Today is a federal holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

It marks King’s birthday. He was born January 15, 1929. Note that it is not being celebrated on the 15th. Rather on the 18th. The reason why is in 1968 the Uniform Monday Holiday Act became law. Its purpose to allow federal holidays to contain a Monday so citizens would enjoy a long weekend.

Unfortunately King’s life was short lived. He died on April 4, 1968 at the age of 39 from an assassin’s bullet.

King was a Baptist minister and a leader of the American civil rights movement in the 1950s and ’60s. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. The youngest person ever to be so recognized.

His speeches and actions were many. The one speech that sticks in everyone’s memory is I Have A Dream which he gave on August 28, 1963.

Unfortunately, the Black problem continues to exist. Things are better, but still horrible. The shootings by police a perfect example.

Two passages from I Have A Dream note the condition of Blacks in 1963 as opposed to today. Yes, there have been many advances. Never the less, the problem still exists. The problem being one rotten to the core.

King said “…..the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself in exile in his own land.”

Piercingly true then and now.

He further noted, “We can never be satisfied as the Negro is the victim of unspeakable horrors of police brutality.”

Nothing has changed.

The last portion of King’s speech dwelled on his “I Have A Dream” thoughts. Eleven all toll. Each right on. Unfortunately not many have been achieved. The Black community is still striving for equality.

I picked one line out of the middle of King’s speech. One that we as a people and our government have forgotten: “The time is always right to do what is right.”

King has been acknowledged both in life and death. Perhaps the greatest is his place in the National Mall. His huge statue stands among the greatest of Americans.

His closest nearby neighbors reflect such. He is surrounded by the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

Wednesday is Inauguration Day. Different from others of the modern era. Citizens will not be jamming the streets. No parade afterwards with the now President Biden and his family. Twenty five thousand National Guardsmen, in addition to thousands of other police types, from many jurisdictions to protect our new President.

Too bad it has to be this way. However, we would be foolish not to recognize the clear and present danger and protect all involved from it. Especially after what occurred last week with the attack on the Capitol.

Every day the media comes up with videos of the attack which have not been seen. Newly discovered, so to speak. Each worse than the previous. Each scary. My America!

Luke Mogelson is a war correspondent. He shot a 13 minute video which I saw for the first time this morning. Shocking footage. An obscenity.

Eight to ten thousand insurgents were involved in the attack on the Capitol. Thousands more will be involved in the next attack. Supposedly wednesday. However noting the defensive planing, the insurgents might select a different day.

A new issue has arisen. It is suspected that the insurgent poison runs deep. There is a fear that the National Guard troops in DC could have members who in reality are on the side of the insurgents. A group to attack from the inside.

The FBI is vetting all 25,000. God bless them! That’s a lot of vetting. However such is part of their job/training and supposedly will be successfully accomplished.

Giuliani is consistently in the news.

Two days ago, he announced he was part of the Trump impeachment defense team. His ball to carry the alleged fraudulent ballots problem which resulted in a Biden victory rather than a Trump one.

Yesterday, he announced he could not be a defense counsel in the matter because he was a witness. Recall Giuliani spoke at the rally prior to the attack.  “Trial by combat” were part of his closing words.

The man will never learn to keep his mouth shut. He is going to end up in trouble. He has danced well up to this point. I would bet money he is one of the many Trump will pardon tomorrow.

Lindsey Graham is a whore. If not, incompetent. Or, perhaps both.

Four years ago he was against Trump and labeled him with all sort of competency, mentality, etc. insults.

Along the way they became friends. Such occurred soon after John McCain’s death.

Today Graham and Lindsey are, and please excuse the vernacular, “asshole buddies.”

During the time immediately following the Capitol attack, Graham was out there spewing how terrible, something has to be done, etc. Yesterday his tune changed. News indicates he called Schumer and told him the impeachment trial should be called off. The reason: To “let the nation heal.”

Where has Lindsey been the last 2 years? Flying on Air Force One and playing golf with Trump.

There is a suspicion pardons may be up for sale. Not right. Not even close to being right.

Dollar figures from $200,000 to $2 million have been mentioned.

That is not the way it is supposed to be done. It very well may be under Trump. I for one would want the payments noted and what portion went to who. Let’s keep it honest folks!

Biden’s plate is full. He has a ton of problems that must be dealt with. Some sooner than later. I am sure the problems will be prioritized and addressed in that fashion.

All of a sudden, there is a new immigration issue. Reared its ugly head in the past 72 hours.

A caravan of immigrants from Honduras is heading for the U.S. Biden during the campaign had promised to take of take care of immigrants. He did not say right away nor when.

Where 9,000 came from and why now during inauguration week puzzles me. They have crossed or are in the process of crossing into Guatemala. Mexico next. Then the U.S.

Not our headache till Biden says so. And he will not “take care” of them as Trump did.

This 9,000 person caravan has to have been organized. Impossible to get 9,000 people to get together for a trip from Honduras to the U.S. overnight.

Enjoy your day!

45 comments on “I HAVE A DREAM…..

    • As a Republican I just want to say I am deeply sorry for what happened to Martin Luther King and wish to apologize on behalf of all my fellow Republicans for our part in causing this to happen. It was wrong, we were wrong and I’m sorry it ever happened.

  1. I don’t care what anybody says. I believe Riley Williams is a good gal and that she meant no harm by taking Nancy’s laptop from her office and sending it to Russia where it could be sold. I’m sure she did this only to show the Russians that Nancy had no plans to threaten Russia in any way and that in fact her personal computer had no mention of anything Russia, whatsoever.

    I believe Ms. Williams is a patriot and her actions with Nancy’s computer was an act of patriotism, nothing else and I am sure that Riley will voluntarily cooperate with all the authorities in getting to the bottom of this matter.

  2. Lou seems chagrined that there were sympathizers among the Capitol Police, National Guard and even members of Congress. This simply shows that there are deeply rooted feelings on both sides. One person’s sympathizer is another person’s rebel, and they came face to face at the Capitol. Sounds a lot like the beginnings of the American Civil War doesn’t it?

    • No, it only proves there are tragically ill-informed and easily led people on ONE side.

      Unlike the civil war, where those on the south were following deeply rooted, yet tragically ‘unjust’ and wrong ‘feelings’ and how’d that work out?

      Twisting history, or even today’s different situation, is not likely to have any bet5er conclusion, White Supremacy and Fascist rule is not a a solution, it is a disease!

      • Thanks for making my point. The tragically ill-informed and easily led people are always on the other side, never on your side. Hence, a deeply divided nation. My reference to the Civil War is not out of context.

        • Not in this case cowboy – tragically ill-informed and easily led people are those that wish to restore power to the only person who has PROVEN he will restrict the rights of the people, as he did with the people in his own government and anyone else that got in HIS way, including the American people in general.

          Thees too are the very same people who are fighting for him because HE told them that the election was stolen, regardless that there is not a single bit of evidence that proves that in ANY of the 50 states.

          Twist that if you want to, but that only proves YOU have no open mind to the truth and are just part of an angry mob that, like a petulant child, is having a tantrum.

          This insurrection is a supremacists uprising by ironically foolish people who are in conflict with their own self interests. And it will NOT succeed.

          • Soldier #1 – Those damn Yankees are so stupid that they let the government tell them what to believe, and are then easily led into foolish acts that will only hurt them in the end.

            Soldier #2 – Those stupid Johnny Rebs are so gullible they let their so-called leaders fill them full of lies, and they are easily led into foolish acts that will only hurt them in the end.

            Soldier #1 – BANG!

            Soldier #2 – BANG!

            • You just don’t have a clue, do you?

              It is the same lies, because it is the same government. Smart people may not like the truth, but they accept it and act responsibly..

              Dumb people ignore the truth and embrace the lies and act accordingly, because the lies are what they want to hear. They then act out because things don’t go the way they want.

              YOU need to stop making everything fit your explanation learn to work with reality and not YOUR wishes. That’s how a fool works.

              • So based on post-election polls there are more than 50 million dumb people in the US? That seems like a lot to me. But I’m sure you must be right since you proclaim yourself to be one of the smart people. But I have to ask; what are you going to do with millions of dumb people?

                • YOUR conclusion (not the post-election polls) would be one interpretation, another would be 50 million completely gullible, completely foolish, or even completely stupid. And if you think otherwise let me say I would think YOU double stupid.

                  As far as your “Trick” question about what to do with 50 million “dumb” (your words, not mine) the 110 million, rest of us, are going to have to find some way of enlightening those 50 million, that letting Hate and Racism cloud their judgement of false facts is wrong and not a good way to spent their lives. Furthermore that violence as a method in getting “their own way, regardless” has it’s consequence.

                  Let me now ask you a question. What are YOU going to do with 50 million people who have chosen to “get this wrong” and now and now prefer violence to get even?

                • Do you mean those already holding public office, or all the rest? Fortunately, there is no need to do anything with them. They will continue to protest bad decisions by government and poor handling & improper validation of election returns. They will not stand silent.

    • And is why elected folks should be looking at them selves for this split. And if there is no move by both sides. It is their job to compromise. and if they can not we need to replace them. They should also as a working together group fix the voting loopholes, now

      • No, you’ve chosen racism, hate and violence, not acceptable for the majority of American people. You have abdicated your right to be able to make decisions for the rest of us. Besides you will not have time for anything but to hide from the backlash. The time is hear to pretend you are not a Republican and hope you can die in peace naturally.

      • Investigators are saying that the biggest single excuse used by those arrested for the violence at the Capitol, is because Donald Trump asked them to do this. Not because they themselves had a beef with how the government won;t do what THEY want them to do. Second biggest was because Pence wouldn’t do what Trump asked him yo do, nullify an honest election.

        Sandy, stop crying just because YOU can’t get YOUR way!

    • I don’t know why the Air Force, or who ever is in charge of Air Force One, doesn’t just say “NO” to Donald Trump’s request to fly him in that plane, to his private Club in Florida. What’s he going to do, fire somebody, sue somebody?

      Some say it costs in excess of $350,000 or more to do this. Surely Donald can afford a private jet at considerably less, or eve a first clazz commercial ticket. After all he’s only doing it as a stunt. Why can’t he do what all other presidents have done and have the new, incoming President extend that courtesy?

      Why are we and those insurrectionists loudmouths putting up with this?

      • Air Force One is operated by a special wing of the Air Force. It is reserved for the exclusive use of the President. Mission tasking is initiated by the White House and ordered by the Pentagon. That’s the law. As long as the flight begins before noon on Jan 20th itt is completely lawful for Trump to use the aircraft and crew. No one can say no, except the pilot in accordance with emergency procedures.

        Here’s an interesting side note though. At exactly noon Eastern time, the call sign of the aircraft will change from “Air Force One” to “Air Force 28000”. The flight crew will use the new call sign, and so will all control centers on the ground.

        • It’s the law?

          Trump never let “the law” get in his way, the whole point of the original post was, “so what.” If we just say no, what’s he going to do about it?

  3. Oh you are all so cruel to the man brought the vaccine for covert, low gas prices, closed boarders, etc. and now we treat like dirt. Just like Jesus, we cheered while he was in decline and christens are the worlds major religion. He has come back by Easter

    • Sandy you are truly screwed up. Trump had everything to do with bringing us Covid in the first place, completely screwing up anything to do with managing it and had NOTHING to do with bringing us any vaccine. Trumps involvement with Covid is in ALL ways as a hinderance and an obstacle. He himself said it was nothing but a Hoax and would be cone by march 2020. We would all have been better off if he had done nothing and just gotten out of the way and let real experts take care of it. You know that and yet you constantly choose cover and obscure the truth. May GOD strike you dead for your sins and willingness to spread lies.

      • God? You call on God to do your bidding when you kill his children while they are still unborn. And you expect god’s help!

        • ditto you with respect to your support with killing Capitol guards and other law enforcement officers.

          Your double standard any hypocrisy will be judged accordingly by that same God, as will your nasty racism and hate.

          Do the other members of your church know about you and your hate filled speech and false patriotism? Probably not, I’m sure you lie in church too. Creeps are like that

    • Sandy is a desperate toll who will twist anything to distort reality in his favor and start fights. John Sullivan is a “snowbird” in Florida, who would have had to travel back to NY to get vaccinated in NY, but was able to cut in line in Florida and get vaccinated ahead of those in need. NYS would not have allowed that.

      FL is notorious for allowing some (like Canadians) to get vaccinated, ahead of real Florida residents in real need.

        • It is amazing how willing you are Sandy to use other peoples monikers to respond to posts on Lou’s blog. It is also indicative of your dishonesty and corruptness.

        • It is also amazing to see how stupid you look when trying to smear a Democrat from New York, for getting a Covid vaccine in Florida, when it is your corrupt Governor and Health officials who are allowing him and others, like Canadians and probably Mexicans, Puerto Rican and any other person from out of state the same access. Lou and many other people here in the keys can’t get vaccinated, and you have no words at all for the same shame your corrupt Republican run Florida Government causing that inequity?

    • Donald John Trump is still our president. He will be our last one. Chairman Xiden will take the oath of office guarded by 25,000 soldiers.

      And razor wire.

      • Yes, unfortunate and ALL because Trump’s White Supremacists goons attacked the capitol attempting to overthrow the government, failed and are threatening to do that again during the inauguration of the legitimate incoming president.

  4. “Biden’s Climate Team: ‘Systemic Racism’ Is To Blame For Climate Change.”

    Now on top of everything else, climate change is racist.

    Of course, systemic racism also ate my homework, left the toilet seat up, and took the last donut. It is the Not Me of modern politics.

  5. Sandy Feet, Lou’s resident troll and frequent jerk, will go to any length, including post under other false names, to spread even ridiculous lies and distortions about his warped and dangerous friends.

  6. The Imperial Capital of the Federal Empire looks like it’s getting ready for a war.

    Wait until the military has to start swearing allegiance to the Fuhrer. I remember that happening somewhere before.

  7. False Flag Sandy – You had NO problem what so ever when YOUR Fuhrer demanded swearing total allegiance and submission!

    Your willingness for such a double standard SANDY the Troll, is beyond the pale and allegiance to a seditious vile and disgraced president, who is leaving office with the lowest approval rating in the History of America.

    We know where your allegiance is, better hide the flag

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