Trump did his Iowa rally this weekend.

MSNBC interviewed some attendees afterwards. Two elderly couples, each in a separate interview. One couple appeared in their 60’s, the other in their 70’s. Both couples were in Washington on January 6. They attended at Trump’s behest.

Both couples Ma and Pa Kettle All-American types.

Their stories the same. They saw nothing that was shown on TV. In effect questioning the validity of the filming of the insurrection. As far as they were concerned, everything was peaceful.

Were these people blind to the truth? Did they feel compelled to lie on behalf of Trump? Whatever, I don’t know. And, I don’t understand!

Most would argue our government is falling apart. Many reasons, many causes.

One is our elected representatives. The garbage they utter.

The most recent example Senator Rand Paul: “Be afraid of your government.” A watch list of dissenters “already exists.” It is being prepared by the Biden administration.

The list began being prepared as a result of January 6.

As a result of January 6, I would expect Biden’s people to prepare such a list. Insurrectionists are enemies of the government. Our government. Yours and mine.

“Dissenters” sounds like Rand made up terminology. More appropriate names might be “insurrectionists” or “troublemakers.” By labeling the list “dissenters,” Rand does not go one step too far. He goes several.

He misleads.

Eighteen year old Timothy Simpkins entered a school in Arlington last week. He shot several. Two remain hospitalized. A 15 year old boy and 25 year old teacher. One clinging to his life.

Simpkins was arrested. Within 24 hours he was released on a $75,000 bail bond. The same day he, his family and friends partied at his home.

Another situation I do not understand.

The purpose of bail is to assure a person charged will return for trial. Another to assure such person does not go free and in this case shoot others.

Simpkins should have been kept in jail till his case is concluded. He sounds to me like a danger to society. His crime in committing the shooting sounds sufficiently dangerous that it is reasonable to assume he could attempt a similar crime while out on bail.

The Simpkins bail handling another example of the erosion within our justice system.  What motivated the judge to approve such a low bail in an attempted murder case? The cost of the bond is significantly lower than $75,000.

Another problem is Simpkins has not been charged with attempted murder. Some lesser crime. Why? It’s like if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck!

Gay sex is legal today. Without it, gay marriage would not be permissible. Gay is another word for homosexuality.

African-American Mark Robinson is a candidate for Lt.Governor in North Carolina. He said homosexuality is “filth.” He also referred to transgenderism as “filth.”

Robinson refuses to resign.

The price of gasoline is going up.

I realized it last week when I had to fill up. Cost me $20 more than normal.

I learned the reason for the gas increase from the media this weekend. Crude oil has gone up and is expected to keep rising..

My sense was correct.

Beware! The cost of food is, also. Most are already aware. As with filling the gas tank, people have to purchase groceries every week. The increase is evident at the checkout counter.

If you enjoy an oat cereal for breakfast, the increase will be larger than with other breakfast cereals. Canada is the biggest exporter of oats. The U.S. is Canada’s largest customer.

Canada experienced a severe heat wave this summer. It caused a serious drought which destroyed much of the oat crop.

The proof that such will occur has already been experienced in the futures market. Oats are at a new record high. Such will soon affect the supply chains to consumers.

Except for a small handful of states, the COVID rate has dropped dramatically in the last month. Even in Florida.

I watched Dr. Fauci on TV yesterday. He said the virus is dropping and suggested the worse could be behind us. He was concerned however that a significant number of persons remained unvaccinated.

Fauci even thought it was safe for children and their parents to celebrate Halloween by going door to door tricking and treating.

Assuming the downward slide continues, Key West will not totally benefit from it. The last 10 days of October have been kept sacred for years for Fantasy Fest. Key West’s Mardi Gras. An adult party.

The City Commission has banned all public events. Such being those it has control over like the Parade. The Parade brings a minimum of 60,000 persons to Duval Street for the event.

The City however has no control over the bars and restaurants. Many have their own parties/celebrations in the evenings. Several major bar events will be going on each evening.

Visitors will come to Key West just to attend those parties. Big time adult fun. Which will cause COVID to party also. I have a feeling 2-3 weeks following Fantasy Fest, the numbers of newly afflicted will rise in Key West and the home towns of those who came to party.

Some may come to die.

Enjoy your day!


6 comments on “WHY?…..I DON’T UNDERSTAND

  1. Lou, how do you know Covid cases are falling in Florida. You yourself reported, only a few weeks ago, that Florida was no longer officially reporting Covid cases.

    Now you sae the numbers are falling.


  2. People take their kids on a metal tube that goes 500 miles an hour at 36,000 feet without ever “doing their own research” abut who made the plane, who last serviced it, or even reading about the physics of air travel. They just trust that “big airline” knows what it’s doing.

    Cut the crap stupids!

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