Hard to believe!

The 2016 election was corrupted. To its very heart.

Mind boggling that a foreign power had the capacity to do it and did do it.

The question is what do we do? Retaliation in some harsh form is required. Russia cannot be permitted to defecate on us as it did. Otherwise, Putin will be emboldened to attempt bigger and worse things.

I follow William Hackley’s daily activities as reported in the Key West Citizen. Learn some interesting things.

Hackley was a slave owner. What follows occurred this date in 1856.

Hackley sold a lot. Actually, an exchange. The buyer gave the “Negro boy Daniel” in exchange for the lot. Daniel was worth more than the lot. Hackley had to give the buyer an additional $300 to complete the sale.

Daniel’s papers of ownership were put in Hackley’s wife Matilda’s name.

Several hours of fun last night. The ladies cooked for me again. Donna and Terri. Stories from yesterday. Especially concerning New York City. Terri’s home for many years.

It has been a while since I mentioned robots and automation. Both on their way big time!

McDonald’s announced it is replacing 2,500 human cashiers with digital kiosks by the end of 2017. The kiosks already being referred to as Big Mac ATMs.

Not done yet. McDonald’s also announced that Mobile Ordering and Curbside Service will be available at 14,000 locations by the end of 2017 also. Drive Thrus will remain.

It had to come! Did the automation set for implementation arrive several years early because of the cries and demonstrations last year for a $15 an hour minimum wage?

One way or another, the big guys always get the little guys.

Attorney General Sessions is doing everything in his power to put more people in jail. The trend was the other way till Sessions/Trump.

In 1972, for every 100,000 persons, 161 were incarcerated. By 2015, the incarcerated number had moved up to 670. Most of the increase attributed to minor drug offenses.

Sessions does not care the nature of the crime. From his perspective, crime is crime. Throw them all in jail!

Sessions is representative of another time. A southern gentleman from a hundred years ago. A white haired white complexioned Georgia aristocrat.

Perhaps Sessions is bothered by what we have known the past 20 years. The white majority will soon become a minority.

Census Bureau data released thursday indicated whites are the slowest growing group in the United States. The data suggested whites will be relegated to minority status around 2040.

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10 comments on “A CORRUPTED ELECTION

  1. “The question is what do we do? Retaliation in some harsh form is required. Russia cannot be permitted to defecate on us as it did. Otherwise, Putin will be emboldened to attempt bigger and worse things.”

    As the Republicans crave power more than country we will do absolutely nothing and America will suffer.

  2. Of course the election was corrupted, and the previous administration knew it. Typically Obama did nothing. Apparently he knew Putin wasn’t afraid to cross a line in the sand. So, now, it is being demanded that Mr Trump do something. I have a strange feeling that no matter what it is that he does, some will say was wrong.

    • Funny, from your side Patrick Obama could do no right and Trump no wrong. We all know that is simply not reality. But facts and reality have little to do with slanted ideology. Obama did little other than expose the issue as it was election season and he did not want to be seen influencing the outcome, Consutuioanl scholar and all that he is. Trump appeared to embrace the meddling actually publically calling for the Russians to find her 30,000 emails.

      Trump, as the leader of the US should demand to get to the bottom of the Russian attacks, having no fear he was in anyway involved or complicit (right) and defend the integrity of the nation’s election process. Sending a strong message to Putin to get lost and move on.

      Right. Waiting for that rather than total obfuscation from his Administration and political party.

    • Patrick – Yet again, your cult like partisan dribble bellies the truth. Obama apparently did ‘correctly’ do something. He kept his mouth shut on what was then still classified information and let the FBI, NSA and CIA, do it’s job without trying to influence or obstruct what was then a fact gathering investigation. Something this current administration is and has NOT DONE.

  3. Spin it any way you like boys. I’m not going to step in it.

    I don’t know why you can’t figure it out. I’m not that much of a Trump fan. As I’ve said many times, I’m an anyone but hillary guy. I’m just willing to give him a chance and think its a good idea to have new blood in Washington. I’m not pleased with a couple of Mr Trump’s recent speeches. But, I haven’t agreed with quite a few other President’s speeches or acts, but, especially those of Obama’s.

  4. No problem with that Patrick, please just TRY to keep it REASONABLY factual and not some sort of cult zombie walk, assuming it’s actually you posting and not Lynn/Diane. All of a sudden the ConRupbs run a Obama “didn’t do anything” on the Russian hacks and you jump with that? Not impressive and rather opportunistic of you – and you want to suggest EVERYBODY else is spinning it! – Hard to take you seriously!

    • Actually, our illustrious President is now apparently saying Obama colluded with the Russians with no evidence or facts but his moving mouth and Twitter fingers. OMG! He can’t seem to let Obama go on to his golf retirement. And Trump appears to believe if he says something it is thus a fact. Sorry bud, does not work that way for sane people anyway. Last time I heard the Special Prosecutor was looking your Administration’s way.

      • I guess that’s the new normal. But I still hope that Patrick (and others) won’t blindly accept and repeat some of the nonsense, It’s insulting to me that their are fellow Americans who will do that! What is the matter with them? Trump we know is challenged with reality, but so many other Americans? m

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