The theme from Love Story: Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be…..No, how bad a movie can be!

Everything, Everywhere All At Once was awarded the Oscar as the Best Movie of the Year Sunday night. I don’t know how. Absolutely the worst movie ever!

I saw the movie last night. It has no redeeming features.

I was surprised I was able to watch it. I was searching the Movies site for something to watch. Suddenly, the movie was there. And free. I was thrilled. I was anxious to see the film that had distinguished itself with seven Academy Awards.

Pure unadulterated crap. Two hours nineteen minutes of agony. I hung in there and watched the whole thing. I wanted to be sure I was not making a mistake in deciding from almost the beginning that it was the worst ever.

I had to be a masochist to watch the whole thing.

It is a cult film. A handful of movie supporters must have liked it. Otherwise, it would not have won. I compare its following to Trump’s 30 percent. Come hell or high water, he’s a great man. To the cult, the movie is a great movie. No one is going to change their minds. The other 70 percent will be alienated as I was.

Now I understand why many for real big time movie stars failed to appear at the Oscars. They knew how bad the film was and did not wish to evidence their support for it.

If the new Top Gun gave a positive shot to the movie industry, Everything, Everywhere All At Once is a negative. Even the title sucks.

Some will criticize me for this blog. Say I am not a movie critic. I disagree. I am 87 and have watched hundreds of movies over my lifetime. Experience qualifies me to comment with a degree of expertise. As it does so many other persons.

Don’t take my word for the quality of the movie. Judge for yourself. Avoid paying for a theater ticket, if you can. A total waste of money. Rather see if you can find it for free on the Movies site as I did.

My foot is better. Thank you to those who continue to inquire. Not 100 percent, however.

I wake in the morning and the foot is fine. Except for the big toe. It only bends about 25 percent and is generally cold. Within 3-4 hours of sitting and working on the blog, the bad signs begin and remain with me all day. Regardless of what I do. The foot and ankle swell. Only 20 percent. There is no pain and I am able to walk normally.

One of the medications came in a 30 day supply. I have several left and must continue till the bottle is empty. Hope the problem does not reappear in any fashion by the time I am done.

I plan on going out to lunch. I have not shaved in almost 3 weeks. Going to shave for the event!

Enjoy your day as I plan to mine!




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