Great football and golf yesterday! Could not have been better!

Syracuse football last night. The Orange won their fourth consecutive game. Beat Virginia 22-20.

The game did not turn out as I expected. The Vegas line was 10.5 points. Syracuse was winning 16-0 at half time. That is when I fell asleep. I was not aware that Virginia came back big time in the second half and only lost by 2 points. I found out this morning when I woke up Syracuse won with a field goal with a minute to play.

Nevertheless, a victory is a victory. Congratulations, Syracuse!

Then there was golf. Two tournaments.

First, the Presidents Cup.

The USA is up 8-2 after 2 days. Was expected. However the Internationals went down fighting yesterday. Most of the matches close. Tight.

The Pure Insurance Tournament later in the day at Pebble Beach. Caught a part of the tournament early this morning.

Pebble Beach is golf heaven. I was fortunate to have played there several times. Beautiful! Tough does not describe it. Fun, however. I felt honored each time I played the course.

I was the worse golfer in the world. Shot around 135. Shot on average 165 at Pebble Beach. Don’t laugh. I took up the game late in life. Took one lesson. Enjoyed the beauty of a course, the comradeship and the 19th hole.

This hurricane thing is bothering me. First it was called Hermine. Now a different one called Ian.

Making me nervous. Cone wide so not sure if it will hit or how close. Advised it will hit as a 3 if it does. No fun. It is get out of Dodge time.

Started getting ready yesterday. Not doing well.

Wrote Jean Thornton. Room at the inn for me in Birmingham? Lots of room. No one there. Jean and Joe on a Mississippi trip till October 4.

Jean terrific! Offered to have a key left at the house. I don’t want to do that. Ergo still searching for somewhere to escape if I must.

Got the car ready. Changed the oil. New windshield wipers. Checked air in tires.

I noticed Key West gas stations were crowded. No lines in the streets yet. Next, however.

Ordered hurricane food to be delivered this morning. Edibles that can be kept and eaten without cooking or refrigeration. Lots of water. In case I opt to stay home and get stuck.

Steve Thompson and buddies enjoyed life in the 1970’s. Those were the days. Steve wrote about what he described as a trip on Air Margaritaville.

Jimmy had a concert in Tampa one night. So a bunch of the Chart Room gang chartered a flight.

In the 70’s you could smoke on the plane. Something about this smoke did not smell the same. Suddenly the stewardess said, “Ok, you guys knock it off. The pilots are laughing and smelling the pot!”

Spirit is off the rocks and on a flatbed. All to Guy’s relief, I’m sure.

Families are not what they used to be. More and more are dysfunctional. Especially from the children’s end. Adult children are cutting their parents off with more frequency.

The technical description is “emotional cutoff.”

No contact.

The problem works in reverse also. Some parents initiate the cutoff.

A 2020 study revealed 1 in 4 Americans are “estranged” from their families. Amounts to about 70 million in the U.S.

Margaret Thatcher was a tough British Prime Minister. Effective. Considered one of the best British Prime Ministers in modern times.

Gender could have had something to do with it. She is recalled having said: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

My “hurricane groceries” just delivered. Jaqueline is my delivery person. She said Publix was packed, people were stripping the shelves quickly.

I hope Ian misses the Keys. Hurricanes are no fun. I’m not in the mood for another Irma.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Hi Lou,

    You can come stay with us, if you want. Although you’ll need to drive to Cleveland. Let me know.

    BTW – thought you’d get a kick out of a couple of terms I found regarding those mysterious deaths in Russia. Some are calling those “Tall Building Syndrome” others call it “Terminal Velocity Poisoning.”

    I think both are pretty creative.


    • Thank you.

      I just spoke to my son in law Corey Malcom. He understands these things. He was concerned till this morning Latest word is Ian will pass 70 miles west of the Tortugas. About 100 miles from Key West. He thinks it is moving west. Whatever. Problem is this one came up quick and media down here has been panicsville.

      Thank you again for your generous offer. You never know.

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