What happened January 6 was reflective of a banana republic. I fear Biden’s inauguration will be even worse.

I limit my concerns today to those legislators and staff who may have assisted the insurgents before or during the attack. It is becoming increasingly clear that some assisted.

All traitors in the highest sense. They deserve execution. If so, it should be done in banana republic form. Line them up against a wall and shoot them dead.

Or, 20 years in jail. Either sentence proper retribution for the evil done.

Ongoing investigations suggest some elected officials and/or staff were involved. Terrorist experts are convinced January 6 was an “inside job.” The insurgents knew where they were going once they were in the capitol building. A left here, a right there, through door 3 down, etc.

I zero in one one Congresswoman thought so be involved in anti-American play. A pistol packing gun totting Republican from Colorado. This is only the beginning of her first term

Lauren Boebert carried a gun in Colorado. Thought she could do the same in Washington. Announced before her arrival let them try to stop me, I have my Constitutional rights.

The police told her she could not. She seemed to be obeying. Went 2 days with no gun.

Apparently Boebert is not all that popular with some of her Colorado constituents. A number joined in a letter to Congressional leadership saying they had a “deep concern about her actions leading up to and during the protests that turned into a deadly mob.”

Her tweets during the attack at the Capitol appear to be the most serious.

She encouraged “mob mentality” before the 6th.

Her tweets the day of the attack unforgivable. It is claimed she tweeted the location of certain lawmakers as the Capitol was being breached.

Twenty five thousand national guardsmen are being brought into Washington for Biden’s inauguration. Many have already arrived. There to support the Washington Police, Capitol Police, Sergeant at Arms, FBI and Secret Service.

The word is that January 6 at the Capitol was a “dress rehearsal.” The insurgents were told not to carry guns. However, Inauguration Day another story. The insurgents have had their training and are ready to go.

I believe violence should be met with violence. However in retaliation, the violence returned should be more than that first inflicted. The only way to defeat an enemy generally requires a superior force.

Many peacemakers frown on violence. Turn the other cheek. Sorry, I can’t buy it. Kick the opposition in the ass as swiftly as possible and destroy them in the process.

Yes, violence begets violence. Violent behavior does promote other violent behavior in return. My suggestion again the the violence in return be superior and do the enemy in as much as possible. Such includes not only additional violence, but also death or severe jail sentences for those involved.

Note the insurgents are the ones who acted first here. No problem in destroying them. Forget not Matthew 26:52…..”All who draw the sword shall die by the sword.”

God is good! He takes too long in providing justice. However, he’s the Boss and it’s His way.

The NRA. That wonderful gun protecting organization. The one that cared less for the many children and adults killed over the years.

They filed for Bankruptcy friday. Chapter 11. Which means there will be a restructuring, etc. so the NRA continue in business. It also means the NRA is broke and cannot pay all of its bills at this time.

The NRA’s home is New York. That is where the NRA should have filed its Bankruptcy papers. Instead, they filed in Texas. The State of New York is pursuing a fraud case against the NRA.

The NRA not to be done, accuses New York of a “corrupt political and regulatory environment.”

The New York fraud case claims CEO Wayne LaPierre and high level staff diverted the non-profit group’s dollars to luxury vacationing, private jets and more.

The NRA deserves to be gotten from every conceivable side. It made its bed over the years.

Some are advising Trump to declare martial law. With 4 days left in his term. A vindictive move if he does it. It would involve big time shooting of Americans, one against the other.

Trump is going out in a blaze of glory. An event he probably is the only one who thinks he deserves it.

Trump plans to leave Washington in the morning on January 20. By leaving before noon when his term is over, he does not need to ask Biden for permission to use Air Force One.

His destination Florida and Mar-a-Lago. His residence, unless his Florida neighbors are successful in preventing him from living in Mar-a-Lago.

Trump has master minded his departure.

A military band, red carpet, military honors, a farewell speech, and 21 gun salute.

Showman to the end!

Enjoy your day!




  1. That Greene witch is another one. Qanon to the core. Refused a mask while in close confinement with that Republican smirk on her face.

  2. Sounds like we have a much bigger problem than just “outside” insurgents. Trump really “drained the swamp,” didn’t he. Not. Hope they get all the bastards, inside and out of the Capitol, and prosecute them to the nth degree. What the hell is wrong with people!?

  3. The number of troops which have been called up in every State and DC by the in charge politicians make me wonder what the government has done to be so afraid of it’s citizens. I am now concerned that so many troops are on the streets of all our States out of fear of some type of uprising. The FBI looks to be the source of all this information. But where was the information just a few days ago on the 6th. Is the elected members afraid of an up rising or are the elected officials letting us general citizens know how strong they are?

    • Sandy is a dishonest troll that just can’t tell the truth. He also has serious comprehension problems and is a simpleton when trying to spin things out side the truth. As an example he says he wonders “what the government has done to be so afraid of it’s citizens” when even children on the street all across the country know that the government is afraid because of what the people HAVE already done and promised to do again!

      The troops on the street have been authorized to use ‘lethal force’and will probably do so if necessary.

      Sandy – What part of reality do you not understand?

      SANDY – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, get out of the way!

      • I have seen a lot of changes of parties in DC but I have never seen such a display of armed soldiers in DC and in State Capital’s. Tell me when have you seen such a display in State Capitals OR have been told of such a display. Even here in Florida. Have you had any reports of folks out side of Florida’s capital ready to storm it? Why are being told this if it is not true?? And the source is The government. Do they have true knowledge or do the what us to think we are being saved from some thing.
        Why are some States saying to stay away from the seat of power? That was never said at any other change of president. If every State thinks they are in for it , we could be in for it. Or is the government enforcement agency not telling the whole story. What is going to happen when we are being told to stay away. What is the real problem?

        • Because we are in the middle of an violent insurrection lead by a tyrannical crackpot president who refuses to accept that he has be legally voted out of office?

          Because reliable government sources (not FOX NEWS), whose job it is to says so.

          The real problem is YOU Sandy, and others like you, who last time (Jan 6), refused to believe similar warnings and got a bunch of people killed.

          What’s wrong with you Sandy?


          • I was not in charge of the capital police. Nancy and Mitch are. The capital police chief ask 3 times for extra security but was not given extra police by Nancy P and Mitch.
            That was on CNN Maria

            • Nancy and Mitch DID call the police and apparently called for the national Guard, Military and anyone else who would listen – both BEFORE and during the attack. None of THEM are controlled by Nancy or Mitch, but are by trump. It was refused, or they dragged their feet – that’s all NOW being investigated. Odd that Trump changed several of those people in the weeks leading up to the problem.

              The facts surrounding this debacle are still not known, but there are several questionable areas to be sorted out.

              But the one issue that IS known is that Nancy and Mitch did their jobs and YOUR statement is factually wrong.

              Are you the only person who doesn’t know what happened? Why can’t you get ANYTHING right.

      • I under stand this:
        “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” – President Ronald Reagan

        “Help is on the way.” – Joe Biden

        • Don’t forget, RONALD REAGAN invaded Grenada, with evidence HE said endangered America, 19 Americans died. It turns out that he wasn’t the brightest Republican ever to use clever political phrases and then prove to be often full of sh*t.

          I don’t understand what your post is supposed to mean, But “Help on the Way” seems to be more appropriate to our present danger with these Right Wing Republican lunatics threatening local capitols (like they did with Portland and Lansing and Washington D.C.) recently

          • I was in Grenada just before that time on a cruse. There were cops all over with guns. The taxi cab driver would not let us take pictures. He told us we would arrested as spies.
            Nice island except for the guys with guns. Just like America now.

            • Sounds like most Latin American Countries at that time.

              And what America has become under Trump’s rule. Thank God he’s leaving and let’s hope we can restore our dignity and respect.

              This right wing Fascist rule, just doesn’t work, we need to restore our democracy.

  4. Sandy you are told to stay home because there is evidence of organized trouble. What part of that reality don’t YOU understand?

    Like when there is a hurricane coming – only this time it’s mean people wearing Viking hats, who want to have a tantrum and sit at your desk and take your lectern and kill cops and leave pipe bombs and defecate on the floor.

    If these people get their way, you will only be able to watch FOX News on TV.

    Does that help? Do you “Get it” now?

  5. We have 25 thousand troops in DC to prevent violence while Joe Biden is inaugurated. The Secret Service is now frantically trying to figure out how to plan for future events. If Biden decides to make a speech in some other city, should all 25 thousand troops go with him? Or would a mere 10 thousand be enough?

    • Then why are their 9,000,000 new gun owners this year of 2020. Why are people afraid. I did not block interstates this summer, lay siege to a federal court house in Washington for 100 days, not let police in to an area of a major city. Destroy a major section of NYC and attack senators in DC this summer after the a convention.
      Nothing was done then As has been revealed some of the 200 arrested for Jan 6th uprising were named by law enforcement as being at the above list riots.

      • Because having guns is good for the radical Rignt, and they’re now proving that.

        YES 200 arrested, NOT ONE SINGLE ANTFI.

        The 100 day riots in Washington were 100 days of protests that turned into riots when the Right wing goons showed up and turned everything violent. Tons of evidence to this and to similar situations in other places, especially Minneapolis.

        Let’s not forget the violence in Portland stopped the very same day Trump removed his aggressive private army.

        Sandy, you are not only poorly informed, but you are knowingly deceptive with the spin you always want to give with your dishonest and misleading posts.

        • John Sullivan on CNN and ABC stated he was in Utah on July 7th riots and in DC. He was arrested law enforcement who released this info. It is just starting. Yes Antfi was there along with other trouble makers.

  6. if you want to get to the bottom of bizarre conspiracy theories then Let the government tell us what they know and bring in the trouble makers. In stead they go along with the shut downs by their big business friends and keep us street folk in hiding.

    • Nonsense. If you really were more knowledgeable about the facts and NOT just running your mouth off about what YOU wanted to happen, than you would post this garbage.

      You would also know that many of these theories ARE now being investigated and that it’s looking more and more like a lot of this was preplanned.

      But you need to wait until all of this is all looked at before you start running off with your crazy accusations.

      Maybe you’ll see why even Trumps government is doing the right thing now to protect us from our fellow treasonous and misguided Americans

      • Why wait we did not wait to impeach trump did we.
        I am look up and down Duval St for them. checking each bar.
        Could be a great T shirt.

  7. Wrong again. America waited to impeach Trump the first time, until the evidence was overwhelming. The Senate never tried him, avoiding their duty altogether. The second impeachment however, was done when the evidence of his crimes became apparent, waiting any longer would have been wrong and impractical.

    And why are you are looking up and down Duval Street (and for what) is both stupid and dubious, considering how many times you have said you rarely come to Key West and how much you hate it when you do.

    Besides, why do you even bother to post all this garbage Sandy, no one believes any of what you say anyhow.

  8. Sandy is a cheap troll who has no grasp of the truth yet is always willing to spread untrue conspiracies, he pulls out of his azz anytime he wants to change the subject and start a fight.

    On January 9th, the FBI. inquiry into Clinton “wrongdoings,” spurred on by disingenuous Republicans, officially ended without any results or charges.

    It is hard to over emphasize how much Sandy feet and people like him are responsible for the state this country is in right now with their BS garbage, like the Clinton investigation, intended to distort reality and incite chaos.

    For god sake s fool, we have bigger problems, you yourself helped to make, than to listen to you rail on about a problem that never existed in the first place.

    Get over yourself Sandy, you are just a jerk, nothing more.

      • Sandy – Trump is still in office as is HIS government. Gas, food costs and all our “bigger problems” are STILL on him.

        Your obvious smear campaign is starting a little early, even for an ignorant republican, isn’t it?

        • I have stated several times “I am not a Republican” Read it 4X if you have to. Just look at the prices on The Owens gas station. By the way can you define “Ignorant”. What was the cost of bacon last summer? Just think about all the medics who could be giving shots in the arm now. Name calling will not lower the cost of energy will it.

          • Sandy, you can deny the obvious all you want, but your words and actions define you more than any label you yourself want to use. We all appreciate that you don’t want to call yourself a Republican anymore, and that’s understandable, even though it’s a cheap and cowardly way cop out. But hey, that’s you in a nut shell.

            Don’t the rant part of your post, but then again apparently neither do you. Trump owns America right now and EVERYTHING bad about it. NOT just the parts you say he’s responsible for, or not.

            YOU Sandy, are why America is in the trouble it’s in. You are not smart enough to recognize that, let alone accept it, but please understand the rest of the WORLD knows it and that’s why you are so criticized and despised.

  9. “Today, the NRA announced a restructuring plan that positions us for the long-term and ensures our continued success as the nation’s leading advocate for constitutional freedom – free from the toxic political environment of New York. “The plan can be summed up quite simply: We are DUMPING New York, and we are pursuing plans to reincorporate the NRA in Texas.

    • Nah, Lou would never bee a conservative or even a Conservative. He has a brain and is not interested in shooting people or overthrowing the government. Besides, he respects the Constitution.


        • Your disrespect for Lou is incredible, only exceeded by your comprehension and writing abilities and total ignorance of the facts.

          Grow up Sandy, infantile ignorance and childish outbursts are why no one can believe anything you post.

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