Today is the beginning of the Labor Day weekend. Tourists will come to Key West in droves. Like Attila the Hun and hordes of old.

Normally, the onslaught would be welcome. Key West is a tourist town.

Some/many residents are not happy about Key West being an open town again. Except for the bar and restaurant owners. Coronavirus is still with us. While the flock of tourist will be open and visible, corinavirus is not. It is like a thief in the night.

Key West will pay later this month. The numbers will surge. Elsewhere also as the tourists return home and spread the contagion where ever they live.

The City Commission and bar owners have made a mistake. The ultimate cost of contagion and possibly death not worth it.

This day in 1969, the FDA reported birth control pills were safe. Changed a woman’s approach to sex dramatically. It was a new world!

Coronavirus and sex. Canada’s top medical person issued a statement this week concerning the subject.

Only have sex with your steady partner. Wear a mask when kissing. Avoid all face contact.

He also recommended use of a condom. Even though there is no evidence as yet that coronavirus can be contacted through semen or vaginal fluids.

Atlantic ran an article this week about Trump and the many he considers “losers” and “suckers.” Like soldiers, Marines killed in the Battle of Belleau Wood during World War I, and John McCain because he was captured.

Recall when he was in France with other foreign leaders. They were attending a military cemetery in France. Trump did not go. Used the “losers” excuse. The real reason is said to have been it was raining and Trump feared it would muss his hair.

Trump’s failure in not recognizing coronavirus early and his overall failure to do correct things to reduce the virus’ contagion has resulted in roughly 180,000 deaths to date. Experts predict the number will be 410,000 by January.

Medical and scientific experts are not at all confident that there will be a vaccine by November 3.

Barr should be disbarred.

A lawyer’s word is everything. Barr has forgotten or does not care. He lies as does the President.

Barr recently claimed a Texas man collected 1,700 ballots and filled them out as he pleased. The comment made in support of Trump’s position that mail balloting leads to big time fraud.

Turns out Barr’s representation of the Texas man was not true. Fact check found the statement to be false.

There are concerns we are facing a government shut down. Need a budget by the end of the month.

The parties have yet to address the situation as it should have done. The new stimulus package in the way.

Pelosi is down to $2.2 trillion. Barely fair. The Republican Senate to $500 billion. Not even in the ball park.

The mighty fall. I refer to the “great” nations the world has known.

The U.S. itself and the rest of the world considered the U.S. the strongest nation  up to the time of Trump’s election. The U.S. could very well have dropped to second place under Trump. It could mark the end of U.S. dominance in the world.

The Roman Empire was another great nation. Nothing is forever, however. History wise, this day in 476 A.D. is recognized as the traditional end of the Western Roman Empire.

Romulus Augustulus, last Western Roman Emperor, abdicated after forces led by Odoacer invaded Rome.

Heat spell time!

It is expected 50 million will be exposed to unusually high warmth this weekend.

I had a doctor visit yesterday. It was hot outside! Ninety two degrees wit heavy humidity.

Nothing like air conditioning!

I mentioned earlier this week that United Airlines announced it was furloughing 2,850 pilots.

A further report has come out. The number has increased to 16,370. In addition to the 2,850 pilots, 6,920 flight attendants and 2,100 technicians.

My feelings are increasing that May Johnston may be fooling around. She has Ernesto out of town. Miguel in town.

Today’s diary entry in 1896 reports that her mother “brought up the Miguel subject again, I got up and left.”

Big day at the hospital for me. A 2 1/2 hour test. Hope this is the last one.

I have done well with the previous tests. I am beginning to think the doctors are going to test me till they find something.

Enjoy your day!



  1. It’s interesting sometimes to take a current media story and trace it back to the date that it originally occurred. Events that were recorded and accepted as fact at the time, can morph into a completely different version today. Donald Trump’s scheduled visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial in France on Nov 10, 2018 is a good example. Reporting from the scene on that day was Jill Covin, an experienced reporter for the Azzociated Press. She reported that the cemetery trip had been cancelled because Marine One could not fly in the widespread bad weather conditions that day, and a road convoy was not possible. Ms Covin’s wire service, the AP, is no friend of Trump. And yet she did not report on any Trump comments about military “losers” and “suckers”. No other news agency did either, not then or later.

    Fast forward to the current Atlantic article which now reports (using unnamed sources) frequent uses of those anti-military terms by Trump in 2018 France and at other times since. I am not dismissing his remarks about political rival, John McCain. But any other dismissive remarks about the military are not backed up by video or speech transcripts. Could it be that election year politics has changed historical accuracy?

    • Not necessarily JG, disparaging remarks back then may have been withheld for polite reasons and the truth finally coming out now. Editors having said at that time, “rewrite please and tone it down a little”, with todays environment being more glove’s off. A lot of things are different now a days and you know that. Why are you AGAIN attempting to throw cover on something that Jill Covan with AP is not. She wrote that, she was there and you were not. Until she comes out and says that’s not how it happened I think you should back off and stop protecting Mr. Trump on Lou’s blog every chance you get.

      • Again, Ms Covin was there in 2018 and reported on the facts of the flight cancellation. She made no mention of anti-military remarks by Trump. I named her as a media witness to the events. And any supposed editorial suppression of the story at the time can only be conjecture now.

        Now it is your turn to name a witness to the events and what was said. Fair is fair.

        • I have been to one of Donald Trump’s Rally’s and I cam personally attest that the press does in fact clean up what Trump actually says. What you read in the press is kind to him and not nearly as raunchy or inflammatory as what you hear if your actually there. I could easily believe he said those kind of things.

            • Why not just stay with Jeffrey Goldberg’s reporting. He’s the respected editor and chief of the Atlantic and not known to publish unresearched hysteria, and James LaPorta, who is a senior correspondent for Newsweek, who is also credible and is now reporting he’s heard the same thing from a Senior Defense official. We may not have precise names of someone who was there, yet. But those will come soon enough.

              • Andy, why not just question Goldberg’s reporting? He’s the liberal editor of the Atlantic who chose to publish a story saying Trump is anti-military. And he publishes the story just two months before the election without naming a single source. And you don’t even raise an eyebrow?

                • Nonsense, The Atlantic is not FOX news nor InfoWars or any of that kind of yellow press. Nor are they even CNN which will broadcast rumors and opinions. Just because you are accustomed to that kind of election journalism, doesn’t mean everybody does that. If you don’t want to believe it, fine. But if you wish to cast doubt where it is not deserved, than expect criticism or rebuttal of your ‘opinion.’

                  Trump is anti anything in a scattershot kind of way, and there is ample evidence he was ant-military in that instance

            • John Bolton’s published memoir does mention that day in France. His account confirms the original reports about Marine One being grounded by weather. No mention of any disparaging Trump comments about the military.

              • John Bolten may be an azzhole, but he’s not a fool. He was employed by Trump back then and one tends to be paranoid discreet, while in the presence of the fuhrer.

        • So, now we have Jennifer Griffin, National Security Correspondent for FOX News confirming that President Donald Trump did (and dies) disparage American Soldiers, exactly like what is being said. So………

          • Yep. Jennifer Griffin has confirmed the gist of the Atlantic story with two sources. And, guess what. Both of her sources are not named. I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you!

            • The fact that Jennifer Griffen, National Security Correspondent, at FOX news has reported it would mean it MUST be true, because if it isn’t Trump can have her fired and FOX would comply. FOX News would never report something like this if it was just a rumor, unless of course it was about Biden. If it wasn’t true, FOX News would be the FIRST to say it wasn’t true and that if was fake news. Think about that for a moment and you’ll know I;m right.

              • Have you somehow missed Trump’s growing anger at the correspondents and management of FOX News? Here’s a recent tweet from Trump.
                “So hard to watch @FoxNews anymore,They are working so hard against the people (viewers) that got them there. Their contributors are a disaster, and all over the place.”
                This is just one example of Trump’s recent furious comments about some FOX reports. You may want to rethink Trump’s supposed control of the network.

    • John Galt, you’re absolutely right.., But you’re asking the mentally challenged to engage in a critical thinking exercise. I hope your question was rhetorical. You know these handicapped morons can’t participate in a thought experiment. That would require thinking.

      • JG, don’t you think that maybe you personally are not the one to accuse others of being “mentally challenged” and “handicapped morons” let alone decide on what is a “thought experiment” is, is really quite a a stretch? Your pompous collection of word diarrhera and self inflicted sense of superiority does seem to get in the way of your ability to judge others. Perhaps you might want to yourself take a time out before you respond to other peoples posts. Might I suggest ten years or so?

    • Killing “Stars and Stripes” is just one more example of Trumps’s distain for the soldiers he commands and will need to quell the uprising after he looses the election and refuses to leave office.

      • So Donald Trump defunds the “Stars and Stripes” in a knee jerk reaction (I’ll show them) because they published a poll that showed him loosing support to Biden and then suffers when it leaks that he actually disparaged the military and he and his blind followers wonder why the military is critical off him? Hey, he owns this. You fools who are left trying to make excuses for him own it too.

    • So now it is back to the the “both sides do it slur?” That’s the perennial lazy crap we’ve always heard from Republicans when they realize that their arguments and cover stories aren’t working.

      There is NO equivalent loonie story to this current President and his government, give it up, HE owns that title.

      You SHOULD give up.

  2. I don’t know if I should believe Trump when he says that a vaccine might be ready in October. He is already a month or so late with his fabulous health care plan.

    • Of course you should believe Trump. He’s known the cure for months. Inject disinfectant into your body. But no need to do that; “It’s going to just disappear. It will be like magic.”

      Yeah, you should believe every word that comes out of his mouth.

      Well Duh

  3. So this guy Trump sends in the federal police to “get” the guy who killed the right wing goon in Portland and sure enough it turned violent and this unconvicted ‘suspect’ was executed. More blood on Trump’s hands.

    No Justice – No Peace

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