Years ago, the Carpenters brought us We’ve Only Just Begun. The song’s title fits my reaction to January 6 and the attack on the Capitol.

Many of the insurgents probably participated in previous demonstrations. All kid stuff. The Capitol was major league.

So many things I want to write about. Share. I am going to set them forth in the order my mind releases them. No organization.

Several of the insurgents told police and others that they were going to take care of the pedophiles in the building. One insurgent was carrying a rope. I don’t know whether to merely tie some up or hang them.

Trump was to be the judge.

For some strange reason, many far right conservatives believe those of the leftist persuasion are pedophiles.

Recall the  picture of the man seated in Pelosi’s chair with a foot on the desk. He has been identified and arrested. Richard Barnett. He told whoever would listen to him that he scratched his balls while siting in her chair.

The group as a whole thought they were doing nothing wrong in gaining access to the building and doing the things they did. They believe in their cause. They are saving the nation and helping Trump to correct the election fraud perpetrated on him and the nation.

Many wore ID badges. Others were familiar from appearances or statements made with a photo on social media. No one appeared to want to prevent identification.

VOX on 1/8 carried an interesting comment: “Those who stormed the Capitol didn’t leave social media breadcrumbs for law enforcement to follow in the front doors – they left entire loaves of bread.”

There was a rather large white tent to the front of the crowd waiting for Trump to speak before they went down Constitution Avenue to deface and insult the nation’s legislative home. Their legislative home.

The white tent was enclosed on 3 sides. Many people in and under it.

Trump was waiting to do his thing.

Someone took a video of other persons standing in the back. A disgraceful video. Those videoed were laughing and joking like their sides were going to split.

Donald Jr. and Mark Meadows. Donald shouting into the camera what and how they were going to do what occurred an hour or two later. Meadows laughing big time behind him.

Trump’s girl friend Kimberly Guilfoyle took a prominent position. Formerly with FOX. She came into the camera’s view dancing and shimming to the quick music being played under the tent. She spoke into the camera as if she expected it to be seen by others. As it subsequently was. She said/shouted: “Have the courage! Fight!”

The Capitol’s invasion 2 hours away and the leaders of the event openly having fun. Sort of like in old Roman days in the Colesium. Everyone having a good time and joking, except of course those soon to be eaten by the lions.

Many far right groups participated in the attack. To name only two, Proud Boys and Neo-Nazis.

My impression at this point, before they marched to the Capitol: This is the start of a White Revolution. I saw no blacks. It was a blatant display of white privilege.

Trump comparable to Nero during the attack within the Capitol. As Nero played the violin while Rome burned, Trump was on the telephone with certain Senators pushing them to vote to overturn the election.

I do not agree with Pelosi’s desire to impeach Trump. He will be out of the White House in 11 days. There is insufficient time. The same for invoking Amendment 25.

Let nature take its course. The authorities will get them all, including Trump, in due course.

This is Trump’s last hurrah. It will extend over time till he gets arrested for a multitude of crimes. All at a time when a pardon will unquestionably be unavailable to him.

I find it amusing that Trump has been permanently suspended from tweeting. Such will hurt Trump more than anything else. He is going to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Trump’s legacy: He went out in a blaze of violence.

Enough of Trump and January 6 for today.

Coronavirus next on list list.

Monroe County has approximately 4,500 confirmed cases. Key West makes up 2,400 of that number.

Note that Key West continues to account for roughly half the cases. Nothing to be proud of. The number of cases represents the failure of the City and bar owners to keep tourists out. They brought the virus with them on their weekly jaunts to Key West.

I again congratulate Key West for its efforts over the New Year’s eve weekend. They finally stood up to the task and did a hell of a job enforcing the restrictions.

Syracuse plays Georgetown at 7. A very old rivalry. They fought hard against each other while Syracuse was in the Big East. Now they meet every 2 or 3 years to keep the rivalry alive.

Enjoy your day!

14 comments on “WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN…..

  1. I guess you did not see the heavy duty wooden gallows, complete with hangman’s noose, that the Trump mob erected on the Capitol steps. That had to have been planned ahead of time.

  2. Numerous sources are now reporting that Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, sponsored 80 busloads of “protesters” to Wednesday’s insurrection at the Capitol.

    Can you imagine the hand-wringing had RBG’s husband done anything like that

  3. A lot of people made predictions, some on this blog, how Trump’s final actions could/would play out. Michael Cohen got everything right, apologist and small “L” liberation know it all, John Galt, did not.

      • Google says, a “small l libertarian” is basically a right wing Republican (not conservative) with not enough spine or fortitude to declare him/her-self of any real political beliefs or ideology, but would rather criticize and complain about everyone else’s beliefs, in fear of accountability. Usually pompous and often self unaware, yet willing to lecture anyone he/she comes into contact with on his/hers own interpretation of the US Constitution.

        • So you actually meant “libertarian”, and not “liberation”?

          Well, I did look it up, and the Google definitions don’t come close to the definition you posted here. The most common entry on Google says “The only meaningful difference between a “small-L” libertarian and a “big-L” Libertarian is that a “big-L” Libertarian is a member of the Libertarian Party”

          The definition posted here by you is obviously made up by you to incorrectly identify and smear a small number of voters who had virtually no impact on the recent general election and who have no elected members in the House or Senate or Cabinet or any other significant governmental position.

          What is your problem?

  4. Hey Lou, yesterday’s Tallahazzee newspaper ran a very good article on how Florida’s Covid vaccine distribution went so haywire. Good read, mostly detailing incompetence and a lack of any real plan.

  5. I heard if Trump was to get impeached – proceedings could go beyond his term – he’ll lose his pension, secret service, and can not run for a political office. True or not?

  6. It’s only a “coup” if it comes from the “coup d’état” region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling white terrorism.

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