Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. By the cone. Free all day all over the U.S.

More than 1 if you are so inclined.

Ben and Jerry’s has been doing this one day free be for several years. For a couple of reasons. One to say thank you to their customers. The other to introduce non Ben and Jerry’s customers to the product.

Free cone day in Key West is at Ben and Jerry’s,  124 Duval Street. Free scoops from noon to 8.

Ah, last night! A pleasant one.

Got a late start. Close to 7. Went directly to the Chart Room. John bartending.

Kevin and Holly back. They were gone for 3 months. They wasted no time while away. Visited Ireland. Another country also, I believe. I cannot recall which.

Mary at the bar. Had not seen Mary in a while. Interesting lady to talk with.

Left about 8:30. Wanted to be home in time for the Virginia/Texas Tech game at 9:20. Stopped at Dion’s on the way for chicken.

The Dion’s chicken was good. As always. The game even better.

I thought Texas Tech would win. Wasn’t happening. Behind a lot during the game. Texas put it together near the end when it had to. The game ended in a tie.

At that point, I fell asleep. Never saw the overtime. Woke at 2 and hurried to the computer to see who pulled it out.

Virginia, 85/77.

Congratulations to Virginia. What I like the most is that last night will be the high point in each Virginia player’s life, no matter how long they live.

They achieved big time! Few have the opportunity.

Weather report today interesting. Going to rain off and on. Will be warm.

Key West weather has been warm for a couple of months. Low 80’s generally.Not humid. Comfortable. Evenings in mid 70’s, yet cool. sleep with the window open.

Weather man says it will change today and tonight. Humid.

Burmese Pythons always a Florida story. One million plus live in Florida.

The State has acknowledged that it let the python problem get out of hand. Instead of eradicating them when they began to pop up, Florida did nothing. When it was determined several years ago that the population exceeded 1 million, the State said eradication impossible. We can only hope to contain their growth.

So far, all activities to contain have yielded insignificant results.

Last week,  scientists captured a 17 foot long Burmese python. Yes, Florida is hiring scientists to assist in discovering a way to kill large numbers off.

The python was captured in Big Cypress National Preserve. A swampland west of Miami. One of the largest ever captured. Weighed 140 pounds. Pregnant. Carried 73 developing eggs.

The python was captured via a new and different approach. Radio transmitters were attached to some male pythons. During breeding season, the males are easily able to find female pythons for sex. The radio transmitter on the male tells the scientists where the females are. They swiftly go forth and kill the female.

Burmese pythons are not native to the U.S. They are native to Southeast Asia.

So, how did they get to Florida?

Pythons began appearing in the Everglades in the 1980’s. It is assumed python pet owners disposed of their pythons in the Everglades when they wanted to get rid of them.

Sex big with pythons. They propagate.

Still not a humongous problem, however. The big problem occurred during 1992 Hurricane Andrew. A category 5. Did a number to the Homeland area.

Somewhere in Andrew’s pathway was a python breeding facility. The facility was blown away. The pythons who survived got a free ride. One way or another, they ended up in the Everglades.

Some have been discovered in the Keys. Northern Keys primarily. A few mid-Keys. Two or three made it to Key West.

We want no more.

Oh, did we learn! Recycle! We listened. We complied. Learned how to and did separate garbage from recyclables. Companies like Waste Management gave us a huge and different colored container to put the recyclables in. Garbage collectors like Waste Management constructed huge recycling facilities.

Recyclables no longer a big deal. It was a moneymaker for everyone. Cheaper collection fees to homeowners, additional fees to garbage collectors, more money to those who recycled recyclables into usable materials which were then sold to manufacturers who needed them.

No more.

China was the biggest customer of U.S. garbage collectors. They have plants all over China to recycle. Until a year ago. China got out of the recycling business. Trump’s tariff war contributed. Though not a cause, the tariff wars accelerated the end of Chinese recycling plants.

In many parts of the U.S., recyclables are going directly into the landfill along with the garbage.

Trump is a nasty man. No one has to tell you. It is obvious.

He has the bad habit of making up names to call adversaries and people with whom he does not agree.

Most recently, Congressman Jerry Nadler. Nadler is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Nadler a big man. One time fat. Had bi pass surgery several years ago. Thinner, but not all the way.

Trump has begun calling Nadler Fat Jerry.

Trump should talk. Trump is huge! Much heavier than Nadler. A pot calling the kettle black situation.

Trump needs to beware. Someone is going to retaliate and call him Fat Ass or Fat Donald.

Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

A return to Pope Francis, the Vatican, and homosexuality. Touched on it yesterday. A bit more added today.

Francis called for the recent synod to deal with the rampant homosexuality in the Vatican and Catholic Church generally.

He got shot down by a certain powerful group of Cardinals.

James Alison is an openly gay priest highly respected for his theological writings on the subject. He said, “It’s the revenge of the closet! It’s the vengeance of the closet.” Alison went on to say that the homosexual Cardinals “in the closet” declared war on Francis who was encouraging gays to “come out of the closet.”

Luigi Gioia, an Italian Benedictine monk, describes why the homosexual Cardinals turned on Francis: “For a homosexual, the Church appears to be a stable structure…..that’s one of the explanations for the fact that many homosexuals chose the priesthood…..Francis by wanting to reform it, made the structure unstable for closeted homosexual priests. That’s what explains their violent reaction and their hatred for him. They’re scared.”

Today is tuesday. Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a quick moving half hour. I touch on interesting topics.

Enjoy your day!


  1. A reason China quit taking in American recyclings is that there was too much contamination. They accepted up to 25% contamination but when it reached 40% they said “no more American garbage”.

  2. The problem with catching pythons is that they don’t move very much. They catch something to eat and then lay still in hiding until they get hungry again which could be days. The only other time they move around is when they are looking for love.

  3. Again, why is it a problem in the Catholic church? You say “rampant” homosexuality. What if there were rampant heterosexuality in the Catholic church?

    Why is it a problem that a large number of priests are homosexual? Is it the pedophilia problem? I thought homosexuals don’t molest children. Pedophilia, a separate issue.

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