The thrust of this blog is that Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas are dominated by their wives. The men pussies.

Marriage is a two person arrangement. Considered a partnership.

Not necessarily an equal  one. One partner can be dominant and rule the roost. In a male/female marriage, does not mean only the man. Women have become a dynamic force in the relationship. In some marriages, partners remain equal and dominant/submissive is not an issue.

Which leads to an exploration of the Alito and Thomas relationships.

Equal, or one partner dominant?

Let’s examine the Thomas marriage first since it has been “in the public eye” the longest.

I have always thought Clarence was a pussy. Dominated by his obviously strong wife Ginni. A man who spent his first 25 years on the Bench rarely asking a question suggesting a weak person. Lacking in “balls” to even engage from his high position with lowly counsel appearing before him. Lacking in self-confidence.

An indication to me his marriage was likewise. Ginni grew in public stature while Clarence remained static.

As to the Alitos, whoever heard of Martha-Ann till recently. It took two flag incidents to bring her to our attention. However she has hit public awareness big time in a short time. The way the flags and other items have been handled by the Alito husband and wife lead me to believe Martha-Ann is the dominant force in the marriage. Husband Sam the “Yes, Mam!”

Which means the two ladies are influencing their men on the Bench. Pillow talk with their husbands including Court matters. Their relationships influencing how their husbands think and decide. The ladies have become “silent Justices.”

Sam Alito is not the hard ass Justice he portrays. He is the individual his wife has molded/created over the years. The same with Clarence. Ginni has provided his brain and back bone, whatever they may be.


Perhaps the spouses of nominated Justices should be interviewed also. We should know what we are getting. On the other hand it may not be a worthwhile use of time. The spouses may be as adept, or even more so than the nominee,  in avoiding truthful responses.

I, for one, do not want a “secret Justice” sitting on the Supreme Court. I want a tough person, a thinker, to handle the responsibilities of the Nation.

Ginni and Martha-Ann are not the only spouses of concern. I have written in the past of another that gives me concern. Down the road, this individual and the individual’s spouse will become of public concern also.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Doesn’t reflect too well on the Federalist Society, who worked so hard to get them elected, now does it?

    But then they’re not really normal people either, are they?

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