Some people celebrate marriages, some relationships, I celebrate today my first anniversary of being self-quarantined.

Exciting, I know. Written with tongue and cheek.

In any event, 365 days ago I went into the quarantine. I am close to being out of it. Received my first vaccine shot saturday. Second is scheduled for 3/27. As I understand it, then have to wait something like 3 weeks before I can go out.

My first stop a bar and a drink. Chart Room not open yet. Hope it will be by the time I am released. I need to be near people. See and talk with them.

Tammy is back in town. She was a bartender at the Chart Room. She was one of the first to get the virus. Bad. Took her quite a while to recover. Suspect she was depressed as a result. Her attitude when she recovered was she had to get out of Dodge.

She has returned! I understand she is tending bar outside at Ocean Key.

I arrived today 2012 in Novara. Greece behind me. Tomorrow I leave for Courmayeur and Chamonix. One in Italy, the other in France. Both sit at the base of Mont Blanc.

DAY 34…..Greece the First Time

Posted on June 30, 2012 by Key West Lou

I am back in Italy!

Flew to Milan and then was driven the one hour to Novara.

Humid here in Novara. Very. I can understand why Italians run off to the mountains and sea shore in the summer months. They have no air conditioning!

No air for two reasons. The cost of electricity is one. The other is that most of the buildings are so old it would either be too expensive or too difficult to air condition.

Which means I slept with my bedroom window wide open last night. I also had the benefit of two fans. Hopefully I will be on Mont Blanc this evening where humidity will not be a problem. I have been told the fireplace may have to be used. It is that cool in the evening. Makes sense. Mount Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and Europe.

Flew Aegean Air again. A treat! Lovely young attendants, stewardesses, hostesses helping. A great meal. Only a two hour flight. Not much more to tell, except for my chat with two of the working ladies.

They are not called attendants or stewardesses. They are hostesses. The hostesses are all young.

I explained how it all works in the U.S. They could not believe men did their work and what they were called and who performed the work was an issue of gender discrimination.

As to age discrimination, they had never heard of such a thing. They were confident that no way would a mature woman be permitted to do their job.

A different country. Different thoughts and concepts. Interesting.

One thing did not change. Clotheslines and drying clothes. They were evident everywhere on my car ride to Novara. Just as in Greece.

I chatted with some friends last night in Novara. The issue? The euro. What else!

They find this present marriage of sorts between Germany and France strange. The two nations have been fighting for years. They were referring to wars. France generally got kicked good by the Germans. They were unable to understand how the French could now be a junior partner with Germany.

The Italians are really mad at the Greeks. With a fervor that did not exist three weeks ago when I left Italy. They feel the Greeks have spent Italian euro money and did it in a wasteful fashion. I find this amusing since Italy is third from the bottom in this euro crisis. It is just a question of time before Germany starts defecating on them.

I was early to bed. A tired day traveling.

Today Mont Blanc.

Enjoy your day!

Watched portions of CPAC yesterday. Anxious to hear Trump.

For whatever reason, he looked older and tired. His words the same. Bullshit and lies.

His audience loved him, however.

Ted Cruz spoke. I was shocked. He is losing it. He was a rambling mad man. If I did not know better, I would say he was on something.

He closed his demonstrative talk by turning sideways, throwing one arm and one leg out and quoting William Wallace. He shouted “freedom!”

I did not recall who William Wallace was. Took only a few internet minutes to refresh my memory. William Wallace was the hero of Braveheart. Rcall at the end, he was quartered, beheaded, and hanged. Not necessarily in that order.

As he was about to be hanged, Wallace shouted out: Freedom!

No question the Republicans are losing it. Especially the CPAC ones.

A straw poll was taken to determine preference for the Republican Presidential candidate in 2024.

Two straw polls. One with Trump. The other without.

The one with Trump had Trump leading with 55 percent. Second was the surprise. Florida’s Governor DeSantis with 21. A far third was North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem with 4 percent.

DeSantis shocked me! The most incompetent governor I have seen in my lifetime. He has danced to Trump’s tune throughout the pandemic. Trump says DeSantis is the finest governor in the U.S.

The second poll was without Trump. DeSantis came in first with 43 percent. Noem 11 percent, Donald Jr. 8 percent, Pompeo and Crux each 7 percent.

As Trump progressed in his talk, I could only think of Pinocchio. Donald’s nose got longer and longer. So long, its extent ran off the screen and could not be seen.

Glen Miller was a famous bandleader and composer. He died this day 1943 at the age of 44. A Captain in the Army, he was flying from England to France to arrange a performance for the American troops there.

Somewhere over the channel his plane went down. Neither plane nor its passengers were found.

Miller “did not make it” till he was 40. He spent his earlier years looking for a “sound.” He finally found it in 1939.

His “track record” outstanding. He was the Tiger Woods of his time. The Beatles had 33 top 10 hits, Elvis Presley 38. Glen Miller in 4 short years had 59 top ten hits, which included 17 which reached #1.

Miller’s “sound” included a combination of clarinet and saxaphones.

His hits included Midnight Serenade, Pennsylvania 6-5000, Chattanooga Choo Choo, and Little Brown Jug.

The Salem Witch Hunt clearly evidences the craziness of man. In this case the craziness of woman might be a better description.

The Witch Hunt began in 1692. Adult, teen age, and young females primarily who “knew” who the witches were and pointed them out to authorities. Nineteen men and women were executed. All by hanging, except for one who was crushed.

An Abraham Lincoln quote should be warning enough: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Enjoy your day!













  1. As Lou said, the news yesterday was all about Trump and CPAC. Not much from the White House. When will Biden hold an hour long press conference, unscripted and no teleprompter? Obama held his first one on Feb 10 after his election. Trump’s first one was on Feb 16th. Here we are in March. C’mon Joe. Tell us what’s happening.

  2. It’s a little galling to have a Trump toadie complain about Biden personally holding a press conference, a man who was famously known for avoiding those and tweeting instead.

    Biden’s too busy fixing things and trying to get the country up an running properly again, Thomas – take your partisan nonsense somewhere else.

      • Biden has to be invited to give the state of the Union address, he’s not allowed to barge in on his own.

        Probably won’t be one this year because the Capitol can’t be deemed safe, given how many of the Republican’s there still believe Trump is still president and they get violent and might promote another insurrection with murders and mayhem.

    • Agreed. Every Trump appearance-for four years- was an extension of his ego stroking campaign initiative instead of giving truthful, unifying and accurate information to the American people. President Biden will speak when it is appropriate, FOR the benefit of the people, not his self interest.

  3. Let me see if I got this right. Biden will not venture down the street to the Capitol, currently wrapped in razor wire and guarded by 7000 troops, because Democrats are afraid of Republican violence? Someone needs to grow a spine and stand up to anti-government threats no matter where they originate. And the President should lead, not cower in the White House.

    • It looks more like the good people in Congress are afraid it is not safe, at least not now. They know that the capital police, that’s the people who protect them and the capitol and are corrupted and unreliable to protect them from political and violence. Therefore they can’t chance it. ‘Macho spines’ is tough talk, not good policy. It is up to congress to invite the president and a smart move not to do that until they cleanup the problem, give it time, things in Washington are not so safe right now.

  4. Trump is gone and FINALLY an adult is in the Oval. President Biden will do his patriotic duty and I will do my job. After years of Trumps daily lies, inane tweets and off the rails reality tv like appearances it is refreshing to return to higher standards.

  5. Will Cuomo resign because he murdered thousands of our elderly, or will he resign because he is a sexual predator?

    • Who knows. As a Democrat I believe his wrong doings should not go unnoticed or unpunished, where warranted.

      But, as an American I am not sure his behavior doesn’t seem ANYWHERE near as bad as what Trump did on the same subject, during the same time and he’s not been punished, apart from having been reelected to his second term by the very people who are now making a big deal about Cuomo.

      So what gives?

  6. Joe hold an unscripted press conference ! Ahahahaha ! And without a teleprompter ! Ahahahahahha ! Now thats funny right thar !

  7. Cuomo will not resign. The man is an incompetent egomaniac, always has been. He needs to spend the rest of life being bars in a red jump suit.

  8. Salem Witch Trials. Actually 19 were hanged, one pressed [ Jiles Corey/ ” more weight” ] and about a half dozen in the jail.

    Cuomo is a fool and does need to die behind prison bars.

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