Good bye Ian. Glad to see you are going to pass us by.

First off, I have to concede I was panicking. The weather releases concerned me. Key West was as close to the center of the cone as possible. Even when the cone began drifting westward, Key West remained near center.

Now Key West is totally out of the cone. God bless! Hooray!

Many Key Westers shared my concern. My grocery person Jaqueline told me yesterday morning Publix was crazy. People grabbing everything they could off the shelves. A few Key West friends called. They said the talk in town was crazy…..looked like we were in for it.

Then everything changed.

I should have known better. So should everyone else. The reason for the panic was again the cone. Too large, too soon. I hope some discussion follows and the cone problem does not occur again. It was the media over reporting, over dramatizing an event.

Two things came out of this scenario for me. One good, one bad.

My car got some minimal updating. The good.

The bad is I have groceries, most of which I do not normally eat.

I purchased groceries based on what I would need if I remained. In 30 years, I have only left twice. Georges in 1998 and Irma 5 years ago. So I am aware that when one stays, the person remains without electric power. Means no electricity. No water a problem also. The first two items to go.

Food planning involves what need not be kept refrigerated or cooked. My choice potato chips, pretzels, crackers, peanut butter, jam chocolate pudding cups that need not be refrigerated, Hershey chocolate bars, American bread and bananas. My normal diet only includes the bananas and the American bread. I also purchased 6 cases of water. Twenty four 16 ounce bottles to each. Plus 36 16 ounce bottles of Diet Pepsi.

I already have flashlights and candles.

All left for me to do was fill the bathtub with water. To flush the toilets.

American bread because it lasts a couple of weeks without turning green. Store made bread molds fast.

I am not disappointed that Ian will not be visiting. I do feel a sympathy for those he will, however.

Steve Thompson tells the story of a bar called Monster. Way before my Key West time. An interesting place however in the late 1970’s and into the early 1980’s till AIDS hit.

In the late 70’s Seth and Sven opened the Monster Bar. It was the foremost Key West hangout by far.

Some of the hottest girls were there every day. They didn’t get harassed cause it was mostly gay. The local studs said they were friends of Schwinns. To get past the doorman cause they couldn’t pronounce Sven.

All the best bands and entertainers were there. Everyone partied without a care. Famous people from all over the Keys. The Village People and every celebrity.

It seemed like there was no end in sight. Then someone shot Seth in the head one night. Thank God he survived and was able to come back. But no one was ready for the next whack.

It was now the eighties and everything was opening up. When locals were getting sick going, “what the____?” Nobody knew what was going on. But everyone knew something was wrong. AIDS scared everyone to death as it should. And that was the end of Monster for good.

Ian obviously a concern to many in Florida. Over on the east cast at Cape Canaveral for the third proposed launch of Artemis I scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Canceled again. This time due to a hurricane scare rather than the previous two hydrogen problems.

This is the final day of the Presidents Cup.

The U.S. leads 11-7. Twelve single matches scheduled. Needed to win 15.5 points.

The International team closed the gap yesterday by winning 3 of the last 4 matches. It seems like an impossible task for the International team to win 8.5 points today. Means win 8 matches and tie 1. Compared to the U.S. only needing 4.5 points. However one never knows. Hope springs eternal. Never say never. Though I doubt the Internationals will even come close.

Enjoy your Sunday!









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