Blame Godaddy! Not me! I just got things straightened out. My whole Key West Lou system was down.

It is late afternoon. This blog will be short.

Obama won! I am pleased. Whether you agree, I believe we will be better off as a Nation under his leadership than Romney’s.

Cooperation/aisle crossing are required. I do not know whether it will occur. Obama has to invite the boys over for a drink or two. Maybe play basketball with some of them. The Republicans have to understand compromise.

Between now and the end of the year will be a good indication of what the next four years will be like. Recall the budget deal made several months ago. There was something in it called sequestration. It is going to bite every one’s ass. Those of you that are deficit cutting crazy will be very satisfied. The deficit will be cut significantly. So will everything else.

I understand a northeaster is arriving up north. I figured as much. When I got up this morning, it was 65 degrees. Cold in Key West! There was a freezing breeze from the northwest. Whenever the northeast is buried with bad weather, we feel it here with a strong wind from the northwest.

The day time weather is fine. High 70s. Weather man says even worse tomorrow morning. Sixty two degrees. Makes for a 15 degree drop over two days.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I apologize for stressing every day this week the show. I moved broadcasting studios, however. I want to make sure every one can find me. I can be seen on television at Comcast Channel 87. Throughout the Keys. Elsewhere and world wide, I can be watched on the internet. Ten o’clock my time friday morning either way.

I have been sharing the show’s topics with you as I put them together this week. I worked on two new ones yesterday.

One involves a woman who drove around a stopped school bus. She did it by driving on the side walk. The Judge is making her carry a sign for two weeks telling the world how stupid she was.

The other involves a 15 year old Pakistani girl. I talked about her yesterday. However, I dug up some further information about her last night. The girl died from acid which was poured over her head and face by her mother. Her transgression: looking at boys. To a Muslim, an honor killing. This 15 year old was one of 943 such deaths in Pakistan in 2011.

Enough for today. I have to get ready to go out. Missed the election party last night. I have a need to be with people tonight.

Enjoy your day!

One comment on “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER…..

  1. “Obama has to invite the boys over for a drink or two.” I suggest Obama have the WH Chef cook up a grand feast, uncork the very best vino in the cellar, have Bruce Springsteen strum a few notes and then get the Repub leadership to cut a deal BOTH sides can live with as such. Nobody wins, except for the entire nation. Never happen I guess but we can dream as we sink.

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