Bum Farto where are you? The question oft asked in the past 45 years.

He is in the news again today.

Ever wonder why he disappeared?

On this day in 1976, Farto was found guilty of 3 drug violations in Federal Court. He faced 31 years in prison. Sentencing was scheduled for several weeks later. In the meantime, Farto was free on bail.

On the day he was scheduled to be sentenced, he left his Key West home for Miami to be sentenced. As the story goes, he made it out of his driveway onto the street never to be seen again. The suspicion being a Jimmy Hoffa type incident occurred in the street in front of his home.

Bum Farto’s legacy is not that he was Fire Chief, a pimp, a drug dealer, etc. It is the many tee shirts born of his disappearance.

Key West is one of the tee shirt capitals of the world. Tee shirts appeared in many Duval Street stores then and continue to this day. A popular tourist acquisition. The wording on the tee shirts: Bum Farto Where Are You.”

Some believe he is under a concrete highway somewhere in the U.S. Others, that he spent his remaining years on a remote Caribbean beach in the company of beautiful ladies.

I have learned many things in the 30 years I have been in Key West. One is contrary to popular belief. Key West is an excellent place to raise children. A conservative community once off Duval.

Key West is small. Roughly 28,000 people. Yet it supplies the best of everything education wise for its children.

The most recent example. Katrina Madok is a science teacher. Teaches fifth grade at the Gerald Adams Elementary School. This past week it was announced she is the recipient of the highest U.S. award for science teachers.

The Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science. She will receive the award from President Biden in Washington.

Seventeen teachers and monitors will receive the award. The award consists of $10,000 and a free trip to Washington D.C. to receive the award.

China is manipulating the Olympics. The nature of the beast.

Two Chinese American citizens and three all white American citizens are participating in the Olympics representing China.

Two gold medal winners. Skier Eileen Gu and figure skater Zhu Yi. Three white Americans who are members of the Chinese hockey team.

There is a drug issue which has held up the awards ceremony for events Gu participated in. The hearing is tomorrow. The Committee’s decision monday.

The problem inconsequential from my perspective. I hope Gu’s situation is not turned into a Jim Thorpe one.

I mentioned yesterday the 30,000 turkeys that had to be euthanized because of bird flu which struck an Indiana turkey farm.

Concern is spreading. Fear that the bird flu will move rapidly throughout the U.S.

Bird flu is already wide spread in Europe. It has also affected areas in Africa, Asia and Canada.

A devastating U.S. bird flu outbreak in 2015 killed nearly 50 million birds, mostly turkeys and egg laying chickens in the Midwest. The U.S. is the world’s largest producer and second largest exporter of poultry meat. Ego there is a massive U.S. concern. If the flu spreads, it will affect the economy, inflation, etc.

It has been announced that COVID can result in stillbirths where the mother is unvaccinated. The coronavirus destroys the placenta and leads to the stillbirths.

Syracuse/Virginia Tech tonight at 6 pm. Both teams coming off 4 game winning streaks.

Jesse Edwards has developed into a star Syracuse player this season. The 6’7″ center has improved dramatically with each game.

Syracuse will be without his services tonight and the rest of the season. He fractured his left wrist against Boston College this week and will be out of commission the rest of the season.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hummmmm… seems to me that if an American goes over to the other side… they are a traitor.

    Of course, you can count on it… China is paying the traitors big bucks. So I ask all of your readers: how much would they have to pay you to go over to the other side and ply your talents against your country?

    Kokomo Man

  2. Lou, I think you may be right about Key West, off Duval – although I don’t know about using the term “conservative” to characterize it anymore.

    Conservatives as described by most people today are Republicans and Republicans are what you mostly find ON Duval Street today. You know, Red Hats, loud, boisterous almost always drunk, rowdy, mean, violent, racists, etc, etc. etc.

    I doubt that what you wanted to describe, but that is the way it is.

        • Hitler payed the bills too and his people accepted and tolerated him for that. How’d that work out for his people in the long run, many of whom were Jewish.

          Southern Lady, I’m not sure you understand the discussion, or for tat mater the definition of “racist” and use it here only for effect. Unless of course you feel black people should tolerate Republicans ob Duval Street because they are paying the bills?

          • I understand the conversation and as always Republicans are to blame. Using Hitler and blacks was low. So blacks are scared of Republicans ? Maybe it be better for you if nobody came there to work or vacation.

            • Truth is the Truth, using Hitler and black is apt, even if YOU don’t like it,

              Yes blacks ARE scared of Republicans VERY scared, are you blind?

              No one is saying people shouldn’t come to Key West to work or vacation. Some are saying that the people who do come seem to be different nowadays and the original post was was only saying that Lou was using an incorrect reference as a definition.

              Seems to me you have a chip on YOUR shoulder and a poor sense of comprehension.

              • You know nothing about me, I lived in Key West years ago. I have read this blog every since. Not anymore. You try to silence and belittle everyone who has a different opinion than you. Such a waste of time.

            • One thing you can always rely on is that Republicans will always deny the truth, if they don’t like it, regardless of the reality (Covid is jusdt a Hoax).

  3. How can I obtain a hi res image of Bum Farto? It’s for a book I’m writing to be published by the University Press of Florida.

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