Thousands of national guard readying Washington for the Inauguration. Many also at state capitals throughout the nation. Trump having 3 days left in his Presidency and everyone wondering what he will do before leaving.

All important.

A change of pace is in order, however. A day off before the proverbial s–t hits the fans.

Leading topic for today Roosters!

I have written about roosters at least a dozen times over the years. They are part and parcel of Key West. I am motivated to write about them again this morning.

I live on the golf course. Not in Key West, on Stock Island. Lovely homes. Pristine neighborhoods. No chickens. They would not dare enter our peaceful sanctuary.

One has. Two mornings in a row I have heard the cock a doling do of a rooster. Sounds only 2-3 houses away.

Most think roosters cock a doodle do because they are waking the world as the sun rises. Not so. Roosters cock a doodle do off and on all day.

The reason simple. One that affects human males as well. The rooster wants sex. He wants to get laid. He is announcing to hens that he is on his way.

Roosters are sexual beings. Too much for the hens. Watch some time when you hear a cock a doodle do. The hens will run like hell in the  opposite direction from the oncoming rooster.

Can’t blame the hens. The gestation period is only 29 days. The hens would be pregnant all the time.

Rudy Giuliani won’t give up. He must be back in Trump’s good graces and getting paid again. Most certainly because Trump thinks he needs him.

Giuliani announced yesterday he was working on Trump’s impeachment defense. I nod my head in disbelief.  The issue is going to be incitement/conspiracy causing sedition.

Giuliani said he would argue the voter fraud claim.

He and Trump should give up. That issue is dead and buried. To resurrect it for the impeachment trial would definitely lead to Trump’s inevitable defeat.

Louis says: Giuliani will be as successful with the election fraud issue as he was with the Ukraine/Biden one.

Congress’ Pistol Packin’ Mama. The Anne Oakley of the House of Representatives. New Republican Congresswoman from Colorado Lauren Boebart.

The lady from Colorado continues to make news. Her “rap” sheet as well as that of her husband Jayson are at the revelation stage.

Her extreme gun rights mentality revealed itself this week. Speaker Pelosi ordered House metal detectors. The Congresswoman was obstinate. She refused to go through one.

Note also she tweeted on January 6 just before the riot: “Today is 1776.”

One of Boebart’s problems is she has no respect for the law. She does not like being told what to do and in many instances will fight long and hard before she does. Her lack of respect is obvious.

In 2015, she plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge. She missed 2 court appearances along the way.

In 12/16, she was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle. She rolled her truck into a ditch.

Boebart failed to appear in court one month later. She had to be arrested some 3 months later to make sure she showed up in court. She pled guilty to operation of an unsafe vehicle. The careless driving charge was dropped.

Going back to 9/10, she was arrested after a neighbor claimed Boebart’s 2 pit bulls attacked her dog. She pled guilty to permitting her dogs to be at large.

Husband Jayson was arrested for exposing his penis to 2 women at a bowling alley. Lauren was 17 at the time and present. Jayson pled guilty to indecency and lewd exposure. He was sentenced to 4 days in jail and 2 years probation.

In 2/04, a domestic violence charge was levied against him by his still girl friend Laura Boebart. Jayson received 7 days in jail.

Lauren and Jayson were married in 2005, remain married, and are the parents of 4 children.

Charges were levied in 5/04 against Lauren herself for in effect beating up Jayson. She scratched his face and chest and trashed his residence. She was charged with 3rd degree assault, criminal mischief, and underage drinking.

The final disposition of the case is unknown. Because Boebart was considered by law an infant at the time, the record is sealed.

The Republican Party is faced with a major decision. One it has to make: Whether it is the party of Lincoln or the party of Trump.

The Keys vaccine problem has not resolved itself. None available. No different than anywhere else in the country. Trump “misspoke” when he advised the government had held in reserve thousands of doses to be used for second shots.

Biden announced a few days ago he was going to release the “reserve doses”. Put them to use now. He would make sure the second shots were available when needed.

Copy cat Trump announced the next day he would do the same thing.

Then came the announcement by the Trump people that there were no 2nd doses being held in reserve.

The U.S. is fortunate Trump will be out of power in 3 days. He and his cohorts remind me of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

Biden’s proposed stimulus package is $1.9 trillion.

Trump advises he will increase the $600 stimulus to $2,000. Those who have already received the $600 will receive an additional $1,400.

Obama spent a lot of money. Increased the national debt significantly. Trump outpaced him. What with the tax cut for the rich, the wall, the military, coronavirus, and what have you.

Biden inherits a national debt higher than at any time in the history of the U.S. Podcaster Michael Snyder recently addressed the U.S. debt problem: “If we continue destroying the U.S. dollar at current pace, toilet paper will eventually be more valuable than U.S. dollars.”

Biden has no choice. People must be taken care of during COVID-19. However at some point after the virus is behind us, significant thought has to be given to reducing the nation’s huge debt.

People have to understand that when the U.S. does not have all the dollars it spends, it must borrow. From governments like China. There is no choice. Money is going out faster than it is coming in.

Enjoy your Sunday!

34 comments on “A ROOSTER

    • Why do you think Rudy is just like chickens? Or is that Chickens can get you a Pardon. Hard to understand what you are trying to get at.

  1. The money Obama spent was to cover the mess he was left with after 8 years of irresponsible Republicans. This included further tax cuts, those Republicans enacted, which came due in 2009. Obama’s burden was about the worst ever face by an American president, since Roosevelt.

    What Trump faced replacing Obama was a fully recovered country/economy growing at a very good rate. He’s managed to stifle and ruin all that, with reckless spending designed to fave mostly just him.

    What we are now faced with is not just an economy in real trouble with even greater debt ridden limitations, but a political system in tatters and a very poor reputation in the world.

    Biden has an even tougher task to turn things around than did Clinton or Obama, all having faced failed predecessors, and a batsh*t opposing party. Nevertheless. It is our only hope for a future. True Americans must close their eyes, pinch their noses and try and work together and make this work. It is not the time to critize every little thing the crackpots try and make out of these next four years

    • Obama began his administration by signing a $831 billion recovery act which was only marginally effective because much of it was misdirected or misused. Biden promises to begin with a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. The 1.9 trillion is far, far more than needed to send every American $2000, continue unemployment programs and bail out every small business that lost money during the pandemic. Where will the rest of it go? Will there be a public discussion? Or will a Democratic Congress simply rubber stamp Biden’s stimulus package?

      BTW: A trillion dollars is a line of one dollar bills stretching 96,906,656 miles, further than the distance between the earth and the sun. Biden wants to spend nearly twice that much in his first month in office. Think about that!

      • I will not listed here, but check online to see how much of the stimulus package goes to other countries. It is disgusting

        • real JustSaying – I’m sorry to see that someone (guess who) is now posting on Lou’s blog using your monikor (JustSaying). I suspect most people know this is not you. But we all know that and we all know who’s doing it.

          Please keep posting, even if you need to use a different tag name. Your real posts have been a blessing here and welcome by the same people who come here.

          • There are many sad things on display over the past 4 years, Trump, the misguided who support him, seditionists storming the Capitol and the Republican co-conspirators in government who enabled all that mess. This imposter is a residual of this dark period in our countries history. As I have said many times here you will know when I post as I am staunchly anti Trump and Trumpism. ByeDon2021- America is back

      • At least Biden is doing something. A Republican government, including Trump, got us into this situation, and YOU two slackers supported that with blind admiration. Now we have Biden doing something to fix the mes we are in and all’s you can do is politically attack him with weak and phony arguments. Perhaps you should spend your time on the pithy pity blogs where you will at leased be appreciated.

  2. Hey Sandy Feet – A couple of days ago, you used Lou’s blog to specifically complain that our government was “Lynching” people. I believed you said that in two different posts.

    I also remember that someone(s) asked you to name those people lynched and your source for that.

    Everybody knows that “lynching” is a serious word, with racial overtones, and shouldn’t be used carelessly or frivolously. Why have you not answered that reasonable request to identify who was lynched? Could this be that it was just not true and only something YOU made up?

    If it wasn’t true, why did you use that specific word and why did YOU accuse the United States Government of lynching people?

    Furthermore, why have you not explained why you did this, or bothered to apologize for having done something so stupid. Do you think that free speech should cover YOU falsely accuse the Federal government for “Lynching” people, when it isn’t true?

    It seems to me that you are out of control and maybe should even punished for making such such wild and inaccurate outbursts. How would you feel if anyone of us accused your wife or mother of being a serial xyz?

  3. GOP hindsight is 20-20. Congress people inside the Capitol during the siege feared that they might have been about to face a violent death caused by their President. There is no way to brush off or minimize that fact.

    • Except Republicans, and people who are Republicans but are now deny they are, are ignoring Trump’s role in that violent raid at the capitol are instead bashing Palosi for weak capitol security. The craziness of the GOP and their unwillingness to accept responsibility is beyond belief.

  4. Too bad Jerry Nadler isn’t VP-he’d make a great Jabba the Hutt with very little make up.
    though he isn’t as warm-Jerry that is..

    • Sandy is Sandy Feet, a notoriously nasty and racist troll, who posts on this blog, always with dishonest and smeary nonsense, just to try and start fights.

      Lou’s blog has unfortunately mostly become Sandy’s (and those who respond to him) exclusive stomping ground of false and irrelevant information, of and old grumpy Republican who lies on just about every issue he posts.

    • The “Empire Strikes Back” was a great movie with a positive sentiment and an appropriate reference to Biden’s Inauguration Festivities. Let’s hope it is a foreboding to four years of prosperity and peace. America will recover and we will be respected again, with his good leadership and intellect.

  5. Lindsey wants to call off the impeachment and “let the Nation heal”. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Trump’s “patriots” to “heal”.

    • Agreed. If Biden wants to deliver a speech somewhere outside of the Capitol in the future (let’s say Detroit, for example) he will need those 25 thousand troops again.

      • Well, Joe will find a way and do it wit style, as usual. He’s a good man and will do it with style. People will get to know him and trust him with time and then he waon’t need so many troops

  6. I had a great dinner in Key West last night. We visited Cafe Sole on Southard Street. I had the Grouper, which was delicious, but it was the Angels on Horseback appetizer that was the real delight. Not sure if you’ve been there Lou, but our waiter was so polite, which made or time they’re so special.

    • Pretending is a very high form of flattery-Thank You. Or was it just an other lie.
      I did go to Sole several years ago but it was hard parking as it is any place down. When to their old place on White St. The new place was very good and reasonable. But Parking rates will go up again by the end of Year to pay for the airport since no ships are in. Also military spending will be down and drug hunts, it is easier to control a pot heads as a cut in federal $. That will be good for Lue fewer flights over the course. And we will be in an other war some were so more troops over there. And again thank the prior Sandy for the flattery. The China Bug canceled the day at the hill. Does any one remember the of kids under 1yr who died this past year in KW?

  7. Louis, perhaps it is time to effect a login platform with username and pazzword(sic) for your blog. There seems to be an adolescent or two here who enjoy hijacking posting monikers. ByeDon201- America is back.

  8. And just like that, our major cities like New York are reopening businesses again. Following the successful Florida example. The timing is a little suspicious though.

  9. Waiting to hear that the Capitol riot never happened but was staged with actors in Hollywood by liberals to make Trump look bad.

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