A whore is someone who has sex for money. Bankers fuck the public for money. Ergo, the term fits. Bankers are whores.

Two banks in effect went under since friday. One big, one small. The big one in the west, the smaller a regional bank in the east. Each was subjected to an old fashioned bank run. As were a handful of other banks such as the Boston Private Bank in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

I smile for two reasons re the Wellesley Bank. It is owned by the Silicon Valley Bank, the western entity that first announced it was in trouble. The Boston Private Bank owned by it is located in Wellesley. Wellesley is one of the most affluent of U.S. communities. People were standing in line outside the bank over the weekend seeking to get their money out.

What is going on?

Inflation being blamed. Everything blamed on inflation these days. In the two bank cases, the cause not inflation per se. Rather the failure of those running the banks to recognize low interest rates will at some point become high interest rates. Banks must prepare investment wise and pay out wise for such to occur. The two banks did not.

Generally never fails. In every facet of life. What goes up will go down. What goes down will go up.

My lifetime experience is that banks are inept whores. Invested with too much power. Exercised ruthlessly in most instances. The problem is when a bank screws up, the ones who pay the price are the depositors and investors.

Recall the Bible story of Jesus throwing the moneychangers out of the Temple. The money changers were bankers.

Sometimes you just can’t win for losing. Girl Scout cookies are hard to find this year.

Two reasons. Supply chain issues and unexpected demand.

Sales began in February. Cost per box a reasonable $5.

The difficulty in finding Girl Scout cookies so bad it is being described as a “shitshow.”

Conserve water! There is a water shortage in the Keys.

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is the water supplier for the Keys. It has experienced three breaks this past week. Such is why I had to rinse shower soap off my body the other night with bottled water.

Just received a tweet from the Authority. Conserve! Use as little water as possible. Do not wash cars, property, plants, etc. The message also advised that water before used for human consumption should be boiled. Boiling to continue through 5 pm wednesday.

Yesterday an enjoyable one. The Players and Oscars.

The Players is one of professional golf’s premier tournaments. Scottie Scheffler won. His score 17 below par. Beat his nearest opponent by 5 strokes. His pay day a whopping $4,500,000.

The tournament was played at Florida’s TPC Sawgrass. A very difficult course. So difficult, I describe it as a “perversion.” Does more than test a player’s skill. Requires significant luck also. Scheffler had both for the tournament.

Loved the Oscars last night!

The movie Everything, Everywhere All At Once the big winner. Seven Oscars. Dominated the evening.

Jamie Lee Curtis received the Award in the Best Supporting Actress category. On in her years, I was thrilled for her. Her parents now dead were the very popular movie stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Brendan Fraser won for Best Actor. On in his years, also.

Fraser broke into the movies some 30 yeas ago. Played light comedian roles. Enjoyed his performances tremendously! Then I saw him no more. He disappeared for a number of years. Now returned and his talent acknowledged in The Whale.

Tom Cruise did not attend. I assume because he did not receive a nomination for Best Actor. The movie industry as a whole says his performance in the new Top Gun has renewed movie going. Brought people back to the movie houses. If such the reason he did not attend, I understand. He was slighted.

Happy Anniversary Pope Francis!

Ten years ago today, Francis was elected Pope. Reform has marked his Papacy.

Francis says more to be done. Two things especially. One, women are to be more concretely involved in Church matters. The other the need for better inclusion and leadership of lay Catholics at every level of Church life.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. You can’t say we weren’t warned about this latest round of bank failures, Eliz Warren was very vocal about Trump loosening bank regulations talking specifically about this silicon valley bank. So now the rest of us end up paying, yet again, for bank shenanigans. They are NOT the party of fiscal responsibilities. They just say that to get elected and we keep going along with that?

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