The Catholic Church and homosexuality. A problem of major proportions. Good guys and bad guys involved. Persons you may not be aware who are involved. Most opposed to Pope Francis.

Steve Bannon first. He is on the move again. He helped screw up the U.S. government when Trump took office. He is now after Pope Francis and the Vatican.

Francis is trying to deal with the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse problem. He believes in transparency. Get it all out.

Obviously, he has opposition from within the Church. Especially the hierarchy.

Many homosexuals. An example being the Cardinals. Eighty percent are considered to be homosexuals.

I have been reading Frederic Martel’s In The Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy. Revealing. In addition, I have been following various news reports.

Francis is not homosexual. Such being the case, why did the Cardinals elect him Pope? Simple. There are 2 factions of homosexual Cardinals. One group does not fear notoriety, the other wants the problem to remain in the closet.

Francis was a compromise.

Francis a straight guy in the midst of  “queens.”

Steve Bannon has become involved in helping to screw up the Catholic Church. He has opted to get involved in the fight and is helping one side.

Recall that Bannon is a destroyer of existing governments. It was his goal when associated with Trump. Did a good job in getting the ball rolling. He is now working to destroy the Vatican, the government of the Catholic Church.

The homosexual situation provides him the opportunity.

The primary group opposed to Francis is led by the American Cardinal Raymond Burke. Burke wants a second Vatican. One physically outside the Vatican in Rome. Burke’s group promotes itself as being the place for traditional Catholics and political conservatives.

Bannon is working hand in hand with Burke. Burke outwardly is anti-homosexuality. A homophobic. Rigid in how he projects his beliefs.

Martel in his book claims that those Cardinals evidencing “homophobic rigidity” are guilty of “the lady doth protest too much.”

Francis has shown concern for the Catholic laity who are homosexuals. The we are all God’s children theory. Burke and his group claim that Francis’ perceived leeway toward gay Catholics shows he is unfit to lead.

Burke wants to establish a Church tribunal system similar to the U.S. Court system. The Church courts would put on trial all accused of sexual abuse. Sinners themselves deciding the faith of accused sinners.

Burke and Bannon a formidable team.

Then there is Newt Gingrich. A troublemaker in his own right. He is married to Callista. His third wife. The woman he was having a 6 year relationship with while trying to impeach Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Callista was nominated by Trump and approved by the Senate to be Ambassador to the Vatican. Her appointment throws Newt into the center of Vatican politics. I do not know if he and Bannon walk hand in hand.

Trump is anti-Francis. Francis is against Trump’s handling of the the immigration problem. Francis believes in climate change. He has spoken out loudly re both.

The whole thing a mess. Francis standing alone against a multitude of sinners. Except for God, few support him.

On this day in 1928, Ernest and Pauline Hemingway arrived in Key West for the first time. They arrived on a steamship from Havana.

Hemingway had no intention of remaining in Key West. He had ordered a new Ford. It was to be waiting for him when he arrived in Key West. It was not. Took several weeks to arrive.

Hemingway fell in love with Key West during that time and remained some 10 years.

Key West is fortunate Ford could not get the car here timely.

The Cow Key Bridge run was fun. I neither participated nor watched. Never have. Maybe I refuse to dress like a cow.

The Seven Mile Bridge Run equally successful. The winner a 16 year old lad from Marathon. Ran the 7 miles in 39 minutes flat.

One thousand five hundred participated in the Run.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned or was booted by Trump. Appears to have been both scenarios.

Nielsen was Trump’s tool. She performed all his directives faithfully. Like caging children, like taking children from their parents.

Word is that Trump finally dumped her yesterday because she was reluctant to prevent asylum seekers entry to the U.S. U.S. law provides asylum seekers must be admitted. Trump wants to prohibit them entry.

Whatever, she did the Devil’s work while she held office.

Remained in again last night. Continued researching. Must get out tonight, however. Probably Dueling Bartenders and the Chart Room. Maybe La Trattoria.

Enjoy your day!



  1. It is appalling to witness, yet again, how willing the catholic church (Cardinal Burke and his followers) is in getting into bed with (well, working with) anyone, regardless of personal or philological or religious conflicts, just so long as it servers their own purposes. No wonder the church and others who operate similarly continue to loose credibility and membership.

  2. What does homosexuality have to do with pedophile issues in Catholic church?
    Homosexuals are not attracted to children.

    You are writing about two separate issues.

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