Victoria’s Secret is rebranding itself. A total make over in the works. Am image change.

The decision to rebrand occurred 2 years ago. Its image at the time snappy lingerie with enormous wings. I must have missed something. I recall the lingerie. The wings part eludes me.

Goodbye “Angels.” Hello “What Women Want.”

Notice the market sought will be all for the ladies, nothing for the men. A total reversal.

The new image is described as a group of Seven Ambassadors called the “U.S. Collective,” who are known for their advocacy work in gender equality and body positivity, and who represent a wider range of body types and a sexual gender identification.”

CEO Martin Williams in a short statement described the change as “a dramatic shift for our brand and it’s a shift that we embrace from our core.” The old Victoria’s Secret has been “promoting dated ideas of femininity and that its collections were made for a narrow range of body types.”

It’s all in the money.

In 2015, Victoria’s Secret had 32 percent of the U.S. women’s intimate apparel market. The number was down to 19 percent in 2020.

Last year, Victoria’s Secret was forced to close 25 percent of its stores. Already through 2021, it has closed a significant number of additional stores.

Victoria’s Secret believes there will be a new sexual acceptance regarding the change.

The decision to change came instantly in 2018. Ed Rizek, the Chef Marketing Officer for L Brands that owns Victoria’s Secret, committed a faux pas. He misspoke and brought the ladies tumbling down on him.

The issue was the use of the term “transsexuals.” He said he did not think transsexuals should be included in Victoria’s Secret annual show.

“Transsexual” is considered an outdated term  and deemed offensive by many in the LGBT community.

Victoria Secret’s last show was in 2018, the same year the comment was made. The show drew only 3 million viewers compared to 9.7 million five yeas earlier in 2013.

The handwriting was on the wall. Change or die! Hopefully the change would not be too late.

Victoria’s Secret is moving rapidly to effect the change. It is quick to point out it has hired its first transgender model Valentine Sampaio.

The issue/challenge facing Victoria’s Secret is whether what it is doing to effect the change is too little, too late. Will the new market of women it hopes to attract be there for them?

Time will tell.

I am totally unaware what the new lingerie will look like. I saw what is being abandoned, as I have for years. However no photos of the new.

Trump has had some pretty whacky attorneys along the way. Many times in the past two years, I made the observation Trump’s attorneys were way out of line in the voting ballot cases. They were using the law improperly. Even the facts. Breaking all kinds of judicial rules. Saying and writing things without legal foundation.

I mentioned each time that lawyers cannot get away with such actions. The federal law provides sanctions which can be imposed on recalcitrant attorneys.

The sanctions are in the form of money. The judge sets the amount. The bigger the sin, the higher the dollar penalty.

One of Trump’s leading attorneys was Sidney Powell.  A radical lawyer. Everything comes out of her mouth.

She and other  attorneys who defended Trump’s claims re the 2020 election have been summoned for a sanctions hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker in Detroit on July 6.


I will be shocked if the sanctions are not huge. Shockingly so. I suspect in the six figures. Anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million.

The Arizona audit has taken another wild turn. Voter data has been transported to a “secret” laboratory in Montana “to be forensically valuated.”

Excuse the use of the vernacular, but what the hell  is going on? Ballots cannot be moved willy nilly from one state to another.

The Arizona audit continues to be pure insanity. Especially when no fraud/wrongdoing came to light in the previous Arizona audits.

Something has to be done to stop this charade. Other states seeing no steps being taken to stop the Arizona audit are going to believe they have the right to do it also. When no one has the right under the Arizona circumstances. No way anyone is going to legally remove Biden from the Presidency.

This is Key West Carnival weekend. Key West’s Juneteenth Celebration. Today’s events include a 4 pm costume parade through Old Town and a 7 pm concert at the Amphitheater.

I have already decided what I am doing this evening. Rather than say I am gong out and then stay in, I have resolved my evening situation this morning.

I will remain home, order a pizza in, and watch the U.S. Open.


Enjoy your day!


  1. Wasn’t Sidney Powell the attorney that the right wing wackos were touting as the second coming of Christ?

    Don’t I remember one such wacko even posting on your blog that he himself was so scared of her abilities that he would move to Siberia rather than let her come after him?

    Why do we bother listening to these nut jobs if they won’t just give up with the bullsh*t after pissing on themselves all the time?

    • That is a cheap shot and irrelevant. Their danger is NOT how they look, but what they stand for, what they say and what they do.

  2. They’re not trans and they’re not WTFOMGBBQ anything. They’re weirdo freaks.

    Sooner they’re gone the better. Same as Lou.

  3. Wherein Louis is down a Google Image search rabbit hole looking at lingerie models, realizes he needs to get a blog posted, and we get this tortured examination of Victoria’s Secret’s business.

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