Back to dieting.

Last night was my one cheat. Whether a guilty feeling or what, I did not enjoy my Christmas eve meal that much. Ergo, I opted not to eat Lisa’s big Christmas morning breakfast.

Glad I made the decision. I felt better almost immediately. Lisa understood.

Spent my afternoon resting. Watched some TV, researched a bit. One of Christ’s movies was on the Turner Channel. The one Jeffrey Hunter starred in. Robert Ryan made a terrific John the Baptist.

I decided to go to the movies last night. Les Miserables. I felt like Joseph. There was no room at the movie. Sold out.

I went home. Will try another evening this week.

My friday TV/Internet show is coming together. Some great material to discuss. Obviously more  about the Second Amendment and the NRA. Included thus far also is how Chicago Airport’s O’Hare got its name, the Indian bus gang rape, Romney’s transition bill presented to the United States for payment in the amount of $8.9 million, Christmas in the colonies, and Greece and the rebirth of a neo-Nazi party.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is 10 in the morning my time on fridays. Airs on television throughout the length of the Keys and all of Miami-Dade County via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available on the internet worldwide at

Join me on friday. Always a good show.

Key West had a cold spell for about three days. It is gone. The day time temperature yesterday was 80 degrees. The night time 74.

Enjoy your day!






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