The trip itself was a heavy load for Guy DeBoer to bear. Recovery of his boat Spirit may be even more.

Recovery begins today. Ongoing as I write. The first task is to remove it from the rocks. How long, how difficult, I do not know.

The next step will be where Guy does the repairs. In Spain or France? Apparently France has better facilities.

All I know for the moment.

The big news item for the next few days is the hurricane. What hurricane? Does not have a name yet, nor is it even a tropical storm. However the experts have warned us. It will cover southern Florida. The cone shows it sweeping widely over the lower Keys as a Category 2.

More will be known over the weekend.

The problem is if it hits, it will do so Tuesday or Wednesday. Not much time to get ready and get out of Dodge.

Syracuse football tonight. The Orange play Virginia at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse is 3-0, Virginia 2-1. Syracuse a 10.5 point favorite.

Game time 7 pm.

I went to Walgreens yesterday morning for my booster and flu shots. Booster frozen and would not be thawed till afternoon. I decided to return this morning and get both shots at one time.

Spent most of the afternoon watching the President’s Cup. U.S.A. 4-1 at the end of the afternoon. A big deal, yet not. The European team is less experienced and talented because of LIV.

My feet are better. Jungle voodoo works. Have a heavy session scheduled for this afternoon.

A full plate today.

Enjoy your day!


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