9/11. Fifteen years ago. A moment in time that changed the world. The United States would never be the same.

Let us not forget.

It could happen again. We must ever be vigilant.

We must stop acting like assholes and start working together. As we did in the days following 9/11.

My KONK Life column this week will be different. There are things we should know that we do not. Generally, a failure by the media to keep us advised. We have been subjected to selective news reporting the past few years.

I will report on six items.

I write the column this afternoon. As usual, I have not decided on a title yet.

Tavern ‘n Town last night. Saturday. Bobby Nesbitt performing. His music mine of yesterday.

I was blessed. Sitting next to me were three interesting ladies. Mary, Lizabeth and Josefina. Except for Mary, we did not immediately enter into conversation. My fault. I was interested in reading the newspapers.

Mary is from Houston. Very much into Ryan Lochte. His handling an injustice. Lizabeth is a retired attorney. From where, I could not ascertain. I know nothing re Josefina. Perhaps a secretive woman.

I enjoyed my time with them. We talked about Dueling Bartenders. I suspect the ladies will be at Aqua’s front bar monday.

I continue to learn. Peary Court is frequently in the Key West news. I have always assumed it was named after some soldier or sailor who served long ago in Key West. It is. Named after Robert E. Peary who was stationed in Key West in the military in the 1880s.

What is so special about the name Peary? A housing development named after him. Had to be more.

Robert E. Peary of Peary Court fame is the same Robert E. Peary who years later was the first man to reach the North Pole.

That is a big deal!

The banks continue to make me sick! Too big to fail…..too big to prosecute. We never have arrested, tried and sent a banker of consequence to jail. Bankers receive preferential treatment.

It was announced in the past 48 hours that Wells Fargo stepped out of line again. Wells Fargo was one of the banks we had to bail out because of their wrongdoings in the mortgage debacle of 2008.

No one from Wells Fargo went to jail at that time. Nor does it appear anyone will this time. Our government’s course is to punish banks with big fines.

It does not make sense to me. Banks can afford to pay big fines. They make astronomical amounts of money. Especially when they cheat. A fine is not sufficient penalty for wrongdoing. Bank bigwigs know there will be no criminal punishment. Pay the dollars and move on.

I for one am sick and tired of banks and officers. Big time financial institutions and corporations getting away with all kinds of wrongdoing. They fear not. The fine will be paid. It does not come out of their pockets.

My solution is arrest a few banker CEOs. Charge them and try them. Then throw them in jail. It will bring bank wrongdoing to a glaring halt. Jail is personal. No banker will want to spend time incarcerated.

I want to get to Don’s Place this afternoon. Pro football time. Can watch the game with Don and friends. My time is tight because of the column. We shall see.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “9/11

  1. I remember 9/11 well. I was flying some folks to Boston that beautiful clear morning and was the next to last plane to land. Spent 3 nice days there before having to rent a car and drive back. Boston is a great town.

    To big to fail. There is a reason for what took place and its not hard to find. Just remember the NINJA loans and who was behind them.

  2. “The banks continue to make me sick! Too big to fail…..too big to prosecute. We never have arrested, tried and sent a banker of consequence to jail. Bankers receive preferential treatment.”

    As usual Lou you are spot on despite the brainwashed comments here. Too much FOX/Brietbart implosions on their minds I guess. The Bankers have succeeded in owning and brainwashing most people so they are now exempt from basically all rules.

    And I am no fan of their parties the donkey and elephant. All Kabuki Theater for the dumb. Wish, unfortunately, consist of most of the population, hence our situation.

    The only real solution is to join the banker class and use the idiots for our summer cottages. “Free markets” and all you know. LOL!

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