Sundays for me are different. Not the same as other days of the week. Probably the supposed day of rest thing. However, I do not always rest. Sometimes busy. With different things, however.

Yesterday began with Sloan at noon. Three hours of working on Growing Up Italian.

Followed by the highlight of the day. The Syracuse/Michigan State game. Syracuse won 55-53. Ho, ho, ho! Would you believe? Three straight wins this week in the NCAA tournament. The tournament we were not supposed to qualify for. The last team selected at position #68.

All kinds of drama. Game again won in last couple of minutes. Each game, the Syracuse defense strong. The attack weak. Can’t seem to get the ball in the basket. Foul shooting so far exemplary.

Whatever it takes, we had it in recent games.

Let’s see what happens next friday when Syracuse meets Duke.

I am especially pleased for Coach Jim Boeheim. A tough season. Each of the three wins this week were the result of Boeheim’s coaching in the last few minutes.

As soon as the game was over, I hustled to Kate Miano’s Gardens. Terri White was performing.

I did not stay long. I was wobbly. Thought a couple of times I was going to fall. Left before I made an ass out of myself.

The reason simple. I had not eaten all day. Only a cup of tea in the morning. Cupboard bare. Needed to shop. First, needed to eat.

Note, I do have food in the house. Food not on my diet. I fight to avoid it.

It’s working. Lost another pound. Total loss to date 27 pounds. Love it!

I walked over to La Trattoria for dinner. Difficulty walking the whole way.

Tiffany bartending. Have known her for 20 years. Her beauty and personality the same today as 20 years ago.

I ate a piece of bread quickly. Enjoyed veal piccata and 4 small potatoes. Blew the diet obviously. Was not concerned.

Fifteen minutes later, I was fine. Could walk. Wobbliness gone, weakness gone.

Stopped at the Chart Room. Shaun bartending. I was looking for Don and Chris. They were due in yesterday. The two are being married here in Key West saturday. They were not at the Chart Room.

One drink and I left.

Then to the most important stop of the day. Publix. Food!

Thus was my sunday. A nothing day, a something day, a pleasant day.

Tonight, Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. Going to meet Buffalo’s Tom and Fran Dixson. They arrived yesterday, also. Great people! Syracuse fans. Fran mothers me. Brings me frozen food all the way from Buffalo.

Irma imposed great cleanup costs where ever it hit. This morning’s Key West Citizen listed the costs at $16.2 million for Key West alone. Not bad. Prior to Irma’s arrival, the costs had been estimated at $43.6 million.

Irma responsible for the savings as well as the final cost. Irma was projected to hit as a 5. It did not. Still not sure of the number. Hit as a 4, 20 miles up the road. Big damage!

City officials not concerned with paying the $16.2 million. They have been moving money around so as to pay cleanup contractors. The federal government will reimburse 90 percent of the total cost. The State throws in 5 percent. The City ends up paying 5 percent.

Not a bad deal. Key West’s problem at the moment is to get the federal government to pay timely.

Note the $16.2 million covers cleanup. Debris. Not for repair/rebuilding/replacement costs.

A big deal in the making. A Key West resident to appear on American Idol sunday evening. Les Greene. A singer. He will be backed up by Key West’s Patrick and the Sawyzees.

Go, Les! May good things happen to you!

Finally, a sad but judgment correct breaking news item. My dear friend Kate Miano announced at 10 this morning she was withdrawing as a candidate for Key West Mayor.

Kate was all in re the race. Clearly evident from her active campaigning the past two weeks. She is a woman whose plate is always full. Handles things well, however.

This week she lost two very close friends within a matter of hours. Heavy. Set her to thinking, I guess. The race all of a sudden became too much.

Kate also announced at 10 this morning she was throwing her support to Teri Johnston.

Enjoy your day!




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