.

Which brings us to “why” America instead of Columbia for the hemispheres and the U.S.

In 1507, 2 men published An Introduction to Cosmography together with an accompanying map.

The Introduction was written in Latin. One of its authors was Ringman. He wrote that the name of the New World should be derived from that of Amerigo, discoverer and sagacious genius. The suitable name should be Land of Amerigo, or America, since Europe and Asia had received women’s names.

The Introduction was a great success. Four printings almost immediately. Considered as the Bible for New World voyages. The name America stuck.

Donald Trump has always been a popular figure in New York City. It does not appear any longer.

Trump returned to New York City sunday night at 9. Alone. I assume Melania in Florida.

When he arrived at Trump Tower, only one supporter was present. The sole supporter had company, however. A significant number of protesters who “attacked” the building. The protesters called for Thump’s arrest monday morning. Signs were carried stating “Florida Man Go home,” “Indict Trump,” and “Arrest Trump.”

Oh, how his popularity has waned. What goes around comes around. The best Thomas Wolfe’s adage,  “You can’t go home again.”

Trump was to leave today to return to Florida.

Today a big day in American history! On this day in 1959, the Barbie Doll made its debut. Still going strong in 2021.

A woman was behind the Barbie Doll. Ruth Handler. She had co-founded Mattel, Inc. together with her husband in 1945.

How did Ruth get involved? Note, Ruth purchased the rights to Barbie Doll. It had been in existence before. The first doll was named Lilli. created by another person. Lilli was modeled after a German comic strip character.

Lille was first marketed as a racy gag gift to adult men in tobacco shops. Lilli became more popular with children than adult men.

Ruth noticed that her young daughter ignored her baby dolls to play make believe with paper dolls of adult women.

Mattel began sponsoring  the Mickey Mouse Club TV program in 1955. After acquiring the rights to Lilli, Mattel began advertising Barbie directly to children via the Mickey Mouse Club.

By 1961, Barbie Doll had become so popular that a boy friend Ken was added.

Barbie Doll and the other members of her family have been accepted world wide. In excess of 1 billion Barbie dolls have been.

Barbie dolls are not cheap. Most family members sell for excessive amounts. A few are cheap. Overall however, many dolls sell today in the $60 range, new or used.

As I was printing this piece, a question arose in my mind. Why did Ruth notice her daughter was attracted to an adult looking doll rather than the normal baby doll? Could it have been that young kids are daily exposed to adults rather than babies? Ergo that would be what they wanted to play with. My observation. I could be wrong.

A border crisis is developing. In the 48 days Biden has been President. It was to be expected. Biden promised the immigrants would be let in. They believed him. He also said give me time, we are not ready for you yet. They have not given him time. Ergo, the problem.

No one is perfect. He is not a Donald Trump (said with tongue in cheek). He requires more time to get a handle on the problem. In January of this year, 78,000 immigrants tried to get into the U.S. illegally. Seventy eight thousand is double the numbs that tried to enter one year earlier in January 2020.

At this time, 4 thousand a day are trying to gain entry to the U.S. illegally. Many child en. Some of the youngest are not accompanied by an adult.

The White House presently in a quandary as how to deal with the problem expeditiously and fairly. It is expected that the number of immigrants overall will increase by 45 percent since Trump’s last year in office.

Biden’s people deny there is a “crisis.” Refer to the problem as a “challenge.” Three to four thousand a day is not a challenge. Definitely a crisis.

A possible solution is to react to the problem as was done in some areas when coronavirus became overwhelming. Get the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to “overnight” build proper living facilities which also should be operated by sensitive persons rather than the buffoons Trump relied on.

Not as an excuse, but rather a fact of life. Biden has only been in office 47 days. Give him time and your support.

Tonight, tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

Interesting and fun. Join me for a quick moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!





22 comments on “SOON…..ON THE ROAD AGAIN

  1. Is it really that hard to understand the border crisis?
    Biden removed the obstacles containing the border crossings and then did nothing to contain the resulting surge. It’s not that hard to understand.

    What is hard to understand is the compliant and complicit media not covering this crisis.

    Note: The word Biden, means, the people around him. Biden is being run by a gaggle of unelected policy makers. I’ll be proved wrong when Biden finally appears and answers questions that are given to him unrehearsed and with no monitor or earpiece to give him answers.

    • Joe Biden is the first President in four decades to reach this point in his term without holding a formal question and answer session. The excuse that he is “too busy” is wearing very thin. Yesterday, during remarks honoring two female generals, he couldn’t remember the name of the Pentagon or the name of his Secretary of Defense.

      There are obvious signs that Biden is not mentally or physically able to perform Presidential duties. If this is true, then who is the decision making authority in the White House? And when will the public learn about it?

  2. Hi Lou, Ken here. We live up the Hudson a little and had no problem getting a shot, no problem except we had to fly back from Florida a little early to get the shot last month. My wife and I are both 76 and they notified us, so we made an appointment and came back early. Had our second shots last week. When we were in Florida it was a total mess, I don’t know how anyone can defend that fool DeSantis. Everything about him is crooked, but then Scott was bad too. People complain about Cuomo, but he ain’t the crook like DeSantis.

  3. We’ve been thru the Columbus thing before. He was never in what is the United States on any of his trips.
    The Vikings established colonies in the 9th century in Greenland and eastern Canada into Maine.
    Others followed shortly after.

  4. Florida is doing well regarding Covid shots. Over 50% of the people in our 4 or 5 surrounding counties are vaccinated.

  5. During Columbus’ 4 trips to central America he captured and took at least 1500 natives to Spain which were sold as slaves.
    Columbus was not a nice guy.

  6. The left reached Peak Wokeness on Monday when the New York Times got Pepé Le Pew fired from an upcoming Space Jam movie. That Le Pew is a cartoon character did not spare him any more than it spared Dumbo and Peter Pan from being placed on the adult content section of Disney+.

    This incessant attack on normal by this self-righteous mob of entitled victims is exhausting. I can barely keep up with who was canceled. And the attack on normal is literal.

  7. Zero Hedge reported, “After bumbling through a public appearance last week – at one point mumbling ‘What am I doing here?’ while forgetting the names of key Democrats, the President of the United States on Monday couldn’t remember the name of the Pentagon, or his own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin — who spoke minutes before Biden took the stage to offer remarks during International Women’s Day.”

    His was not a senior moment.

    He is living in a senior decade.

    Deer caught in headlights show more animation.

  8. Fox reported, “The publisher of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s book on leadership during the coronavirus pandemic said Monday it has paused active support of the title due to a federal investigation of his administration’s handling of the state’s nursing home crisis, according to a report.

    “Cuomo has faced mounting calls to resign in recent weeks following revelations that New York significantly underreported the number of covid19 deaths at nursing homes. Bipartisan criticism intensified after several former members of Cuomo’s administration accused the governor of sexual harazzment.

    “Sales of Cuomo’s book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic, have noticeably declined in recent weeks as scrutiny of the governor intensified.”

    Do tell.

  9. Don S. is a known troll on Lou’s blog, now using a different name. Hates Cuomo and will hammer him at any time, for reasons he has and will overlook by other governors (Desantis) or even Donald Trump.

    “Don S.” has no interest in honesty or fairness. He is strictly a repeater of right wing media memes, no matter how far out they might be.

    • Another tiring “blog police” posting trying to divert the attention from the i$$ues. Let there be free speech and open discu$$ion! I agree with Don!

    • “Don S.” is a former employee of Coumo’s, who was fired for lying under oath. He apparently has a axe to grind and can’t be trusted.

  10. Yes, Don S is one of the very few here that actually know what the heck is going on in this country.

    The majority here are absolutely clueless.

  11. Biden has been on the wrong side of every issue for 47 years. Why would that change now. Plus his dementia is becoming full blown, he has no idea where he is let alone what he is doing or saying.

  12. Don S. is the only one who knows what he’s talking about. Don S. is the ONLY one who speaks the truth on Lou’s Blog.

    • That’s not true, there are many other who speak the truth besides Don S., although he IS the best. There’s Thomas J. and then Sandy too. Plus Rudy and Roger Stone. How about Jim Jones? all these guys are good and some others, many others speak the real truth.

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