Like doctors, more nurse practitioners are heading into specialty care. My experience says it works. 

April Gallagher is a nurse practitioner. A heart specialist. 

She has been my heart care person for three years. I swear by her. Earlier this year, she saved my life the way she handled my heart problems. Understand clearly, I would be dead today if she had not guided me during those times. She “beat me” into doing that which I did not want to. Had I not succumbed, I would not be here writing today. I would not be here period!

April is affiliated with the Keys Medical Group at 1111 12th Street in Key West. Her telephone number 305-294-5727.

Again, I swear by her!

Byron De Chambeau won the U.S. Open. Beat Rory McIlroy by one stroke. McIlroy missed a 3 foot 9 inch putt on 18 to tie, De Chambeau sunk a 4 footer to win.

Unusual! Twenty three sets of twins graduated from the Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts on wednesday. The 23 sets made up approximately 10 percent of the eighth year group.

Typically twins amount to 3 percent of live births in the U.S. Ergo, this number of twins was “quite unusual.” The school is heavy student wise. It has approximately 450-500 children in each grade.

An American tourist was found dead on the Greek isle of Mathraki, just west of Corfu. Discovered dead on a beach.

Another American remains missing on my favorite Greek isle Amorgos. A 59 year old retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff. He went for a walk and has not returned. 

There are also two more missing on other islands.

Authorities believe extremely hot weather to blame for all persons dead or missing.

Though Columbus is considered to have discovered America in 1492, the truth is he was not the first. The Viking Leif Erikson arrived in 1021, nearly 500 years before Columbus.

The amusing incident to both “discoveries” is neither man was looking for America.

“ATM Jackpotting” a Syracuse success. A team of 3 people in two out of state cars hit 2 Syracuse ATMs. They hacked the machines so they dispensed cash continuously. They made off with more than $280,000 in one night.

France gave the United States the Statue of Liberty as a gift. The dismantled Statue arrived this day in 1887. It was delivered in 350 individual pieces packed in more than 200 cases. It took nearly one year to assemble.

The extent of love. The Taj Mahal.

On this day in 1631, Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal Emperor Sheh Jahant, spent more than 20 years building her tomb, the Taj Mahal.

Netanyahu’s government continues to weaken and fall apart. Two key members of his War Cabinet quit. So Netanyahu disbanded the War Cabinet.

Netanyahu is disrupting much of the world with his continuing conflict. When will it stop? When will he be tossed from his Israeli leadership role?

The man is a troublemaker. He will add more fuel to the fire when he appears before a Joint Meeting of our Congress in July.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore will issue a mass pardon for more than 175,000 marijuana convictions this morning. A sweeping act of clemency for a drug now in widespread recreational use.

In 1856, the Republican Party opened its first national convention. Four years later at its second convention, Abraham Lincoln was nominated to run for Presidnet.

I close with Key West and the price of meat. A problem today. A problem in 1914. The price of meat got so high that Key West labor organizers called on their members to stop buying beef. As a result, cattle brought by boat from elsewhere ceased.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Me too Lou, some of the best care I have had lately (Last 8 years, or so) has been from nurse practitioners.

    Health care in America has improved vastly.

    Thanks to “Obama Care”

    • Ironic that the term ‘Obamacare’ was created by the Palin era Republicans in an attempt to mock and smear Democrats by attaching their hated ‘black’ candidate’s name to what was officially known as the Affordable Care Act.

      Well, the name stuck and he (Obama) is forever exalted for this excellent and worthwhile program.

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