All quiet on the western front. Super Bowl tonight in Los Angeles. The threat of the truck convoy has not materialized. Unless they come storming in later in the day.

The thought occurs they may steal in while the game is played. Think how horrible it would be when the fans watching the game began to try leaving in their cars. Pure chaos!

Canadian police, per the authority of a court order, began clearing the truckers and their supporters last night at the Ambassador Bridge. Note however that only so many trucks can be moved at any given time.

I have a plan. One that would work at the Ambassador Bridge and Super Bowl. My plan based on expediency and one that would make it difficult for truckers.

Keys not required. Cross the wires beneath the dashboard. Truck locked? Break the window to get it. Then in orderly fashion have the trucks driven to several empty fields and left. Not in any given direction. Rather facing each other in every given way. Let it be chaos in reverse.

The trucks in a very short period are costing many others significant financial loss. The holdup at the Ambassador Bridge is costing the U.S. and Canada $360 million a day. Auto plants are closing or cutting back. Small businesses earning their livings on the periphery of those plants have neither customers nor cash flow.

I still do not understand why COVID restrictions caused the problem. Does not make sense. The news daily reports 90 percent of Canadians are vaccinated. Some report slightly different numbers. Ninety percent of truckers vaccinated and 80 percent of the rest of the population.

Truckers and their supporters have issued not one denial to the numbers.

The truck convoy name has been changed. It is now Freedom Convoy. Probably to make it consistent with what many truckers and protesters believe: The mandates raise an issue of personal freedom.

Tonight the event! Super Bowl! Bengals vs. Rams.

I am not much of a pro football fan. I was more into it during the years I would go to Don’s Place sunday afternoons and sit in the back outside watching several games at one time with Don and friends.

In recent years prior to COVID, I would attend a house party or go to a bar with friends. However, I continue to believe the virus is still with us. I disagree with states and people saying things are better and the masks can be removed.

Based on 2-3 weeks of the numbers coming down, the same thing occurred last summer and the numbers shot back up.

So I shall be watching Super Bowl from a comfortable easy chair with my feet up on an ottoman at home.

I have prepared myself for the occasion. I very rarely eat potato chips. I bought a bag of chips and an onion dip to pick on during the game. I also had a pizza delivered last night. To be eaten tonight. I enjoy my pizza cold. It is sitting in the refrigerator. It will taste great during the game.

I have become a non-drinker. Unfortunately, but that’s the way it is. I will treat myself tonight however to a glass or two of wine as I dine on the potato chips and pizza.

Drug deaths on the rise. Opium overdose the major contributor. More than 100,000 deaths last year.

Syracuse lost last night to Virginia Tech 71-59. The loss ended Syracuse’s 4 game winning streak.

Enjoy Super Bowl tonight!




  1. Unlike the BLMers and the anti War protesters befoer them, these truckers really don’t have a cause or a purpose apart from Chaos and mayhem. Just a bunch of complainers who don’t really want to work and just want to complain among themselves about anything and everything, telling themselves how important their pathetic lives reall are. This is what the Republican Right Wing Consertatives have become, nothing more than what they tried to make the liberals out to be.

    The real story is, who’s funding it?

  2. Lou, drink up. My doctor doesn’t agree but the French paradox is in France they have a diet high in fat and cholesterol but not much heart disease. That’s because they drink a lot of wine. Ah salute.

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