Sometimes my weekly KONK Life column takes longer than anticipated. Yesterday, I thought it would  be a breeze to get out. I was wrong. It took a couple of hours in the morning and four more in the afternoon.

The research had been done the day before.

It is not the basic writing that takes tine. It is the rewriting and editing. Especially, the rewriting. A word here, a line there, reorganization of paragraphs, etc.

Screwed up my day. I missed Don’s Place and watching pro football with Don and friends.

This blog reaches persons world wide. My podcast has a smaller audience. I suspect it is made up of  some blog readers but most are those that only listen to the show.

The KONK Life column is a different story. It reaches several thousand persons who I suspect neither read the blog or listen to the podcast.

There is sometimes an overlapping of material. I want to share what I consider the good stuff with everyone.

This week’s KONK Life column is A Peek At the Truth. Seven topics of misdeeds, wrongdoing, disagreeable activity, whatever. Some already commented on in this blog or my podcast. Some new. Each eye opening to some degree.

The William Hackley saga continues. Baby apparently well. No comment re Baby in two days. However, William’s leg a problem. Continues to be swollen from ankle to knee. He’s walking. It hurts. Used a liniment on it during the evening.

I had the problem once. Horrendous! Same area of the leg. Thought my leg was going to explode. A blood pressure problem for me. No mention of blood pressure in Hackley’s writing .

Medical care obviously and understandably not great in 1855.

Hillary is sick. She was diagnosed friday with pneumonia. Told few. Continued with her campaigning.

I watched her in an interview friday. Mentioned in saturday’s blog she did not come over well. Seemed to have slowed down. Thought it might be to contrast Trump. I mentioned at the end she could be sick.

She is sick. May she recover quickly.

Hopalong Cassidy died this day in 1972 at age 77. Hopalong’s true name was William Boyd. Boyd was a leading cowboy actor in movies of the 1930s.

TV superceded the movies in the years following World War II. Boyd played Hopalong Cassidy in a half hour TV show. His following primarily children. In 1950, Hopalong Cassidy was the seventh most popular TV show in America.

I did not contribute to Boyd’s success. I was a Gene Autry/Roy Rogers fan.

Tonight, Dueling Bartenders.

Enjoy your day!



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